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Angel Covers

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Causes: Children & Youth, Emergency Assistance, Foster Care, Human Services

Mission: Angel Covers' mission is to enhance the nutrition, Angel Covers is a volunteer run organization dedicated to caring for orphaned and destitute children around the world. We believe that each and every child deserves access to quality medical care, education, nutrition, and housing.

Results: Thousands of children in our programs are now getting an education, needed medical care, have enough to eat, and a place to live.

Target demographics: Orphans and destitute children around the world.

Geographic areas served: China and Kenya primarily

Programs: Angel covers (ac) is a volunteer run organization dedicated to caring for orphaned and destitute children around the world. Angel covers believes that every child is invaluable and deserves to have their basic nutrition, housing, medical and educational needs met so they can grow into their potential. Breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering children to become self-sufficient adults is our goal. Our administrative costs are less than 6% and we have provided thousands of volunteer hours through the committed efforts of more than 35 volunteers. Directors in charge of monitoring and overseeing programs work more than 40 hours a week to ensure the best possible programs for the children we serve. Every dollar donated to angel covers is used to provide program services to orphans and children. More than 200 children in china and kenya are sponsored and receive education, meals, shelter, and medical care. Another 1,500 children have received ongoing support from angel covers in the form of blankets, meals, basic medical care, and school supplies in our 13 year history. For example, the humble hearts school in nairobi, kenya, with more than 200 children, received funds for teachers salaries, text books, and school supplies. Thoughout 2014, individuals accress the country donated to benefit orphan schools. Toys, blankets, vitamins, and school supplies were collected and will be sent to kenya in 2014. Thanks to blanket sales through our website and additional 48 blankets were donated to orphanages in china; as were dozens of yo-yo's. Angel covers work with orphaned and destitute children in kenya is extensive. In2014, angel covers continued to extensively support the humble hearts school forthe deaf. With approximately 200 students attending humble hearts, the schoolalso provides housing to any student in need. The dedication of the teachers isseen every day. Teachers frequently stay for several hours past the end of theschool day in order to tutor students, create lesson plans, or lead after schoolclubs. Children continue to receive a quality education as demonstrated byincreased test scores, low teacher turnover, and consistent attendance. Extensiveconstruction has been done on the school to correct drainage concerns and repairthe roof that had previous water damage. In 2014, ereaders were introduced to the secondary students at humble hearts, providing them with a library in their hands of more than 200 textbooks and story books. Of the approximately 200 students attending humble hearts in 2014, 180 current live at humble hearts also, providing them a boarding school complete with tutoring and three nutritious meals a day. Because of the boarding possibilities, the number of deaf students living at humble hearts/angel cottage continues to increase. Humble hearts continues to have a reputation throughout kenya as one of the top schools for the deaf, and families arrive weekly from hours away hoping to enroll their children. Now, deaf children who would not otherwise receive an education are attending school, have guaranteed meals each day, and are learning they have unlimited potential. Work continues at humble hearts to develop on-going income generating projects. In 2014, four acres of land continued to be leased and farmed. Corn and beanswere grown, which produced more than a four month supply of corn, beans and cornflour for the school. Chickens continue to be raised and provide meat and incometo the schools meal program. In china at the huaibei swi, more than 40 infants receive formula, tailored to their age and needs, on a monthly basis. Because medically fragile infants need specialized care, angel covers continues a foster care program in huaibei, anhui. Two toddlers were in loving foster homes in 201 and received the individualized care they need and deserve. Additionally, these toddlers were adopted together by an american family, allowing them to be siblings forever. In the autonomous tibetan prefectures, angel covers is involved with severalorphanages and poor rural schools. Seventy-six high school and college age girlsattended school in 2014 thanks to our mamas wish and new, kangding programs and the generosity of sponsors. Because of these programs, girls have a chance to break the cycle of poverty, avoid arranged marriages, and develop skills for independent living. Yaks were purchased again in 2014 and continue to provide milk and butter on a weekly basis to many of the girls in the mamas wish program, as well as numerousother rural schools. The angel covers education director and her daughter spenttwo weeks in china with the mamas wish students gathering reports and purchasingyaks, as well as exploring possibilities for new programs. A small grass-roots organization, angel covers made a positive impact in the livesof more than 500 children in 2014. Children around the world now have beds to sleep in, toys to play with, medical care, and most of allhope for future

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

Humble Hearts School based in Nairobi Kenya salutes Angel covers for the
great work they have done in bettering the lives of children and their
families in Kenya. Humble Hearts having partnered with Angle Covers
since 2004 has gone through great transformational shift to both its
children and the community around i wish to share two episodes here.

My story is told of a young boy named John Macharia, who was born deaf
and mute, being the first born in a family of three children it took his
parents time to accept their son's disability and just after it had sank
down and were slowly learning on how to help him cope did they realise
there was yet another challenge. John was not growing as per his age,
when he was one year old he looked like a baby of only a few months,they
took him to a National hospital and it was discovered John had a heart
problem which needed to be fixed for him to live a normal live like
other children.
Coming from a poor family that lived from hand to mouth one meal a day
the family was not able to raise the money that the hospital needed for
his surgery and treatment and so yes they left everything to God hoping
for a maricle.
John joint HH in 2006 at the age of about 11yrs, he looked weak but
happy he had no idea that he had any problem, he could not play for long
with the other children and he looked half his age. We called the
parents to inquire more and they brought in a pile of letters from the
hospital showing John's condition and the money they needed to raise. I
remember the mother crying and asking for us to step in and help not
knowing iwe too were helpless, where could we get such a big a mount of
money when we have other challenges of feeding the children of HH.
John was then staying at the Angel Cottage because he could not commute
to school due to lack of bus fares, one night i called him and touched
his chest i immediately withdrew my hand because his heart bit was not
normal,it felt like many little veins rushing blood in circles, anyway
it was a freighting feel and i immediately knew something had to be
I email the director of Angel Covers who shared John's story to many
nice people who quickly step in and together raised funds for John to go
for an open heart surgery as needed
John healed well after the surgery and so did his health, he started
gaining weight, some chubby chicks could be seen and yes his health
become better and better everyday. By the time John was graduating from
HH his body and age were as should be.
I was in a bus last month and i was suprised at how he has grown to be a
tall handsome young man and i smiled to myself as i remember that one
long day when we had to run through hospital corridors to ensure that he
gets the best treatment and yes he did get the best treatment and from
the best surgeons in Kenya.
His parents and HH family are forever greatful for how Angel Covers
stepped in to help a young lad who truely needed help. The dreams of his
parents seeing thier child grow up as a normal child were realised just
because one good nonprofit helped to tell the story. Attached is a photo
of Macharia recovering in hospital after surgery.

Many thanks and hope for Angels Covers to be voted among the best non

Beatrice Anunda
Director Humble Hearts school

1 Beatrice Anunda

Client Served

Rating: 5

My name is Beatrice Anunda director of Humble Hearts school Nairobi, Kenya. We have been partnering with Angel Covers since 2004 and have been able to move to greater heights with their support. We have been able to enroll deaf kids who because of cultural beliefs that deafness is curse had been rejected by their families, hearing children who due to poverty never had the hope of ever going to school, we have been able to build domitories where the children stay, we have classes, books and desks, we been able to broaden the child's understanding through educational trips all this and others like startup income generating activities poultry and farming have produced better results- improved health and nutrition, increased enrolment and build higher self esteem and less stigmatization amongst our children who are our future.We in Kenya recommend AC for its good work.