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African Childrens Haven

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: International

Mission: African Childrens Haven supports grassroots organizations that help local kids lead healthier, more productive lives. We invest in a variety of projects, but place special emphasis on education, especially for orphans and children living in extreme poverty. Our belief is that Africa’s future rests with its children and that projects developed and run by local communities produce long-term results.

Results: Orphans: In Western Kenya, an area with one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world, we support children affected by the AIDS pandemic. Just $10 per week provides shelter, food, clothing, medical services and education for a child in need. Education: To the greatest extent possible, all of our projects focus on education. In addition, at many locations – as in Tanzania – we provide scholarships for girls’ secondary education. It costs about $1000 to send a teenage girl to middle school or high school for a year. Eventually, we will provide scholarships so that the very best students can go on to university. Gender: Lastly -- but perhaps most importantly --African Childrens Haven, gives a high priority to projects that support girls and mothers. Africa is traditionally male dominated, but that’s changing as women rise to positions of influence and as women become empowered to support their families, enter the cash economy, and become community leaders.

Target demographics: at-risk kids lead happier, healthier and more productive lives

Direct beneficiaries per year: 650 children and reached some 10,000 people through our sex education initiative.

Geographic areas served: Sub-Sahran Africa

Programs: our secondary school scholarship project for orphan girls in Tanzania. We also finance projects that support teachers working in urban slums and that rescue girls facing female genital mutilation. In 2014 we fielded our first teams of paid sex educators who travel in poorly-served rural areas teaching safe sex and local production of sanitary pads. The lack of sanitary napkins is a leading cause of school failure among young girls living in poverty.

Community Stories

51 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

We wish to endorse wholeheartedly a very special non-profit organization: ACH (African Children’s Haven). My husband and I have been involved for the past 20 years helping the St. Phillips School, a community-based self-help primary school in Mathare Valley – one of the poorest and largest slums in Nairobi. Through our work there we got to know ACH and appreciate them very much. Their assistance is well targeted and reaches the poorest of the poor. They help with schoolbooks, pay teachers’ salaries, support the education of a number of deserving students, are involved in sexual education, sponsor special valuable school events like the participation of St. Phillips in the annual national Music Festival, and attend also to various other special needs. They help young people to help themselves, to learn and to gain self-confidence needed to work their way out of poverty.

Recently they started to assist another school with which we have been involved for a number of years – the Starkid School and Rescue Center in the Githogoro slum in northwestern Nairobi. They have helped them so far with the purchase of utensils for the feeding program, as well as with the school electricity supply, and they are planning a longer-term collaboration agreement.

ACH is very careful with the way the money is spent. It has asked us to be the liaison between them and some of the schools in Nairobi. In this capacity we have been assisting formulating need assessments, advising beneficiaries when needed, and monitoring the use of funds. It is easy for us since we live and work in Nairobi. This position allows us to be fully informed about the effectiveness of the ACH assistance. We can fully confirm all the funding goes directly to the schools or homes, and that there are no overhead or any other costs. The persons responsible report back to ACH and my husband and myself advise and supervise where needed.

Two months ago we had the pleasure to meet some of the ACH team personally and welcome them in Nairobi. We are impressed with their commitment, thorough research, well-coordinated and enabling work style, encouraging recipients’ initiative and personal warmth. Having collaborated in the past with several NGOs and other assistance organizations based in America and Europe, we can confidently state that ACH is certainly one of the most committed and most effective.

Ines and Tomasz Sudra
Founders and Co-Chairs, Watu Kwa Watu Charitable Trust,
Nairobi, KENYA
watukwawatu@gmail.com, isudra@gmail.com , tsudra@gmail.com


Rating: 5

Another reviewer stated "We all know the problems that plague many African communities, if you support ACH you will help create a new generation of healthy, educated, and empowered individuals who will be better able to help their regions recover and thrive."

I couldn't say it better. This agency and the kids they work with deserve your support. Major efforts from this agency address increased education, self-sufficiency and fight against poverty. Those they serve are respected, helped to see their potential and taught to feel confident in who they are. ACH works for a better today and a better tomorrow. Generations for years to come will feel more self-confident and achieve great things. Thank you African Children's Haven for what you do and who you do it for!


Client Served

Rating: 5

My name is Patrick Ngigi from Kenya. I am the Executive Director of Mission With A Vision, a nongovernmental organization that helps children, especially girls, lead healthier, more productive lives. I have known African Childrens Haven since 2007. They are great organization and deserve a pat on the back. They have worked in the rural Africa for many years supporting the most vulnerable in the society.

One great thing about ACH is that it is runs mainly on volunteer power. This is unlike other non-profits that employ hundreds of workers and end up using over half of what they raise in administrative costs. ACH has talented staff that visit the projects they fund in the remote African villages with dedication and zeal. Their dedication to give hope to girls and women is one thing that needs to be noted. I have watched many girls receive a new lease of life through education projects funded by ACH.

Their dedication to supporting education through infrastructure cannot be left without mentioning. Schools like Osiligi school in Maasai Mara Kenya exist solely because ACH made the efforts to raise funds to build them. Africa is so proud to have a friend like African children’s haven, a great supporter of the needy indeed.


Rating: 5

As a strong proponent of education and advocate for the disenfranchised youth world wide, I have had the unsurpassed privilege of being a contributor to ACH for several years. Years ago, there was an article in the Houston Chronicle detailing the activities of ACH in Africa and it stirred and piqued my interest to delve further into what this esteemed organization's aims and objectives were. I contacted Mr. and Mrs. Sulzberger and was impressed by their steadfast, unremitting zeal and relentless commitment to improve the lives of untold many in the African continent with a special emphasis on educating the youth and eradicating ignorance, namely, through their diverse educational programs. I am heartened by the expansion in the scope of their charitable activities and entry into other countries in the continent separate and apart from Kenya and Tanzania. As the great spiritual giant, Mahatma Ghandi stated: "be the change you wish to see in the world." ACH's efforts in making herculean efforts to make a generational difference in the lives of innumberable people in Africa, represents the very embodiment of Mahatma Ghandi's exhortation. May their work continue unabated and meet with continued unbounded success.


Rating: 5

I support African Children's Haven because they develop programs that impact both the immediate and future needs of the communities they serve. Their programs demonstrate a real connection to the people they serve - people who benefit in profound ways from the services. ACH's support of education and child welfare has been especially meaningful to me. For example, their support of secondary school education for disadvantaged girls, with the goal of helping students then go on to university studies will benefit not only the girls own lives, but their communities, too. This type of deliberate, longer term effort and goal-setting tells me that ACH understands what is at stake when they measure the value of a girl's education in a developing nation.

The leaders of ACH are veterans of the non-profit and NGO world and it shows in both the way they execute their programs and how they interact with donors. Their communication efforts are exceptional. The personal involvement of the ACH team means they are able to report on the people and communities they serve with clarity and a great depth of understanding. As a donor who does not spend much time in the non-profit world, I find it reassuring to know that the organization I engage with has invested so much forethought into its efforts to help protect and nurture children who have such great needs.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I came to know of African Children's Haven many years ago when I lived in New York. I was supporting an orphanage in Kenya and they were also doing great work there. We began communicating regularly and I came to know the Directors as friends. They are inspired and committed people with a deep understanding of the places in which they work owing to a long history working in Africa. I began working with them for a number of years before moving to Uganda.

I have been delighted to see their progress over the years and the lives they have touched with their work. Investing in children and girls in particular is repeatedly proven to be one of the most effective means of promoting sustainable development. ACH maximizes this investment by keeping administrative costs to a bare minimum, sending as much as possible to those in need.

When you donate to ACH you can have an intimate relationship with the projects you support and the Directors are always happy to answer your questions and give you updates on the projects and children your contributions support.



Rating: 5

I am a long-time supporter of African Children's Haven (ACH) because it helps specific communities and tailors its programs to meet the needs of those they serve. The founders and staff at ACH are not only knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience in the field, they are passionate about not just providing assistance, but providing skills to the communities they serve, so that they will ultimately be able to help themselves. ACH makes a concerted effort to train and hire people from within the community to help with its programs.

Many organizations and individuals provide "charity," but there are stand-outs like ACH that empower people. They help communities understand that they are their best resource. This really sets ACH apart from many other charities. Their focus on education, especially educating girls is highly noteworthy. When women and girls are educated the whole community benefits, especially the next generation, who are also more likely to be educated and less likely to live in poverty.

Additionally, ACH offers sexual health programs and assistance to children with special needs. All of their programming is about creating stronger communities that will be assets to their communities and society at large. We all know the problems that plague many African communities, if you support ACH you will help create a new generation of healthy, educated, and empowered individuals who will be better able to help their regions recover and thrive.