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Spouse Abuse Sexual Assault Crisis Center

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Causes: Domestic Violence, Family Violence Shelters, Homeless & Housing

Mission: To provide support, guidance and education to men, women and children to promote a life free of domestic and sexual violence.

Programs: Providing a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, emergency transportation, hospital advocacy, legal advocacy, protection orders, on-going support and information, intervention programs and community education to counties in south central nebraska.

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I had been in an abusive relationship for five years. I had tried leaving many times...he always found me. He would break in and leave my dead pets in my sink, gifts he had previously given me in the middle of a cleaned off table, and on several occasions a large sharp knife stabbed into the middle of my bed or pillow. I was hospitalized with broken bones, larynx damage from strangulation, and injuries sustained during marital rape. I am bipolar and because he would hide or throw out my medication, he was able to have me committed to a psychiatric hospital twice. He would break into my house while I was sleeping (or hide in it while I was gone) and viciously rape and beat me. He said it was to "teach me a lesson". The ‘lesson’ was that he could do whatever he wanted and no one would help me or believe me. I called the police at least 30 times, no help there; they thought I was being paranoid. I moved fourteen times (three different states) in two years trying to hide from him. Each time he would quickly get custody of my kids. I was afraid of them being alone with him and would eventually go back. The last time I went back, Child Protective Services took my children. They charged me with child abuse for 'failure to protect'. ‘Failure to protect’ means that they blamed me for 'letting my children watch when he would beat me because I didn’t just leave’. I couldn’t get a Protection Order signed by a Judge because he thought I was trying to use it to get custody of my kids. The Judge gave my abuser custody of my kids and ordered us to go to mediation services before he would consider signing my Protection Order. I would make arrangements to go and my abuser wouldn’t show up. The mediator would reschedule. The first time I went to SASA’s office I talked to the shelter manager. She listened as I told her about what had been happening. I told her about the police thinking I was crazy, I told her no one believed me. Then she said something that no one ever had..."I believe you". With SASA's help I found out how he found me. He was using technology. She told me about ways he may be using the GPS on my car’s navigation system, my own cell phone, and computer IP address to track me. I disabled the GPS on my car but, six simple GPS devices were found (over five months) on the car I drove. Because we were married, his name was on the Blazer too, so it wasn't illegal. We discovered he was using the GPS on my phone to locate me and the phone’s speaker to listen to me (even when I wasn't using the phone) and intercept my incoming calls. I got a new phone and removed the battery when I wasn’t using it. He had a key stroke tracker on my computer as well as using the camera to watch me in my house. A computer person disabled them and installed anti-bugging software. She helped me to find a program that helped me to get my bipolar medications. Unfortunately, they couldn’t prove he did anything to me. The one event they could charge him with was plea bargained down to “disturbing the peace”. Together we called the mediator, who actually listened. She told me about the Victim’s Advocate at the courthouse, who listened and believed me. She continued working with me, the Victim’s Advocate, and Child Protective Services. Finally people were beginning to realize I wasn’t crazy or paranoid. After eleven months, I finally got full custody of my children. She helped us get safe by coordinating with agencies and churches to relocate us. We obtained all the paperwork to apply for housing and assistance programs so that I would be able to relocate safely. We found a job placement agency and I got a job so I could provide for myself and my children once we got there. She even helped me to get a Secretary of State Secure Address so that my current location is not available to anyone. We are finally starting to feel safe in our new home. My kids love their new school, have found new friends, and are active in church and school activities. They are no longer afraid for me and I am no longer afraid of losing them. None of this would have been possible without her believing in me until I could believe in myself.