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Animal Rescue Fund Of Mississippi

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Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animals

Mission: The purpose of the organization is the rescue of homeless, abandoned and abused companion animals, to provide them shelter and sanctuary, and to adopt them into safe and loving homes.

Programs: The rescue of unwanted, homeless and injured companion animals and rehabilitation of social skills and health in order for them to become productive family members upon adoption.

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Rating: 5

I have volunteered for ARF for over 5 years and have had a great experience there. They help as many animals as they can, and people don't realize how much pressure is put on them to help ALL of them. They do their best, and it really shows. I adopted my dog from them, and I can't imagine where he would be now if it wasn't for them. This is a great organization that needs more volunteers and donations to help the animals.



Rating: 1

I volunteered for this organization for over 2 years. when i started, people started to warn me about their director Elizabeth Pippa Jackson. These were people that called her their friend and workers there as well. They told me she misused funds and was mean as a snake. I foolishly did not believe it because she charmed me.
After being there a few months, I first hand witnessed them using grants and donations for things other than what they were intended. They would lie to the public to get support and trick people into donating money. Their rescue was a hell hole for animals on Rankin County. They were kicked out of Rankin County for good reason. They were hoarding animals. The director never visited the shelter. They hired drug addicts and people with criminal histories hoping they would be loyal and keep their mouth shut. Many of the animals were not spayed so they reproduced. They did not vet the animals. Several died of heat strokes cause there was no shelter from the heat and sun and rain. The vets they used would all say that their dogs were eat up with worms and diseases. They never treated a single animal for heartworms, and did not warn adopters of that. So most had deadly heartworms. The kennels were so overcrowded the animals would get in fights real often. Many got terrible wounds. Some were disabled. Some had eyes missing, even some with missing limbs from fighting.
The main caregiver at the shelter kicked and abused the dogs. They often ran out of food and did not provide clean water. They won a grant to build a cat building. Instead of using the money for that, they just put an old trailer, like from the back of an 18 wheeler, and put cats in it. The cats all had diseases, watery eyes, coughing, not worth adopting. There was no vents. Litter never cleaned.
The dog kennels were caked in a mix of mud pee and poop. They were all outside with no cover over them so every time it rained it made more mud. The dogs never got walks or baths.
Then that Pippa woman would drive volunteers away on droves. She is a psycho b***h. She calls an haraases people, threatens them, posts all kinds of crazy, mean posts on her facebook page. If you dared question her, she would tell lies about you to get other people to hate you. Even her closest allys will tell you she is a mean grinch. She does not care about the animals. She does it for attention. The only people who care are the volunteers. and they all end up leaving cause of her.
They wont even let people in their house cause they horde animal there as well. There neighbors would often tell us about how the dogs howled all night and that they had destroyed the inside of home. So they jsut waited for her mom to die and moved in her house and left the dogs in the old house. There was a very suspicious fire at their old house while dogs and cats were in it. Insurance would not even pay for it and is still investigating it. she used that to beg for money again and used it on herself, not the animals or repairs.
They also owe over 15 vets in town 100,000 or more total. They find a new vet and run up a bunch of bills then leave and never pay them. She has been arrested for bad checks and not paying bills. Check her record. she also got arrested in rankin county for dumping a dog at somebody's house an would not come get it. she tells people she was arrested for not rescuing an animal. The don't even make sense.
She is also an alcoholic and uses drugs. She gets drunk every night and gets on websites posting threats and talking bad about people. She abuses her husband.
I wish I had never met her. I stayed for the animals. Then she started real bad rumors about a bunch of us to get us to leave. she knew we were leading an investigation and documenting things. That is when she started lying to the public about why she had to leave Rankin County.
She has some powerful friends so she gets away with things. They threaten and bully people, send anonymous letters, have fake lawyers send letters.
When ARF is in contests, they also pay for votes. They tried to accuse another shelter of doing this when they were. They paid for votes for themselves and the other shelter. Then they reported the other place to try and get them kicked out of contest.
Pippa has lots of supporters. It is bc they never went to her old shelter or they would not be loving her. They have anew place in jackson now. it is a big plae with no air or heat. they had to give all the dogs and cats shots, baths and flea and tick meds when they got there cause they had never kept records at the old place and had no idea which ones had gotten them. Many never had. Still do not prevent heartworms. they even had people checkin of the dogs were spayed cause they did not know whoch ones were not. Awful.
After you adopt they charge you $120 and say you have to take dog to get fixed and they pay for it. But when you call to get it done, they dodge the calls. They will scream and holler at people for not fixing their pets but do not even do it to their own adoptions. they also say that money covers shots but half the time don't give them. and they tell you to call back for rest of shots, then never give them. lots of adopters will tell you that.
They have had parvo at the old and new shelter so many times bc they do not give shots. they don't even post about it most of time cause they do not want people to know. all there dogs have invisible hookworms which causes bloody poop.
Pippa steals dogs too. there is video on youtube.
charles is mean too. that is her husband. he cusses at people.
If you give them money you are supporting animal abuse and neglect. They have been investigated by human society. Still are i think. And other places are looking into them to cause I keep getting calls. So i decided i need post this so people know. it is time to shut em down.