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9 Angela S.

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I am the mother of a woman and her sons, who unfortunately came across this family by the name of Matland who run this dump of a place.It is supposedly a shelter for the homeless which would be great if it was run by honest people.It comes under the guise of being a church,but the Pastor was never a real pastor, she just used false paperwork and lodged that so as to get Non Profit status.
Her son was supposedly an ordained minister.They have been in business since the mid 1970's in Oregon both back then in Cave Junction and then they moved into Albany,Oregon in approx. 1981.They have continued to buy up properties, and rent properties and not pay for many of them leaving many thousands of dollars owing and properties being re-possessed.
The homeless people were treated like prisoners in a prison without bars, ruled by fear.They even had to ask permission to cross the road to the local shop.They were given medication which did not belong to them so as to keep them quiet, (not really in control) so as not to remember all that was happening.If they were fuzzy minded then they could not complain but if they ever were to, then they could not give a clear account.Their Food Stamps were the way that the Matlands got their decent food and when there was an uproar about this then the homeless people were told what to buy and they were left with what was left over.
The people were made to work extremely hard.The men made pallets and did the heavy work and the women and children worked also in the kitchen/laundry and so on or in their Thrift shops.School was definately not encouraged in case the kids said the wrong things.Then when they were reported for not sending the kids to school they rented an old building &they bought a second-hand bus and they made out that they were running their own Private school which I was told was for 22 children.In reality this school was run by the son's tenth wife.My daughter found out that she was his ninth wife.The vice principle of the school was simply one of the homeless men and he was like a guard /minder to keep the kids in.There was not a qualification amongst them and every law regarding setting up a fee paying school was disregarded as was the operation of the school bus.The law meant absolutely nothing to this family and in fact they were more or less protected by the Cops, Children's Services.Linn Co. Courthouse, Food Stamp office and more.Mail belonging to the homeless and my daughter was being stolen or kept back especially if there was anything in it that they could utilize.Never was a case brought against this family even though people tried.The District Attorney knew all of this was going on as did many other agencies who all closed ranks to stop this being exposed.
Strange deaths were taking place, but that had happened in Cave Junction also, still non of the authorities would do anything because they were all part of these crimes.I have more that I can't write here.My daughter was poisoned, her son by this so called minister was taken through the court but we found out later that the case had been not only fixed but that she never stood a chance of getting her son in the first place.Her life was threatened by the Matlands when she did finally manage to get supervised visitation, but she was followed by the Matland's foot soldiers(homeless men), her car tampered with whereby all four wheels shot off whilst being driven.My daughter has not had contact with her son for thirteen years now because they make sure that she can't.
Another lady was left crippled for life because she was a really hard worker and who was staying at the Mission and happened to say one day that she was going to leave.An accident for her was arranged and she ended up crippled.Linn County Courthouse did nothing to help her or anybody else from there.
When I ticked the box below saying about how much of an impact this organization has had to people, I ticked LIFECHANGING because that is what it has been to so many.But lifechanging in the worst possible way.I can prove all that I have said.Avoid that place like the plague or you might come out in a wooden box and the police will not give a toss.My name and address are not secret as I have been investigating this family for years.So I am writing it here incase you don't believe me.Angela Salley. 7 Blackwater Heights, Moynalty Road, Kells,County Meath, Republic of Ireland.