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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Censorship, Freedom of Speech & Press, Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, International, National Security

Mission: The Bill of Rights Defense Committee/Defending Dissent Foundation defends the rights and liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution by converting concern and outrage into powerful political action. BORDC/DDF strengthens participatory democracy by exercising our right to political dissent and helps build a society in which everyone is able to fully exercise their constitutional rights.

Results: BORDC/DDF has coordinated grassroots campaigns from coast-to-coast that have resulted national legislation to reform US intelligence agencies, prohibit spying on political activists, improve government transparency; and locally, to pass local ordinances to improve transparency and hold local police accountable, and, helped over that over 430 city & municipal governments representing millions of Americans pass resolutions opposing the USA PATRIOT Act.

Target demographics: Protect individual rights and liberties and to strengthen our Democracy.

Direct beneficiaries per year: Pass civil liberties restoration provisions to prohibit police profiling in 2 cities in North Carolina.

Geographic areas served: Across the country building the movement to fulfill the promise of the U.S. Constitution

Programs: Providing leadership, resources and technical support to grassroots coalitions and their independent advocacy for policies and practices protecting all of our civil liberties.

Community Stories

36 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Our politicians are truly selfish and self-centered.
Their main focus is getting re-elected. Their focus is not on the Constitution.

Our politicians treat the Bill of Rights like it is an "ancient artifact".
The Bill of Rights is the Rule of Law!

BORDC is to be endlessly thanked for the unselfish efforts they continue to engage in.
As you know, defending our individual liberties and our 4th Amendment right is non-stop!

And the reason it is non-stop is because our politicians treat the Bill of Rights like it is an ancient artifact! Do you really feel that your state and county politicians care about you?

They care about ONE thing...and THAT is getting re-elected.

It seems like our government feels like they have the right to "own" us.
The fact is...they OWE us!

TV? Newspapers?
They never talk about domestic surveillance.
And domestic surveillance is EVERYWHERE!
When you have to disclose your social security number to get a fishing license?

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? I'll tell you what is going on.
We are living in a police state where you are guilty before even talking to a judge.

I remember the days of the rotary phone.
One NEVER felt like our government was "tapping the line".
Now, I'm afraid to give my phone number to ANY government agency!

I trust the BORDC. We need the BORDC.
Our Bill of Rights is NOT an ancient relic. It remains valid and necessary.
It doesn't matter what your political party affiliation is. We all are American patriots.

And as American patriots, it IS our duty to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And it is true...it is obvious...
We will have to engage in a non-violent revolution.
Otherwise, we will find ourselves doing the same old...same old...
Waiting and hoping...waiting and hoping...as our 4th Amendment rights silently vanish.

Sad...very sad.



Rating: 4

I have been targeted for over 34 yeras since I was 16 yrs of age with " Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking & Gang Raping with a Military Human Rights Research Experiment funded by our own Governments and I am tyeted daily!

Ms, Donna Joy Plattner
4544 Nicholas St, Apt 4#
Omaha Nebraska, 68132
December 30th, 20012


Client Served

Rating: 5

The Bill of Rights Defense Committe is the most active group and organization that I know of that works tirelessly to restore freedom to our country.

They understand the importance of reporting the failings of our U.S. Congress in the preserving of our U.S. Constitution. They also understand the urgency to pass resolutions in all levels of government throughout the country, to guard ordinary American citizens against tyranny and military indefinite detention.

The BORDC continually inspires me to write and publish my works in order to educate and inform the uninformed people of our nation. It is their unparalelled efforts that provide me with the energy and ambition to make phone calls and write letters to our leaders in Washington.

As long as I have the support of this great organization, I will refuse to be silent http://www.patrickwebdesign.com/index.html/2012/11/07/where-freedom-lies-in-post-2012-elections/. My voice will be heard everywhere and anywhere, despite the fact that Congress works to remove that right from me and all the rest of us American citizens, through ilegal legislation, and the ignoring of Supreme Court decisions.

Civic L.

Client Served

Rating: 5

As the policy director of A Better Way Foundation, I have worked with BORDC since 2010. Shahid, Emma, and George were very informative and helpful on immigration issues about I.C.E. BORDC was instrumental in helping us craft new legislation for Connecticut's Anti-racial Profiling Law. I appreciate their professionalism and passion for the work. Our members were excited about how their civil rights being challenged because of the Patriot Act during a forum. Immediate response was looking at religious freedom differently. Members began discussing how religion should be included in our work discussion. We are partners working towards the same goal. Thank you BORDC for your insight and courage.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I met George back in May at a press conference re: some organizing Charlotte and NC folks were doing around the DNC. After i spoke and the press conference ended I was approached by George from BORDC who was super enthusiastic about some of the work I had mentioned about migrant justice in Charlotte. Then she invited me to BORDC's conference and I got the really amazing opportunity of connecting with folks all across the country who were doing amazing work in addition to picking up tools on how to strengthen the coalitions in NC. Ever since that conference and ever since having gotten to know BORDC and George, they have been genuinely invested in building community and people power here in Charlotte. In the face of all of the struggles we are facing I know that BORDC and George has my/our back.


Rating: 5

I really believe in Shahid and in the mission of the BORDC. (Note: I'm on the advisory board.) Shahid is passionate, visionary, and clear-eyed. He is so committed to preserving civil liberties and is creative about how to make that happen, but, at the same time, he is practical about what is possible at any given moment. I think the campaign to involve local jurisdictions in taking a stand for civil liberties is the best example of this: it's tractable to get local governments to take a stand, since they are more easily moved than larger branches of government, but, at the same time, there's a larger campaign at work: getting ordinary Americans involved in civic dialogue. Shahid is all about building coalitions and is great at listening to people and finding common ground. Uncompromising leaders like Shahid are an important part of our constitutional democracy.



Rating: 5

The BORDC and its dedicated staff do a fantastic job trying to protect our Constitution, and ensuring that America is a 'Beacon of Hope' in the struggle and aspirations for the advancement of human rights, civil liberties, and human dignity.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

BORDC has an excellent combination of clear vision and smart organizing, using the tools it has available to build grassroots movements across the country. Its focus on creating alliances across marginalized groups and coalition-building with locally based organizations makes it one of the most effective organizations that supports local groups across the nation. I have worked with BORDC staff as part of a local campaign, and am always inspired by their dedication and talent. They run well-organized conferences and events, and do good work connecting and facilitating local campaigns. Keep up the good work!


Rating: 4

I am impressed with the BORDC because the group actively seeks participation of people from underserved populations, including immigrants, people of color, those targeted with discrimination, and economically insecure. This organization also includes frequent teleconferencing and followup in its operations. I am also impressed with the relevancy of the issues that are focused on.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I have had the honor of working with several staff members at BORDC over the last several years and have nothing but high regards for them and their remarkable work. My interaction with BORDC has primarily been through Shahid Buttar and George Friday. Shahid has spoken at several events in Chicago the last few years, one of which I was responsible for planning. He gave a passionate and extraordinarily well articulated keynote address at our Public Interest Law Reporter symposium that was very well received by academics, attorneys, students, and lay people that were in attendance. He has also been a great source for information on building an effective movement necessary to achieve our vision. More recently, the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights invited George Friday to assist us in convening and facilitating a coalition building event here in Chicago. George is a dynamic speaker and fantastic organizer with years of first hand experience in the trenches. These experiences shine clearly through her work and made the event very successful. It is safe to say that BORDC is leading the charge as our country's most effective national organization focused on supporting local efforts to combat the growing police state.