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Angel Flight Soars Inc

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Mission: The mission of Angel Flight is to remove the obstacle of transportation for individuals with medical and financial needs. We will accomplish this mission by arranging free air transportation to those who need it most. Angel Flight serves the community by flying patients to distant medical facilities, delivering supplies to disaster areas and reuniting families during desperate times. This community service is made available to any individual, medical agency or health care organization for medically stable and ambulatory patients traveling from, to or through the States of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Carolinas.

Results: In our 34 years of community service, we have coordinated more than 39,000 missions for families in need of distant medical care. Last year alone, Angel Flight arranged 3,208 missions, that's 9 missions a day, 7 days a week. We helped patients from newborn to 97 years in age with 223 different medical afflictions from 34 states. This year, we want to do even more.

Target demographics: Angel Flight Soars knows that illness isn't stopped by boundaries and believe that cures shouldn't be either, whether those boundaries are geographic or financial. We help by coordinating free flights to lifesaving medical treatments!

Direct beneficiaries per year: In 2016 Angel Flight Soars coordinated 3,208 missions serving more than 9,400 patients and their families

Geographic areas served: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Programs: The mission of Angel Flight is to help families get to the hope of lifesaving medical treatments, surgeries and clinical programs as often and as long as necessary to ensure that no one has to go without medical treatment simply due to travel challenges.

Community Stories

90 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Client Served

Rating: 5

On Valentine's Day 2003, our 2-month old daughter's life changed forever. Jordan Marie went from being a healthy vibrant baby to a child on full life support within 24 hours. She was diagnosed with a rare respiratory genetic defect that is usually fatal. BUT...the Lord had other plans!! Jordan received a life-saving double lung transplant 3 months later...just one of only a handful of babies to survive such a complicated surgery at such a young age. With all of Jordan's specialized doctors 700 miles away in St. Louis, the innumerable doctor's visits and follow-up medical tests seemed impossible to get to...until Angel Flight Soars arrived on the scene!! God, once again, guided our little overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed family into the hands of the most incredible group of "flying servants" we've ever met. Now, after nearly TEN YEARS, THOUSANDS of AIR MILES, and DOZENS of hospital trips, Angel Flight Soars is still by our side every step of the way. Angel Flight Soars will FOREVER be part of our family! What a blessing and a God-send they continue to be! We are DEEPLY grateful to Angel Flight Soars for their never-ending dedication, compassion, efficiency, and kindness...you've kept our family going through the "ups" and "downs". GOD BLESS YOU!



Rating: 5

I bought my airplane in 1993. Took a friend for a ride about a month later. He suggested I join a group of volunteer pilots known back then as Angel Flight of Ga., now Angel Flight Soars. My first mission assigned was to take a little two year old and his father to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. I was hooked!! I've done 89 missions to date. We, the volunteer pilots of AngelFlightSoars, transport patients of all ages to and from medical facilities who, for whatever reason, can't fly commercially. The gratitude shown by our passengers fills my heart with joy every time I climb into my airplane ready to take them wherever they need to go. It is my pleasure to be part of such a REMARKABLE organization being run so well.

4 Mike53


Rating: 5

I have been with the administration of DeKalb Peachtree Airport, the home of Angel Flight Soars, for 10 years and can attest that Angel Flight is a remarkable organization. Observing Angel Flight’s daily transportation of people in need of medical care is impressive; watching their response to Hurricane Katrina was awe-inspiring. Once the true devastation of Katrina was realized Angel Flight quickly, and with their usual efficiency moved into action. They acquired additional hangar space, bought, and collected tens of thousands of dollars of medical supplies and other necessities, and arraigned hundreds of delivery flights to rural areas in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. It was an incredible well choreographed display of a group volunteer effort that did immeasurable good during a time of national need.


Board Member

Rating: 5

After flying my first mission in 1999 for Angel Flight Soars, I realized just how vital this organization is for people needing this service. People were able to reach their medical treatments in distant cities by me flying them. And that is when I decided I wanted to get much more involved in the organization, which eventually led to being chairman. I am honored to have been part of this wonderful organization for all these years. Angel Flight Soars gives people hope.


Board Member

Rating: 5

My perspective is somewhat of an anomoly since I serve as a Board Member, but also oversee the operation that services the bulk of the flights in and out of the greater Atlanta area. I have never been witness to an organization that is so efficently sound and so well organized as Angel Flight Soars. The superior attention to detail is primarily attributed to the efforts of the Executive Director, Jeanine Chambers. Jeanine and her amazing staff tirelessly organize every aspect of the operation, while providing a true '' human touch '' element that has positively changed the lives of countless patients and their respective family members. It is a sincere and humble privilege to be associated with this organization.

4 Roy_


Rating: 5

I have been flying missions for Angel Flight Soars since summer 2002. Over that time, I have met many remarkable people, and I have been able to offer them some help in whatever condition they are battling. I have been able to fly with everyone from infants to WWII veterans. My passengers have been uniformly gracious and thankful for the opportunity flying for treatment has provided.

5 Pam_17

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

WOW!!! What can I possibly say other than THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart . Without your organization my aunt would not have made it back home to live out her last few days. I heard about you guys from a story on the local news well over a year ago. I called your Alabama branch to see IF the need should arise that my aunt cannot make it back from seeing her elderly parents for the last time could Angel Flight help or could they recommend anyone. The first words were "YES, that is what we are here for". After explaining the situation more, Lauren in Alabama suggested I call Atlanta if it becomes clear my aunt simply cannot make it there or back. My aunt is not just a relative but one of my best friends. She had suffered for 17 months, first breast cancer then it metastasized to her liver. She was not given much time and her tumor was growing literally overnight. She was determined to see her family and who could blame her. Her oncologist at UAB told her not to fly commercial but to make the trip even if it took a week so she could rest along the way. It took her and my uncle 4 days to make it there, spend almost a week and she was ready to come home. She was feeling worse by the day. Fortunately they were aware I had made that call prior to them leaving for Pennsylvania. I was on my way to work in Alabama and received a call from my uncle saying "Pam, we are in the middle of GOD'S country and we need you to work a miracle...Diane can go no further and we need a way home" I told him I was 98% sure we could get him help, his response broke my heart, he said "Pam, for 17 months when there was only a 2% chance Diane had the worst possible diagnosis, she always fell in that 2%, please tell me you can 100% make this happen for her, she can't fall in to that 2% again". My heart sank but I immediately called Atlanta and much to my amazement they had talked to Lauren in Alabama the week before and were aware of the possibility of a call from our family. I told them she could make it no further and desperately wanted to be home. Commercial flights were not an option, She was in excruciating pain.My uncle drove to the nearest airport in Bristol, TN and got a hotel room to let her rest and the work began. The folks in Atlanta were even kind enough to converse with UAB to help me get a doctor's authorization for her to fly. We faxed the information to them, and myself and my husband headed out for the 6 hour trip to be with them and drive their car home. We gathered all the information Angel Flight and UAB needed and that very afternoon I received a call from Angel Flight saying "It is handled,100% she will be able to fly home tomorrow morning". Let me just say we pulled to the shoulder of the road for a good cry of happiness, my husband and I could not believe not only did they pull off a miracle but asked for NO money for their services. AMAZING!!! Who hears of that in this day and age? We knew then as did those who knew the urgent situation, that Angel Flight would become one of our "causes" for donations. I have never spoke to anyone for such a short period of time and felt so at ease and comforted as when I dealt with everyone I talked to at Angel Flight Soars in Atlanta. We made it to Bristol, spent time with my aunt and uncle and delivered them to the airport to meet the first pilot on the tarmac who was taking her on the first leg of her journey home. He was the most compassionate and kind man and treated my aunt with kindness and gentle care as she boarded her flight to Atlanta where she would switch to another pilot on the tarmac to make the final leg of her trip. The first pilot even called me the evening before to introduce himself and make us feel at ease that she would be in good hands. I have told everyone I know our story and how yes, angels do exist, they live in Atlanta, I spoke to them personally. I want to thank them for granting my aunt this wish and helping her home where she could pass away. What is so incredible is this is what they do daily, they make miracles happen and that's what they did for our family. We appreciate each of you so very much and want to tell you that our entire, huge family wants to thank all who had a part in making this happen. As we say in the south.."Love you guys"

4 Doug T.

Board Member

Rating: 5

This organization truly makes a difference for the community. This is a grass-roots organization that serves thousands of people every year across several states in the Southeast. The impact that Angel Flight Soars has is clear - - they get people to life saving medical treatment. As importantly, through their volunteer pilots and "Earth Angels" they are able to lift the spirits of the patients that they fly. This organization makes a difference!