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Words Of Peace International

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Arts & Culture, Media & Communications

Mission: The mission of words of peace international ("wopi") is to promote and disseminate to the general public the message of peace as articulated by prem rawat, known also as "maharaji. " in 2014, the organization continued to further its charitable and educational mission by conducting events in the united states at which prem rawat spoke or his message of peace was communicated and by publishing literature, audio and audiovisual works which spread the message of peace. Commencing in 2012, wopi shifted its focus to furthering its charitable mission by raising funds and making charitable project grants to support the work of words of peace global ("wopg") and other charitable and educational organizations around the world that are promoting and disseminating prem rawat's message of peace. Wopg is an international public benefit foundation (stichting) organized and existing under the laws of the netherlands, which shares the same charitable and educational purpose as wopi. Grants to wopg

Programs: Wopi raised funds and made charitable project grants to words of peace global ("wopg") to support wopg's ongoing media productions activities, which include developing, creating, producing and publishing literature, audio and audiovisual works which spread the message of peace, and to support wopg's live events around the world which disseminate mr. Rawat's message of peace.

words of peace international ("wopi") organized and supported conferences, conventions, seminars and lectures in the u. S. And throughout the world, in pursuit of its mission to disseminate the message of peace of prem rawat.

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I noticed a very negative review about this. I have been listening to PREM RAWAT since 1976 and have never noticed ANYTHING at all that could even be remotely considered negative about Mr. Rawat. He is a fabulous speaker, has been given many awards, has spoken at very honorable institutions around the entire world and seems to be a very sound family man. However, all of these characteristics can be, and often are 'faked' and made to look better than they really are. But I've listened to him speak in person many, many times (probably 50 or more) and have listened and read well over 100 of his public addresses. Over the years, I have also brought friends and acquaintances to listen as well and not once has anyone disagreed with even ONE SINGLE THING Mr. Rawat has said! Therefore, when I happen upon any extremely RARE review that is mean, cruel or even SLIGHTLY negative, I KNOW beyond ANY doubt that such perspective comes from a person completely uninformed, jealous or just mean. Mr. Rawat speaks of one thing and one thing only, the human heart! Rawats message has never changed and he simply states that love (or peace or joy or______,whatever word one uses here) is in each person's heart of hearts within and that when a person is in that place, they will automatically be in peace regardless of the state of the happenings in the world or in that person's life. I can be in love as long as I am alive and BREATHING! Even if I am poor or have an illness. Regardless of any events, even physical problems, the ABILITY to feel love is always available and it is a matter of where I place my focus, my desire, etc. If this is 'bad' or mean or in ANY WAY makes Mr. Rawat anything except a person that cares DEEPLY about life, love, about our world being at peace and all the wonderful things we seek, then 'I'll eat my hat' (LOL)! He is a fabulous human being that has even been referred to as an ambassador of peace!!! I challenge anyone to listen to this man speak, to Mr. Rawat speak and to then claim he is anything 'bad' or 'negative' at all. He is totally responsible for showing me my heart within. He is responsible for showing me how to HELP MYSELF WITHOUT EVER ASKING FOR ANY MONEY!!! I could go on and on telling of how grateful I am for this man teaching me about how to access my OWN HEART within, but why believe me or anyone else for that matter. In my opinion, you should not believe me or anyone in this world concerning Mr. Rawat! Listen to him yourself and decide. And what does he say about who he is? He simply states that he is a human being. Yes, people have claimed many things about him both negative and positive and some things literally stupid! Please DO NOT believe me! As for everything in this life, decide from YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE! I am not into writing about anything and can count the number of times I've done this type of thing on one hand! However, when I read one review that WAS AN OUTRIGHT LIE about this kind, loving and wise human being and that suggested the same basic lie about the nonprofit, I wrote MY EXPERIENCE. Sincerely, honestly and truly from my heart, Eric J. Simpson.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

Why work for a living when you can live off other people's money as this fella has done for the last 40 odd years. As he tries to hide his past all is well documented across the net - talk about skeletons in the cupboard guru maharaji, or Prem rawat as he now calls himself, has a lot. His entire life has been dedicated to fleecing as many people as possible leaving long serving followers with very little money driving old jalopies even though they have worked for him most of their adult life. And what does he get? Multimillion dollar properties, gulfstream jets, yachts, children addicted to drugs and a strong liking for alcohol and blondes.

Review from Guidestar

1 Chenzi

Client Served

Rating: 5

I was a beneficary of this organization long before I donated. Maharaji's words and the techniques of Knowlege he shares with us has made a real and permanent difference in my life. If there is a chance that my contributions will help other people to benefit as I did, I will want to contribute, always. It is my first choice as a charity. WOPI also has efforts to help end hunger in areas hardest hit by droughts and famine, or natural disasters. I have been following this organization and Maharaji since 1998, and I have been very pleased with it.

Review from Guidestar