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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Human Services, Public & Societal Benefit

Mission: We work to make one simple insight into the root cause of all human mental misery and one simple act of inward looking that reliably eliminates that cause available to all human beings everywhere.

Results: In the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the number of people who have tried our method, have gone though the recovery process, and are now living their lives with sanity and self-reliance. There are many reports available on our website and discussion forums. https://www.justonelook.org/community/testimonials.html https://www.justonelook.org/community/forums/

Target demographics: everybody around the world.

Direct beneficiaries per year: thousands of people worldwide

Geographic areas served: worldwide

Programs: video webinars, public talks, workshops and intensives, private conversations, discussion forums, blog and podcast.

Community Stories

86 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

1 nilin1977


Rating: 5

In these times it is not easy to decide where your donation should go. The needs in the world is massive and so is the requests for donation's from great work being done in different areas around the world. I wish I had the financial possibility to say yes to every request for donation and support many of the great initiativs out there. But I dont have that financial possibility. And I have had to decide for my self where my money is best spent and where they, in the long run, makes the biggest impact for as many as possible. And there is a couple of central reasons to why The River Ganga Foundation did become that place for me to donate too. Reasons that are very much linked to me personally. The River Ganga Foundations main work is to spread a method related to mental health called The Just One Look Method. That method destroyed for me a kind of general mental misery that I wasn't aware of that I had until it was gone. And I saw that that mental misery had been the cause for much of my life´s suffering. A suffering that I presumed was a natural part of being alive as a human being. I eventually also come to see that this general mental misery was the main cause for much of other peoples suffering and craziness too. The process of "mental recovery" finally resulted in the insight that the suffering in the world is actually nothing but the suffering in the minds of many. My conclusion is therefore that The Just One Look Method supported by The River Ganga Foundation goes to the root of the human problem and heals it for good. My donation therefore goes to support that no new suffering is created, rather than trying to fix everything that our collective craziness has created. And I see it as a privilege to be able to be helpful in this way. To see the true nature of human suffering and also get the chance to do something about it that actually works. Niklas L. Hanson


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

My wife Natalia and I interviewed John Sherman regarding his work and his instruction in "looking". We found his instruction to be valuable, practical, and effective. John Sherman is dedicated to offering his simple technique to humanity in a selfless way. He and Carla work diligently and tirelessly to bring this message or technique to the general public in a simple unpretentious way. May John and Carla Sherman keep up this inspiring work!

8 Bill30


Rating: 5

During the time I’ve been involved with the RiverGanga Foundation, I have been honored to get to know and work with some of the amazing people who have committed to Just One Look. John, Carla and those who cooperating with them are donating countless hours to this life-changing work. I have chosen to donate time and money to the RiverGanga Foundations and expect to do so for as long as I am able.


Client Served

Rating: 5

For as long as I can remember, I have been grappling with trauma that occurred in early infancy. As a result, my life has been full of struggle and despair. Nonetheless, I searched high and low for a way out. I was blessed with having found many powerful sources of help along the way. Yet not one had a lasting effect. Until I found the offering of John and Carla Sherman. This discovery is the most significant thing that has ever happened to me, and I am convinced that it is the key to solving the world’s most intractable problems. John and Carla offer their services selflessly and wisely, sharing their resources, knowledge, and time to all who request it, asking for nothing in return. I can think of no one more worthy nor of a more valuable endeavor.

Review from Guidestar

6 Eve R.


Rating: 5

Life can be difficult and many of us go on one search or another to find relief, to find meaning. My own search took the form of meetings, constantly reading metaphysical/philosophical books, and seeking out groups interested in these same studies. It was in one of these groups I heard the name John Sherman mentioned. I will always be grateful for this couple and the enthusiasm they expressed about John’s meetings. I immediately browsed the Internet and found out that he and his wife, Carla, lived 2,400 miles across the country from me!

To make a long story short I , eventually, attended one of John and Carla’s meetings (2005) and came away knowing that I had found what I had been looking for! John Sherman has a way of reassuring one that “everything is all is all right, right now” and that life is here for one to enjoy. He has shown me how to ‘neutralize’ the effects of conflict in my life. Burdens have been lifted. I continue to study and stay in touch through CD’s, articles, podcasts, etc.

Although we are not pressed for donations, I do donate when I can. I also purchase CD’s from his retreats and meetings.

What John and Carla are doing for ‘our world’ is beyond words. If “Grace” could take a form it would look like the two of them!



Rating: 5

I first learned of this organization in 2007 when a friend sent me a link to their website. Since then I have been listening to their podcasts and doing the one simple act they advocate. Recently, when I noticed my underlying anxiety had dramatically diminished, I could see the effects in my life, and I volunteered to help them in their efforts. All of my contacts with this organization indicates they have the highest integrity. All their time, energy and money goes toward furthering their efforts to communicate one simple act that can free people from the fear that ruins our enjoyment of life. In order to exclude no one, they offer all of their services free of charge and rely on donations to support the organization. There is no heavy-handed pressure for donations. As far as I can see, everyone is treated equally whether they donate or not.

Review from Guidestar