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THURSDAY'S CHILD, A National Charity for Endangered Youth

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Children & Youth, Children & Youth Services, Hot Lines & Crisis Intervention, Mental Health, Sexual Assault Services

Mission: Thursday''s Child was founded in 1982 to assist youth at-risk and runaways. At present, it is the only national agency, private or public, which deals with the broad spectrum of endangered children without any religious overtone or affiliation and which answers phone calls live without any automated hold time or additional numbers to press. We believe that it is imperative to be available at all times, especially to children, for potential emergency calls.We began as a program solely for runaways, but soon found that it was far better to target those children, who had not yet run, while maintaining our support system for those who already had.To date, for more than two decades, there have been no salaries nor fees within the organization. All work has been volunteer; all services, free. 100% of all funds contributed have gone directly toward methods of assisting children.Our services include counseling, referrals, crisis intervention, information services, legal assistance, skip tracing as well as active prevention of child exploitation over the Internet.

Direct beneficiaries per year: 20,000 children and their familes

Programs: Alcoholism Hotline for Teens, Anorexia Hotline for Teens, Binging Hotline for Teens, Bulimia Hotline for Teens, Child Abuse Hotline, Child Abduction Hotline, Child Exploitation Hotline, Child Pornography Tipline, Children's Hotline, Cutting Hotline, Cybertip Hotline, Date Rape Hotline, Drug Addiction Hotline for Teens, Drug Abuse Helpline for Teens, Eating Disorders Hotline for Teens, Exploited Child Hotline, Hotline for Teens, Internet Predator Tipline, Missing Children Hotline, Narcotics Helpline for Teens, National Missing Children Hotline, National Youth Advocacy Hotline, Peer Pressure Hotline for Teens, Prostitution Helpline for Teens, Runaway Hotline, STD Hotline for Teens, Suicide Hotline for Teens, Teen Helpline, Teen Pregnancy Hotline, Youth Crisis Hotline

Community Stories

8 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

To begin with I had to research what this organization was. I had received a voicemail on my work phone from their number. No real understanding for the call except to complain about not being able to get assistance as a local level government in California. Why my office #, I am not sure, there is nothing that my work has to do with this Charity or what they stand for. His message was rude and distasteful. I can understand someone having a bad day and getting frustrated, but place your frustrations where they belong, to the root cause not to someone who had to google your number to find out more about you before taking any additional actions. Seems unprofessional and not sure if I would recommend to anyone who was in need of help. 1st impressions are important and I am certain there are other organizations that have a similar support to those in need that can be professional, considerate and kind. Just not Thursday's Child.

Client Served

Rating: 5

I was on the streets after my parents kicked me out and wanted nothing to do with me. I called Thursday’s child and they were able to calm me down and guide me through what the next best decision would be.
Gave me great advice and help.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

This non-profit should not be helping youth and the help line shut down. Very abrasive, angry and unprofessional one-man show who operated help line. Look online at courts cases against this individual and being delinquent in State of California Non-profit status and the facts will speak for themselves. In addition, it is very scary you are allowed to mail a 15 year old, 'Peyton', off their website. As with the two previous 1 star reviews, I could not agree more.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

The website for this organization is odd and unprofessional. The page about suicide has a model with a noose around her neck?

The one man show running this "hotline" has called my workplace, harassing my staff and tying up our phones, out of what seems to be some sort of professional jealousy. I had a similar experience to the reviewer below and after researching the calls, discovered the website. Also, the positive reviews here have stock photos in their profile, were written the same day, and clearly are not authentic.

I sincerely hope anyone in need of help will reach out to a local crisis hotline or reputable national hotline instead of this place.

Review from Guidestar


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I work at an anonymous hotline and have received a couple calls from Thursday's Child. The first one just asked about our hours and what we did. The second call was horrendous. I answered what I could in reference to his query, at which point he became upset and started bringing race into the situation, put words into my mouth, and would not let me get a word in edgewise. I tried to end the call because I felt attacked, at which point he started talking about religion (uninvited), and called Christians and Muslims "scared of death" and "deniers of death," so he was bashing religions, at which time he said that he was a "God-fearing atheist," whatever that means. After all that, I told him that I needed to end the call because we need to leave the line open for persons in crisis, and he said, and I quote, "well I'm glad I'm preventing those calls."
I decided to call the number to report this harassment, but the same guy ended up picking up the phone. I asked for his name, he refused, and then I asked to speak to his superior or manager and he flat out said "No, you're talking to me." Then he hung up on me, very professional.
This is not a professional or kind man that is on the phones for this helpline. It scares me to think that he is talking to teens, and I hope that someone shuts down this crazy hotline.

1 Maryrose C.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Thursday's child hotline has been a great help to me. I have dealt with issues with my mental health , suicide attempts , eating disorders and was a victim of domestic violence. Thursdays child has always been there for me , giving me good advice and therapy. The person I talk to is proffessional and helpful and is always there when I need advice or just someone to talk to about some problem I'm facing. I highly reccommend it.

3 Miri R.

Client Served

Rating: 5

They helped me years ago when I had nowhere to turn.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

After looking at the website for this hotline, I am beyond concerned.

First of all, their 17 year old "volunteer" Hunter, whom has a Facebook presence for the hotline and offers "live support" and even is "willing to be a friend", appears to be a fiction. You can find most of her Facebook photos on an actual model's website, Алена Аладко, whom has over 1000 FB friends.


real model's website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000551518426

This alone, is creepy. But anyone with professional background in hotlines or a helping field will be able to see the other issues if they take the time to look.

From what I can tell, this hotline is a one or two person operation, which claims to help youth with almost ANY topic, without offering any information on how they train their volunteers (if they have any). They also spend a great deal of energy maligning other national hotlines on their website and focusing on the fact that they are not listed with 800 directory services, which is not how teens find phone numbers anymore. Very strange. I'm sure this was once an effective organization, but it seems to have derailed in a serious way. I hope any potential donors or volunteers will take the time to research this hotline first.

*As to Mr. Austen's comment added below, I am not from Missouri. I work for a hotline that Mr. Austen contacted several times, being somewhat rude to our volunteers and then telling us to add his hotline to our referral database. After visiting the website and finding the "volunteer" FB profile full of stolen photos, among other concerning things, I decided to write this review. The Facebook profile was removed after I reported it. However, any visitor to the website will be able to spot the other issues themselves. Since Mr. Austen only writes negative reviews of other organizations, he should work harder to make sure his own is above reproach.

Comments ( 1 )


donausten@thursdayschild.org 12/19/2014

The mere fact the author of this review, who describes himself as working for a hotline lists his name as lalala32 should be indication enough as to the validity of his review. Anyone can make up anything so long as they feel they will remain anonymous. No photos were ever stolen, and we take great umbrage at the libelous accusations and the damage this person has admittedly done with for no valid reason.

Review from Guidestar