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Union Gospel Mission Incorporated

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Food, Food Banks & Pantries, Food Programs, Homeless & Housing, Temporary Housing

Mission: Established in 1922 to help the needy by providing food, shelter, and hope.

Programs: In fye 2015 we served 71,606 meals at our on-site facility. Our unduplicated count is 1,432 individuals having meals with us in 2015. Fiscal year end 2015 cost is 368,691. This breaks down to food cost of 1. 50 per meal, preparation cost of 3. 27 per meal.

ugm duluth provided 2,309 food baskets in 2015 to 1,370 unduplicated households or 2,957 individuals of which 1,065 were children. Fiscal year end 2015 cost is 131,659. This breaks down to a food cost of 12. 74 per average 40 lb basket, preparation cost of 30. 26 per 21 meal basket.

ugm provided 859 once-a-year only hygiene kits helping 1,928 people. Also we provided 135 blankets, 218 winter coats. We provided school supplies in backpacks to 151 children. Our christmas party provided gifts to 178 children. Fiscal year cost 2015 was 83,988.

ugm/martin hotel has 11 section 8 sro rooms, 8 low-income and 1 emergency room. We provided shelter to 23 individuals in 2015. Fiscal year end 2015 cost was 24,351. Ugm in october 2015 completed the charities review council's charity accountability wizard and qualified for the fourth three year cycle. We participate in guidestar's reporting program.

Community Stories

2 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I have been donating to the UGM for many years. I often help put on fundraisers for a wide number of groups in need of help. Very often I've brought leftover food , canned goods and other items from the benefit and have always been warmly welcomed and thanked. A good , generous friend won the McNight award for community service last year and received a stipend of $10,000 which he shared with myself and one other friend. I split my share with the UGM and Loaves and Fishes, both great agencies which get very little recognition. I have worked with many young people who have struggled in the schools and who receive help from the UGM. They may be considered a "Christian" organization but turn no one away, regardless of religious or non-religious belief.

Review from Guidestar


Client Served

Rating: 1

I am very insulted and not happy with the Union Gospel Mission. I think they are extremely cruel,rude,irresponsible and incapable to perform their Christian responsibilities. They are careless to what their responsibilities are to this community, especially the bookkeeper Diane and the volunteer/worker Veronica. I am a single mother of two teens suffering from sickle cell disease and I have just received a hysterectomy due to cervical cancer. I am pretty much doing this recovery by myself and I had called to see if I could pick up an order before or after or even during the appointed time. I explained my social worker could only bring me between 1-130 and anytime after 330. As I was apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining I just got home from the hospital again because my wound had opened back up, so I was on strict instructions to stay in bed or I would have to be 're- admitted and with my kids being left alone I couldn't have that regardless if their teens. I had asked if they could judt throes something togetherand then just have it ready seeing as how my wound had already came open for a second time and my social worker would not be available except for 1 o'clock and 3:30 to 4 o'clock which is when the food shelf woulf be closed. I was telling Veronica also that I am under strict instructions to stay in bed but when it comes to my kids eating I have to get out of bed and make something happen for them. They have already ate everything and I have no money right now to hit the grocery store or UGM by cab at their normal time for that matter. I get pain in a couple of days. I was repeatedly cut off and asked callously what do you want me to do about it, this is not my problem, and how can I help you. I was floored!! I wanted to scream but there's NEVER results when theres a hot head involved so I stayed calm but floored the entire time. I then asked if I could speak to a supervisor and Veronica had explained, without me cutting her off repeatedly, that her supervisor is not in at the moment and she'll be back in later on today and could she take a message for them. I asked veronica what that then said well if you don't have a supervisor right now is there anyone else in charge. She said no. I asked and how on Earth are you guys operating without ANYONE in charge and she had then said look get over it it's not my problem so my supervisor isn't here she isn't here a lot and we still maintain I was very shocked to hear this because I thought that they always had a supervisor then she said that her supervisor would not be in until tomorrow because she's off today. I caught her in a lie. I told her that she should I told I caught her in the lie and I told her she just lied to me because she told me that her Supervisor was out for a moment moment and she will be in in a little while I was so shocked but then all of a sudden she said hold on a minute here is a Diane who is also a supervisor I was so confused at this point but I spoke with Diane and I explain to her how rude Veronica was and she told me she doesn't want to hear about how rude anyone was all she cares about is what I want I said well you don't have to be so rude to me she said I don't care about how you feel about how rude I am being to you what do you want and I can be as rude as I want to be now what do you want I didn't even get into what I was saying I said I cannot believe the Union Gospel Mission has so many rude people/Christians at their facility working to take care of this community she said do you want to see rude I'll show you rude and then she hung up the phone on me! I have never been more insulted and I was always pleased with Union Gospel Mission. I think that whoever is hiring these people or you're letting these people volunteer should do better monitoring and learn how their staff is going to handle different situations and also teach them they're going to be professional with these clients because there a lot of people out there that go to this facility. I think Diane is a poor poor poor example of a Christian and human and if she is a supervisor or bookkeeper I'm scared for UGM and the other people that work and go there. She is highly disrespectful and she sets the example for Veronica to act so inhuman. Inhuman individuals at a Christian facility. I'm never going back to that place again because that is a terrible terrible way to treat someone. I'm going to pray for those individuals but beware because I now feel throes are two demons working in a facility the Lord is glorified in. That scares me.

Review from Guidestar