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Causes: Religion, Religion-Related

Mission: Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram - Meditation Center has been established in Lake Forest, California by Sh. Sanjay Aggarwal and Smt Dolma Aggarwal under the constant regular divine guidance of Guru Mata Brahma Jyoti, Bhrigu Ashram, Haridwar, India. Constant divine guidance for Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram, California has been coming from Shri Ramani Guru Ji through the divine Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi Palm Leaves since 2006 where the Maharishi has mentioned several times the association with Maharishi Bhrigu and the direction for Bhrigu Ashram. Shri Ramani Guru Ji runs Kaka Bhujanda Maharishi Ashram in Tambaram-Chennai, India. The aim of this spiritual organization is to promote peaceful & harmonious living through daily practice of yoga-meditation. To help the entire community at large to understand the spiritual core essence of the Vedantic Scriptures as written by the great Sages of ancient India. The essence of the ancient vedic scriptures is to experience the divine joy of the soul and inner contentment by calming the turbulent mind. To establish the divine grace.

Results: Lives of many many individuals and families have improved, become peaceful, joyous, harmonious and "conflict-free" through daily meditation, prayers and listening to spiritual discourses.

Target demographics: Improve lives and remove inner conflict through daily regular meditation.

Direct beneficiaries per year: A lot of individual folks and families have been helped . Their lives are now more peaceful, harmonious and joyful and they are connected with our organization on a regular basis.

Geographic areas served: Near the "Bhrigu Meditation Center" in Lake Forest, California. We also serve Orange County, San Diego and surrounding areas in Southern California.

Programs: Meditation, Spiritual Discourses, Divine Readings, Morning & Evening Prayers.

Community Stories

55 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 5

I come from a family of 5 siblings and parents who have now passed who were very religious. All five siblings follow a religious path since a very young age and a path that is very strict in its ways. I was different in that I called myself religious yet I really did not even know what that meant until one cold November Sunday morning in 2013 when I met 2 individuals that I am proud to call My Guruji and My GuruMa at Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram. This was indeed a very special day. It has transformed my life 360 degrees from that day forward. I was not seeking for a Guru and felt that I did not need a Guru to guide me spiritually. It is exactly like when the fruit is ripe it will fall off the tree and so as I was ready to have a Guru in my life he just fell into my life and I took to him like fish to water. My sisters and my mum use to say that my time shall come too and here it was. They were right all along. My mum had given me some mantras to chant and various other small religious books along with a copy of Bhagavad Gita when I was around 16 years of age to read and recite daily as my morning puja ritual. This I did daily and therefore I thought I was religious.....boy was I wrong. Since having Guruji and GuruMa in my life, I have been attending the ashram regularly, am involved with all the ashram activities, listening to daily satsangs on Bhagwad Gita, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Ramayana, early morning and late night chanting of Vedic mantras, morning and evening Artis, pravachans, Bhrigu Divine Readings, Bhrigu sutras and being initiated in Divya kriya meditation practice and the list goes on and on…… Guruji’s pravachans on Foundations of Bhagavad Gita have had the most profound effect on me. Having mentioned that I had been reading Bhagavad Gita since the age of 16 and believe me I was just reading the words and not understanding the meaning. The simplistic language Guruji uses to explain the Bhagavad Gita being a war that is fought by us within us on a daily basis as opposed to the dialogue between Shree Krishna and Arjuna during the real war fought thousands of years ago. I have gained enormous amount of knowledge just from listening to Guruji’s Bhagavad Gita CD’s in the past 18 months. I listen to this daily on my commute to work. GuruMa is in my life in place of my mother. She is a huge support system to Guruji and all the devotees in the Ashram. Her selfless giving, mentoring all the young mothers in the ashram as well all the kids while she herself is unwell is beyond me. She is in complete control of the task at hand at all times. She is a fantastic cook and rustles up delicious meals for 40 and 50 people in no time whatsoever. Nothing seems to overwhelm her. In the past 18 months we have been a part of several retreats, been to India where we met Guruji and GuruMa’s Guru - Shree Brahmajyoti GuruMata (Babaji as she is known) in Haridwar, was a witness to Gau daan, and participated in Ganga Arti in Haridwar, and visited Rishikesh and Uttarkashi. We have had Pravachans by Guruji on the beach, on a mountain top in parks and these experiences are nothing but divine !!! So what I have I learnt from my beloved Guruji and GuruMa: • If I don’t see God in ALL I do not see God at all. • To be forgiving and compassionate. • To live in this world full of materialistic attachments, enjoy them yet be detached from them all. • Waste time with none but God. • Meditate daily with love and devotion. • Do daily swadhyaya – Study of the self. • The only thing that is permanent in the life is CHANGE and how to embrace change. • Recognize your true self to be the soul, Maya is just an illusion, that life is just a divine play and this body is given to you to work out your karmas. I have won a lottery by having Guruji and GuruMa in my life and the rewards are a tranquil mind, experience of true bliss and happiness. So do I feel the opposite at times? ABSOLUTELY only the feelings just roll off me…and that my dear friends is GURU KRIPA.



Rating: 5

OmJi GuruJi GuruMaa
Thank you GuruJi GuruMaa for taking care of everything of our life, from spiritual growth, of us, to family to business, to things nearby, we have no words how your presence have holded us completely...
GuruJi GuruMaa it is only your light and Shakti of that light which is running us and so many more, it is the power of your presence which is giving the strength to do everything .. You are everywhere , where we are, where ever we go, whatever we do, its only you who do it, its only you who don't do it, whatever is required is done by you and whatever is not required to be not done, is not done by you.. every time everyday we see you, we feel you near us, in something or other thing...its only HiM who can be sarva-vyapi- which just continuously makes us see/feel/know That Him is you. .. It feels the greatest blessing to be in the sharan of our Gurus/God, who have spirtualized our life, who have put that Smriti in our mind and heart to help us keep dwelling inside..
So many things keep happening that it does come in mind that if Guru is knowing this, though they are the seer, like if they don't know- knowingly( the continuos grace which is filling lives of many in the smallest of the thing) and they know everything-unknowingly( as they are the only one who is doing it )..GuruMaa GuruDev just pray at your lotus feet, to grow unlimited निस्वार्थ prembhakti inside me for my Guru/God, just pray continuously to get away from this chakkar of attachments and coming back again and again.. Bowing down with Deepest Loving Regards at thy lotus feet of my GuruJi GuruMaa ....OmJi


Client Served

Rating: 3

I remember that bright sunny day when I met guruji. Guruji said the Sun can be eclipsed. Today his words came true! It was a miracle. I thought how would guruji know this? He also told me not to look at the Sun during the eclipse. From time to time, Rahu catches up with the Sun and the Moon, and swallows them and our troubles are the same. But the Sun comes back and shines brighter like guruji's sapphire gem stones. Thank you Guruji.

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bhriguashram 08/21/2017

Namaste. Please identify yourself as we don't recognize you. Especially when one person keeps changing their id's and posting messages randomly to trouble organizations. On the internet they have tracking systems to track folks who post by fake id's.


Client Served

Rating: 3

I was watching the solar eclipse today and thought about what guruji may think about this beautiful event.Guruji told us troubles are like the eclipse to the Sun. It may stop the rays for a minute or two, but the Sun always shines brighter after. Gurujis sapphire stones shine brighter than the Sun even today. His Divya Kriya brings joy to me everyday.

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bhriguashram 08/21/2017

Namaste. Please identify yourself as we don't recognize you. Especially when one person keeps changing their id's and posting messages randomly to trouble organizations. On the internet they have tracking systems to track folks who post by fake id's.


Client Served

Rating: 3

When I came to Guruji in the March of 2010, I was looking for a resolution for my hardship. Guruji told me to find my inner peace. He told me and the words still ring in my ears today - "If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are. ". These words motivated me to challenge myself to find myself in turn leading me to the solutions to my hardship. Now I have a well paying job, flexible working hours and a car. Now I drive Uber full time and listen to Gurujis pravachans on every trip.

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bhriguashram 08/21/2017

Excellent. We are very happy for you. Always Praying for you. Best Wishes. Bhrigu Ashram


Client Served

Rating: 5

I was sad! I was depressed! I had 10 rupees in my pocket. But GuruJi told me to buy the gemstone and Divya Kriya. Now I have 5 rupees and 25 paise! But I am happy.
Thank you GuruJi!



Rating: 5

Bhrigu Pariwar retreat 2017 - 10 day Alaska Cruise
Every year for the past 6 years Guruji, GuruMa and devotees of Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram of Irvine California, plan a trip to India to visit Shree Bhramjyoti GuruMa (Babaji) at the Bhrigu ashram in Haridwar. Maharishi Bhrigu sent Guruji and GuruMa to meet Babaji in Haridwar in November of 2008 through Kakabhushundi Adesh. It was said at that time that Babaji would transfer her Shakti to Guruji and GuruMa. That happened last month.
As per Bhriguji‘s adesh the year 2017 was to go on a cruise to Alaska. The retreat was 3 days on land and 7 days at sea.
3 days on land:
The 3 days on land were spent in Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali and onward to Seward where we boarded the ship for the 7 days at the sea portion.
While in Anchorage we visited the Portage Glacier which is the crown jewel in a valley studded with alpine glaciers. The Portage Valley was literally shaped by glaciers with the majestic lakes formed by the melting Portage Glacier. Some of us took a boat to see the Portage Glacier up-close.
Next day we boarded a bus to catch the 12.00 pm Wilderness Express, a glass domed train to Denali from Talkeetna. This was a 4 hour train ride which was absolutely spectacular with breath taking views of the landscape of Alaskan beauty with waterfalls, lakes, rivers running amongst rugged tall mountains not to mention wildlife like bears and Moose tucked away in the mountains. We reached Denali at 5.30 pm. Our hotel was in the most gorgeous setting. There were no other hotels for miles on end besides ours. We had the running river as our view from the hotel room.
Guruji conducted daily morning Vishnu Sahastra naam, aarti and a mini satsang and evening aarti and mini satsang. In Denali our evening and morning prayers were done by the river bank. It was simply divine. It was an early start the next day with an incredible Denali National History tour where we saw the majestic Denali glacier due to the day being beautifully clear and sunny. Only 25% of the tourists ever get a glimpse of the Denali Glacier.
In Sunday Bhrigu Vani it came periodically that on -3rd, 5th and 7th day we will have a divine experience.
I would definitely say that the 3rd day divine experience was the glimpse of the Denali Glacier. With Bhriguji’s krupa we were amongst that 25%. We also had darshan of 4 ravens flying above our bus and then sitting down on hill showing the presence of Maharishis blessings.
We returned to Talkeetna that evening and took a 1 hr 45 min boating excursion in one of the many Talkeetna Rivers. Next morning after the daily satsang we were on our way back to Anchorage via the Alaska’s wildlife Conservation Center and onward to the historic town of Seward to board our ship - the Celebrity Millennium for 7 days at sea. All were excited at the sight of our ship.
7 days at Sea:
We were all settled in our cabins and after the evening satsang preceded for dinner at one of the restaurants on the ship. One of the chef’s on board took care of all our Indian meals. He cooked variety of wholesome vegetarian meals. Bhriguji was taking care of all the fine details.
The second day was spent at sea. We were all excited at the prospect of seeing up close the gigantic Hubbard Glacier, North America's largest tidewater glacier. It is 1350 square miles of blue ice and one of the most active in Alaska. My favorite part of the day at sea was just huddling around Guruji and Guruma for the whole day where we had satsang in a question/answer format. We had Guruji and Guruma all to ourselves something that is very rare. I enjoyed every second of it. There were so many things that were going on- on the ship however I was completely content as everything I wanted was right with me (Guruji and Guruma).
The next day was at port. We were in Juneau. This was indeed an amazing day. This day was certainly my favorite of the whole trip. We took an excursion to the Mendenhall Glacier. We did a native-style canoe paddle across Mendenhall Lake. The lake was calm, serene and scattered with icebergs. We were surrounded by beautiful views of the glacier from the water. The whole atmosphere felt very spiritual – all the while during paddling I was chanting Om shree Bhriguve Namah. Once we reached the Glacier we had to carry our boat out of the water and on to the land. There was a treacherous hike ahead of us to the Glacier which with Bhriguji’s Kripa we were able to do effortlessly. We proceeded on to walking towards the glacier and went under the glacier caves and proceeded to climb on top of the Mendenhall Glacier.

The Bhrigu Pariwar had 2 groups taking this excursion. Guruji and Guruma with 7 others were in one group and there were 10 of us in the other group. Guruji’s group had started and hour and a half ahead of us. Earlier in the year Bhriguji’s adesh had stated that all the devotees going on the Mendenhall Glacier will be together. We 2 groups spit up and Guruji’s group leaving well ahead of ours it did not seem possible that we would meet up. However, the adesh was completely true as when we reached the top of the Glacier we met up with Guruji’s group. It was divine. This I would class as the 5th day divine experience as we had Darshan of the ice formed in shape of Shivlinga with "Jenau"marks and also meeting up with Guruji and Guruma at the top of the glacier. We than continued on and explored the deep blue glacial pools and crevasses. It had stunning views and an unforgettable environment.

Next port for the ship was Skagway. Skagway is all of one street long. It is full of diamond and few other historic shops. Here we took a sightseeing excursion on a historic White Pass and Yukon route railway. This was a 40-mile round trip on a narrow gauge railroad that was built in 1898. The vintage passenger car took us 3000 feet in cliff-hanging turns and twists through two tunnels and numerous bridges and trestles. There were incredible views of glaciers, gorges and cascading waterfalls. As we were enjoying the beautiful scenic views all the while the guide was reliving the tales of the gold rush and the building of the railway. Guruji recited the morning Vishnu Sahastra naam, aarti and a mini satsang while on board the vintage train. We were at 3000 ft and saw a huge rainbow shining on top of an emerald green lake as if the maharishi’s were smiling upon us – This experience I would class as the 7th day divine experience that repeatedly came in Sunday Bhrigu readings.
Ketchikan was our next stop. While in Ketchikan we took a Misty Fjords flight seeing tour. There were 6 passengers per each sea plane. This was a 1.5 hour tour that flies over some of the most beautiful scenic sights into the heart of the Misty Fjords National Monument. The pilot had provided us with the head sets to point out some sights of interest. While on the plane we saw some wild birds and bears.
We had our next day at sea. This day was spent with Guruji and Guruma sparkling satsang in question answer session. Each day evenings were spent going to see the shows that were presented on the ship all the while having delicious Indian and other cuisines on board the ship.
Sadly our sailing came to an end as the ship arrived at Vancouver. We spent 3 further days exploring Vancouver. We celebrated the important day of Guru Purnima in Vancouver by conducting Guruji and Guruma’s Paad Puja. It was amazing how all the devotees were able to gather all the required items to conduct the Paad Puja in a hotel room.
We spent 13 glorious days in company of Guruji, Guruma and the ashram devotees.
Guruji has always emphasized the importance of the daily practice of the Guru given Geet Divya Kriya meditation. For the past year and all throughout the retreat Guruji had an added emphasis on the daily practice of meditation. This is simply because it is that much easier for a practicing devotee to apply the teachings from Guruji’s satsangs. A meditating devotee will have awakened the Guru within and a silent voice of his/her Guru will keep the devotee calm, level headed and decisive in adverse circumstance. The devotee will begin to be aware of his/her every action, such as when ego creeps up, the feeling of I, Me and Mine creeps up he/she will stop, self examine and eradicate such feelings. A meditating devotee will begin to see the inner Guru/God in everyone. A meditating devotee will be less attached to the worldly things and start detaching from people too. A meditating devotee is completely content being happy with inner joy rather that looking for joy in the outside world. A meditating devotee will conduct daily swadhyay – self study to begin small steps for the journey home.
Guruji and GuruMa I am “forever at your lotus feet”. Thank you for coming into my life and making me realize the true meaning of this human birth.

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bhriguashram 08/21/2017

Beautiful Post Darshna Ji. The 2017 July Alaska Trip with the entire Bhrigu Family was indeed very magical and divine. We are all fortunate to have the company of such sincere wonderful devotees. Best Wishes.



Rating: 3

I always thought spirituality was hard. Searching for truth was futile. Until that day when I met guruji, 2 years ago. It was the warm summer day and guruji suggested the Divya Kriya to me.
He suggested I use the gemstones sapphire and ruby. Lo and behold ! 2 months after rigorously performing the Divya Kriya and
carrying the gemstones in my sneakers, I am now a transformed person in search for the truth through meditation and yoga.

Guruma's support in my efforts have also increased my self esteem. Life is about love and selfless devotion to Guruji and Guruma.

The satsangs have given me an opportunity to discover my inner self. I also find the Divya Kriya a very joyful experience.



Rating: 5

2 years back I confused, lost. I come to guruji. guruji tell me - be happy. now I happy. my family happy. got more



Rating: 5

Om Ji All,

Would like to share my experience on the Bhrigu Yatra that happened From June 26th to July 10th to Alaska and ended in Vancouver.

I had come to the Bhrigu Yatra only to be in GuruJi and GuruMa’s company. The way the visa came the same day I had to travel to US from India and got the tickets too was all His grace and it was His blessing that I could make it to the yatra.

The yatra was supremely divine. GuruJi mentioned that the mountains of Alaska were a part of Kailash mountains in the past and the whole yatra indeed was a teerth yatra just because of their presence.

GuruJi said that being with the Guru is not easy. The first thing that needs to be worked upon when with the Guru is discipline. Getting up on time everyday, doing kriya and gather for the daily prayers and satsanga on time was the first test of the day. Satsangas would happen all through the day anywhere. It was really amazing to see how GuruJi balanced out everything while always being immersed in God. The day when we went to the Mendenhall Glacier, while coming back from the glacier, it was evening time when we were rowing the canoe and GuruJi did the evening prayers on the boat itself. It was so beautiful! While the beautiful and untouched nature there itself brought so much surrender, the reminder that our commitment to God is the most important thing made it all divine.

Similarly, when we went for the train ride to Yukon, we had to start early and once we boarded the train, GuruJi started with the morning prayers. However, in sometime, the staff there started doing some announcements. GuruJi waited for them to complete and as soon as they took a pause, GuruJi started again. However, in a couple of mins they started with some other announcements . We could see that GuruJi waited for them for some more time and then started in a lower volume simultaneously. When they would stop, you would start again in high volume so that everyone could hear. It was really humbling to see how GuruJi was lovingly doing the prayers to God and was also trying to make all of us a part of it. GuruJi tried keeping all of us together all the time and had constant remembrance of those who were not with us. He also took the pics and kept sending on the group live for everyone so that everyone could feel blessed and feel a part of the yatra. Same with the bhrigu bindus and the mini pravachans. It brings so much surrender to see how religiously GuruJi follows the daily routine, at the same time striking a fine balance with the worldly and taking everyone with Him caring for all.

The presence of the Maharishis could be felt throughout.Wherever we went, we were told that the day and the weather is exceptional and that only 30% of the people get to experience the completeness. Crows were present everywhere. Be it while doing the satsangas and the pooja at the cruise where they would fly by and we could see them from the window, or the extreme weather in Mendenhall Glacier, or during the Guru Poornima Pooja in Vancouver or even while going for lunch or dinner.

GuruJi constantly teaches us to see the divinity in everything through example. With Him and GuruMa, we also learn all the time about how to balance it out with the worldly and how to enjoy the worldly but with focus on God.

I felt blessed to be a part of the Guru Poornima Pooja with GuruJi and GuruMa. It was through His grace that we got everything required for the pooja so seamlessly. It is amazing how everyone contributes in their own unique way in the parivar and makes it a whole.

Listening to the Nadi reading the other day was a truly truly divine experience. I cannot express how humble and surrendered I felt when the Maharishi said that he is happy and santusht with GuruJi. What could be greater for a shishya if the Guru feels santusht. That itself shows what a wonderful shishya GuruJi is. I wish I too follow GuruJi’s foot prints and become a better shishya.

It kept coming that being stated in the self, being ourself, being true to oneself and not bother about anything else is the most important thing. Although, some of us are not physically close to the ashram, and while it is a blessing to be close to the Guru, GuruJi keeps everyone together. If we be surrendered and follow the divine guidance which is bestowed to all of us by Him in the form of satsangas, prayers, blessings, daily inspiration and the gift of Kriya, we are always connected to Him and to the divine.

Thanking GuruJi and GuruMa for the wonderful experience and for everything.

Gyan Moolam Guror Moorti
Pooja Moolam Guror Padam
Mantra Moolam Guror Vakyam
Moksha Moolam Guru Kripa

Om Shree Guruve Namah
Om Shree Guruve Namah
Om Shree Bhriguve Namah

Om Guruve Tat Sat
Om Tat Sat

Previous Stories


Rating: 5

I have known GuruJi and Guruma for almost 12 years now. This organization, GuruJi and Guruma have helped me a lot

There are daily pravachans and satsangas which happen at the ashram and are freely distributed to all devotees. These pravachans are based on our scriptures varying from Upanishads, Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagvad, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Geeta, Yoga Vasishtha etc. For most of us, even though we want to read these scriptures, we are unable to make time for it and even when we make time, it is very difficult to understand them and make sense out of them which you can actually implement in daily life. GuruJi gives these discourses and explains things in a manner which start making sense and you are able to see opportunities where spirituality can be practised in your daily life. He makes spirituality a part of daily life for us.

We hear from a lot of people that to practice spirituality, you don't have to go to himalayas and that it can be practised while being in grihastha ashram and performing your daily duties. GuruJi and Guruma are a perfect example of it and also set a model before us. While being in the world and participating in it, they teach us how to still remain detached and keep fixated on the ultimate goal.

GuruJi also initiated me into Geeta Divya Kriya Yoga. This is a scientific meditative technique which helps calm our minds and fills us with positive energy, awareness and gratitude. GuruJi and Guruma always guide us to be consistent and regular with the practice and motivate us all the time to understand its importance. This kriya yoga technique helps keep me grounded and fills me with gratitude for the spiritual masters who are there to guide us. It cleanses all the doubts and useless thoughts in the mind and the inner light fills us with divine energy. When GuruJi initiates us into this practice, he gives us the divine experience of divine light, sound and vibration. After having this experience once through the Guru's grace, and having felt its joy and divinity, we feel even more motivated to experience it again.This meditative practice is the key blessing of the Guru and its only through his practice that the highest goal of human life can be achieved.

I have been guided by both GuruJi and Guruma at multiple times and stages in my life and their regular guidance through satsangas keeps coming everyday anyway. GuruJi and Guruma themselves having experienced all the problems of a householder understand our problems very well and the guidance we get is very practical while at the same time being grounded in the spiritual principles. After getting guidance from them, all doubt vanishes. However, another important thing that we must remember is that Guru always gives and gives to everybody. It is also the shraddha of the devotee which bears fruit.

GuruJi blessed me through gemstones and I have been religiously wearing them all these years. I have seen his blessings materialize in amazing ways. His blessings are not just limited to satsangas and gemstones and guidance. He even gave me a reference when I was looking for a job! and through his blessings, I got a good break! Their kindness and concern for us is incomparable.

I can only say that I have seen Gurus giving things like bhabhoot, water, lemons etc to devotees to remove their problems. Taking these items in the market and trying to find their monetary value will not lead us anywhere. It is the shakti and the blessings of the Guru and the shraddha and faith of the devotee which does wonders.

Since I have been in GuruJi's and Guruma's sharan, I have always known that they are taking care of me. Having a guru is a great blessing and there is nothing which can be compared to it. Me and many others like me have tremendously benefited and are happy to be under their guidance.




Rating: 5

Omji all,

Would like to share one of the divine reading/event that had come for my mother.

Around Jan/Feb 2016, through a Bhrigu divine reading that Guru Ji does on Sunday mornings, Bhriguji spoke through him and said to get my mom to the US. Up until that point my mom was not very sure of coming to the US. She suffers from post polio disorder so almost impossible. She can barely walk and did not have confidence to travel anywhere. Right after the Bhrigu Divine Reading, her passport, her visa, her travel everything lined up miraculously and she arrived in California on May 15th 2016. It all seemed like a "dream" to me and I still could not have imagined that my mother could come here.

Through Maharishi Bhrigu's grace my mother was able to attend the Bhrigu divine reading last year on May 22nd, 2016 here in Bhrigu Meditation Center, California. During the divine reading that Guru Ji spoke, Maharishi Bhrigu said that, "my mother will go to kashi kshetra and get darshan of Shani Bhagwan and Vishwanath Ji because she had some past karma that needed to be resolved." He also said convincingly as if the trip has already been written in her name. There were several other details of her past life that had come out in the reading which were stunning.

At that time we were not sure how it will all work out, as it seemed an impossibility. In the subsequent readings that came, Bhriguji said that my mother will go to kashi with her son(my brother).

But through Bhriguji's grace that came through the divine reading everything fell in place when my mother visited my brothers place in November 2016. My brother took her to kashi and they got darshan of kashi vishwanath ji and shani Bhagwan. Their trip went smooth without any issues as told by Bhriguji.

This was a "stunning" miracle for me on two counts, one is that I always wanted my Mother to come to Bhrigu Ashram, California and meet Guru Ji and Guruma. Secondly, the thought of her going to Kashi, Benares even after the assurance given by Bhriguji in the reading seemed an "extreme impossibility". Both came True!!!

Everyone must come on a Sunday morning to listen to the bhrigu divine words that flow out from Guruji to enjoy the divine grace. I cannot explain in words.

There are so many more miraculous events that have happened in my husband and my life. Will post another day.

Forever grateful to Guruji and Guruma for their unconditional love, guidance and support.

Om tat sat Om



Rating: 5

Om Bhriguve Namah,
Sharing our divine experiences with Guru Ji and Guru Ma. 
It’s no surprise that people devote a lot of time and research to buying a home, it’s a major life event. However, buying a house is an inevitable process, the process of looking for home is a long one. Given the Irvine housing market (pricing and very competitive) we came to the conclusion that we will have to move somewhere far away from the current location near Guruji and Guruma (Bhrigu Ashram). 
At the retreat in November of 2015, it came in the Bhrigu nadi reading through Guru Ji that in "ONE" year we will move in a new “VAAS STHAAN”. Guruji told us that we should look around. We kept looking at multiple listings new and resale, but all in vain to find the right one and affordable pricing.
During the search (May 2016) we came across a new construction house near a different school area and  further away from the Bhrigu Ashram than we anticipated. We thought this was the only opportunity available at the time and therefore thought of going ahead with this chance before they sold out. We approached Guruji and Guruma to take a look at the house. Guruma had her infusion that day but still agreed to come and see it in the evening despite her pain. We were both positive on this house and wanted to go ahead with it. However, Guruji and Guruma mentioned that this house was not the one and we should continue looking. We were pretty sad looking at task ahead and thinking that we had to start the search all over again. 
In May of 2016, Guruji said that we will find the right house within the next 5 months. We continued the search but by this time we had lost complete hope and almost made up our mind to not buy in Irvine.
In Oct of 2016 per Bhrigu van that came through Guru Ji, it came that in a month we will find a new home next to the ashram.
We wondered how what we could not achieve in the past 2 years would solve itself within a month. We were in that overthinking mode again, which is the biggest mistake one makes even after the long divine experience journey.
Two days after the Bhrigu Vani, a new listing in the nearby area conjured up. It was right next to our Bhrigu Ashram. By now we were so assured that we would not get this house based on the competitive buying. However, we decided to take a chance just for the sake of it. We asked Guruji and Guruma to take a look at the house. Before even entering the house, Guruji said “This Is The House!” Guruma liked the interior house as well. Guruji and Guruma told us to go ahead with the offer. Subsequently, things just unfolded in front of our eyes and before we knew it the moving truck was standing outside our apartment. We moved into new house in Nov of 2016, within exactly a YEAR per Guru Ji’s words (as mentioned above in Nov 2015 it was mentioned in ONE year we will get the new house) ! We did find the house 5 months after May 2017 and we did move one year after Nov 2015. 
The Bhrigu Divine readings are so precise and without any error that it simply amazing. We were able to have our home near the ashram! What a blessings for all of us. 
Immensely grateful to Guruji and Guruma for their shower of blessings and love always and the valuable precision of words that guides through this divine journey.

Humbly bowing thy lotus feet, 
Om Tat Sat



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Om Shri Gurbhyo Namah
Om Shri Bhriguve Namah

Om Ji Everyone

With GuruJi and GuruMa’s kripa, we moved into a new house on March 31st this year. Manoj and I would like to share the Miracle like events we’ve experienced in the past few months and the Divine guidance we got at every step from GuruJi and GuruMa –

Nov 11th, 2016 – GuruJi told us to start looking for a house from Jan 2017. He told us by March 15th, everything would be very clear and the move will happen very fast.

On Jan 22nd GuruJi told us the following details about our house -
3 bedrooms plus, price range, close to Ashram, Detached home, Something narrow is there, similar to Rajesh and Chaya’s house – look in that area, some body will vacate and you’ll get it,
3 months from today, by April 22nd you would have decided everything.
Change your realtor right now, it won’t happen through him. GuruJi gave us a reference for a realtor.

Feb 10th – reading came that we should place Maha Ganpati moorti facing east and Shree Yantra in our new home (which we still hadn’t found). This will remove vastu dosh and bandhu dosh. So BhriguJi had already seen that our new home will have Vastu dosh and given the Remedy for it as well !

Feb 14th – A house came up on the market and our new realtor texted us the details. The realtor’s open house was scheduled for next day. GuruJi and GuruMa were leaving for India that evening itself. Amidst their extremely busy schedule with children and packing etc, they took the time to drive by the house and without even looking inside (it wasn’t open to the public yet), they told us that this was our house! They told us the exact price to quote and assured us that we’ll get the house. This is a very competitive housing market in Irvine, but their words put us at ease and gave us the confidence to move forward. Next day, we were the first ones to see the house in the Realtors’ open house (which is usually not allowed) and made the offer on 15th night. The seller had already scheduled open houses on Sat and Sun, and our realtor had told us to expect a response earliest on Tue after they have had a chance to wait for any other offers over the weekend. Our offer was delivered to the sellers on 16th morning. Within an hour, we got the verbal acceptance followed by the purchase agreement later! GuruJi and GuruMa were in flight, but they kept guiding us on the phone even in transit, it’s amazing.

When we walked thru the house the first time, we noticed there was a huge Eucalyptus tree very close to the house and leaning in towards the house. We both had some concern that this might fall on the house and even mentioned it to our realtor. The next day the tree was cut by the city without our asking for it – our only feeling was of overwhelming gratitude to Bhrigu Maharaj, He had taken care of the slightest concern that had entered our minds.

March 15th – We still hadn’t closed the house but the reading came in which BhriguJi gave us the Grah Pravesh Tithi as Ganesh Chaturthi  and told us how to enter the house to remove Vastu dosh. On Nov 11th, GuruJi had already told us that by March 15th, everything would be clear !!

On Jan 22nd, GuruJi had mentioned these details:
3 bedrooms plus – we have 4 bedrooms and a loft
Some number should add up to 4 you will find out – 4 bedrooms
price range – spot on
Close to Ashram 100% - its 5-7 min walking distance from the Ashram
detached - yes
something narrow is there – there’s a narrow pathway going up to the main entrance
similar to Rajesh and Chaya’s house, around that area – 5 houses away from their house
some body will vacate and you’ll get it – renters had vacated the house recently, and the owner put it on the market
3 months from today, by April 22nd you would have decide everything – Our move-in date was March 31st.

We’ve been in our house for over a month now and are still amazed by the level of details given to us and the precision of the readings. Everything was already planned and waiting to unfold. GuruJi and GururMa’s guidance made everything so simple for us. We humbly bow down to them in gratitude.

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I met GuruJi and GuruMa in 2007 through my cousin. That time we were living in Minneapolis. I had just read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji and had a strong desire to read Shrimad Bhagvad Gita. I tried reading on my own and also read the interpretations of a few other authors but it did not make sense to me. My cousin told me about GuruJi and that he was going to start a Gita pravachan on the phone via conference calls. So just out of curiosity I logged in and I was blown away by the very first pravachan! Never before had I heard such a beautiful explanation and analogy of the Gita and that too in such simplistic language. My husband and I started listening to GuruJi’s pravachans regularly on the phone after that. We also got initiated into Geet Divya Kriya Yoga from GuruJi .

In 2011, we moved to California. We live just two minutes away from the Ashram and are personally involved in the day to day activities of the Ashram. A typical day at the Ashram – GuruJi does Bhrigu Aarti and pravachan in the morning. There is aarti in the evening too followed by pravachan. Then the nightly prayers. All this is available via conference call to all the devotees. Throughout the day GuruJi and GuruMa are meeting with people or talking to them on the phone answering their spiritual or personal questions. On a daily basis we see so many people benefitting from GuruJi and GuruMa’s guidance. Friday evenings are special as there is also dinner (prepared by GuruMa) at the Ashram after the satsang. Sunday mornings are reserved for Bhrigu Divine Readings. The readings are beyond our scientific/logical mind and are a direct proof of the presence of the Divne power and how it is guiding our lives. On Sunday evenings, GuruMa has been teaching Hindi and embroidery to the kids. Recently, GuruJi started Rudram path and Abhishekh on Monday evenings.

All these events are free and open to everyone. There has never been any demand for any donations. All contributions to the Ashram are voluntary.

The Ashram also organizes annual retreats (5-7 days) and mini retreats (3-4 days) throughout the year. The retreats are full of pravachans from the various scriptures – Gita, Bible, RamcharitManas and many more. GuruJi’s interpretation of the scriptures makes it so easy to understand them. The retreats also include multiple meditation sessions to reinforce the meditative practice, bhajan/kirtans and the sumptuous meals prepared by GuruMa !

In 2012, we travelled with GuruJi and GuruMa to India to meet GuruMata BrahmaJyoti Ji (affectionately known as BabaJi) in Bhrigu Ashram at Uttarkashi. BabaJi has three Ashrams in India, in Uttarkashi, Kiyani and Haridwar. BabaJi herself has acknowledged the light of BhriguJi in GuruJi and GuruMa and given the blessings for establishing Bhrigu Ashram in California.

GuruJi and GuruMa have two kids and GuruMa has severe rheumatoid arthritis. And yet, I’ve never seen them say no to anyone who asks for help or taking a break from their daily schedule. They are an excellent role model for all of us showing us how to lead a spiritual life while balancing our family responsibilities. It’s a blessing to be under their guidance. Every day I receive invaluable spiritual guidance from them in the form of Aarti, pravachans, mantra chanting, various poojas etc. In return if I do any little seva at the Ashram, it is out of my own free will and respect for my GuruJi and GuruMa. It’s the least I can do in return for the priceless knowledge that they are showering on me. I humbly bow down to them.



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2016 Bhrigu Ashram 10th Annual Meditation Testimonial

There are many activities that preoccupy the typical day: duties and responsibilities to family, work, as well as other endeavors that are important for maintaining family life. With all these activities getting attention and time, what happens to the activities that are important for spiritual growth? As Guruji Shree Sanjay Ji says, dedicating time for spiritual growth and for seeking God is the highest and most supreme dharma for any individual. One of the things that i most cherish during the annual retreats is the dedicated time to focus on Guru, God, and spiritual growth.

Just like all the past retreats, the retreat this year provided a wonderful opportunity to dedicate time to focus on Guru, God, and spiritual growth. Every morning during the retreat there were Kriya meditation sessions with Guruji and morning prayers. These meditation sessions and morning prayers recharged the spiritual battery and provided inner peace. There were wonderful pravachans (spiritual discourses) given by Guruji in the morning and evening. These pravachans strengthened the desire for God, provided practical guidance on how to be spiritual and live in the family, and boosted the resolve to pursue God. In addition, there were question and answer sessions held with Guruji during the day and evening. New to the retreat this year were the daily evening Havanas. The experience during these Havanas was extraordinary and is difficult to describe in words.

Another great part of this retreat is the activities that we all enjoyed as one family. Gurumata Shreemati Dolma Ji's tasty food, evening singing, evening dance party, games (games for both kids and adults), trivia quizzes, and artistic performances by children were wonderful. Both children and adults enjoyed these activities.

The retreat this year, like the past retreat events, emphasized spiritual activities, provided a forum for spiritual growth, and boosted spiritual strength. In addition, there were many fun activities and great food. The retreat this year, like the past retreats, was a wonderful and peaceful experience.

Thank You so much Guruji and Gurumata for taking care of all of us (children and adults) so lovingly during the retreat and for all Your hard work in organizing and coordinating the retreat activities.

Humbly bowing down at the Holy Lotus Feet of Guruji and Gurumata.

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When my wife showed me pictures of Maharishi Bhrigu and Guruji in 2011, a divine experience – that cannot be put into words – came from the inside. My wife, being a devotee of Guruji and Guruma for many years, had kept these pictures in a bag that she used when moving to the East Coast, where I was located at the time. It was the first time I saw any picture of Them in this lifetime. That divine experience drew me to Them.

After speaking to Guruji on the phone in the summer of 2011 and seeing Him in the fall of 2011, I met Guruma for the first time in the winter of 2011. For these initial meetings, I did not know what to expect or what would happen. While I was physically in Guruji’s and Guruma’s presence at that time, I did not understand the purpose of being in Their presence. Even though I did not understand, the memory of the divine experience with the pictures kept telling me to stay connected to Them, to stay close to Them. Because of God’s blessings, Guruji initiated me into the meditative practice in 2011. I also was blessed to listen to wonderful, profound spiritual discourses given by Guruji in the same year.

In 2011, Guruma suggested to my wife and me the idea of moving to Southern California. We both liked the idea of coming to Southern California. In spring of 2012, Guruji said to my wife that we would be moving to Southern California in three months. Three months later, we moved to Southern California, with jobs and everything lined up, just as Guruji said. The timing that He said was exactly accurate! This was due to God’s grace and blessings.

The move to California is just one example of many positive, wonderful experiences with Guruji, Guruma, and the Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram. Because of Their guidance and example, my family relationships have improved, my financial matters have improved, my health has improved, and my marriage has improved. Everything in my life has improved because of Them. Saying “Thank You” a million times to Them is not enough.

Since the move to California, I have been blessed to listen to countless spiritual discourses while being in the presence of Guruji and Guruma. They have guided me by words and example on how to combine spirituality with everyday family life. Through Their guidance and example, I slowly have begun to realize that an individual does not have to separate spiritual activities from everyday life (this everyday life also includes parties and celebrations). As They have told me, spirituality and everyday life go hand in hand.

The most profound and amazing experiences with Guruji and Guruma have been the inner transformations. Before moving to California, I was lost, with arrogance, anger, jealously, fear, and other negative thoughts and emotions running on the inside. The negativity hurt my life, making life stagnant and toxic. Before meeting Guruji and Guruma, I wanted to cleanse myself from this negativity. I thought that I could cleanse myself by myself. I thought that reading self-help books, books about Hinduism, books about philosophy, and e-mails about Hinduism would lead to inner cleansing. But every time I tried to implement some of what I read, I ran directly into an inner brick wall – a wall that seemed impenetrable with no end. I kept searching - through bookstores, public library, and the internet – for ways to break the inner brick wall. Coming from an educational background in mathematics, statistics, biology, and chemistry (4 years in college plus 5.5 years of graduate school), I thought that I could find the answer in writing and be free.

I was completely wrong. As Guruji has said, in order to cross or break down the inner brick wall, an individual needs someone who has already crossed or broken down the wall. I needed someone to help me. God sent to me the greatest and most precious treasure in my life - Guruji and Guruma - to break down the inner brick wall. Since the time I have met Them, They have been pulling and breaking down the inner wall, brick by brick. Through their guidance, example, and actions, They have been pulling away all those negative emotions and behaviors from me, constantly inspiring me to move forward on the spiritual path. Even when I have felt that the negativity was too much to bear, when I thought of giving up, Their strength, love, compassion, mercy, and example have provided – and still provide – the impetus to move forward.

Guruji and Guruma have always been thinking and performing actions for my highest good. They always have been focused on helping me, not taking from me. Nothing is forced upon me.

It has taken time, but I have come to realize the profound and paramount importance of having Guruji, Guruma, and the Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram in my life. The gifts They have given to me – both the tangible and intangible - are priceless. To me, Guruji and Guruma are walking, talking, breathing manifestations of God. From my experience being connected to Them, Their guidance and actions are beyond the knowledge and understanding that can be found in books or schools. They are my support and strength. Life has more meaning, joy, and peace because of Them. They mean everything to me. Without Them, I am nothing. Their constant love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and generosity have profoundly touched me and so many other individuals. To me, They are my Divine Father (Guruji) and Divine Mother (Guruma). I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of the Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram and to be close to Guruji and Guruma.

Praying for more love, faith, and surrender to Guruji and Guruma




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The 10th Annual Meditation Retreat 2016

The 2016 retreat was very blissful and gave me the extra recharge and motivation to continue on the spiritual path. The daily satsang a reminded me of how blessed we are to have the guidance of Guruji Shree Sanjayji and Guruma Shreemati Dolmaji to have the rare opportunity to be in a spiritual environment. It felt wonderful to be surrounded with such positive vibrations and energy. It also felt really nice to be part of a large spiritual parivaar where everyone was laughing, praying, meditating together as one big family. It was nice to hear everyone share their experiences as well

The evening havan at the retreat was amazing and put my mind at ease and at peace. It was amazing to see the divine miraculous event take place where we saw the divine image emerging from the fire as seen in one of the photos from the Havan. Felt very blessed to be able to participate in this

Gurumas scrumptious food was delicious as always and really enjoyed the savory meals!

Guruji shared more divine knowledge of Ayurveda to remind us to live a healthy lifestyle so we can grow more spiritually.

It was fun to see the kids enjoy and interact during the retreat. None of them wanted to leave on the last day! It was fun watching them interact during the "kids quiz time" and "adult quiz time" on the last day of the retreat

The retreat reminded me of what is important and that despite all distractions of daily life, to keep God first place. It gave me the motivation to keep fighting and to wake up and try harder to improve myself and meditate.

Thank You Guruji and Guruma for tirelessly and lovingly guiding us towards the right path

Humbly bowing down at Thy feet. Om ji

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Om Ji
Humbly bowing down at the lotus feet of Guruji and Guruma

Trying to search for the words to express my gratitude for all the blessings that Guruji and Guruma have bestowed on me since connected in 2006. At that time, was in my early twenties; confused and lost about life’s purpose and where I was going. Connected with Guruji and Guruma through a dear friend of mine who was going through a tumultuous time after losing her father.

The satsanga, guidance and unconditional love that they have given me as well as others is priceless. All that can be said, is that life would be utterly meaningless and empty without them. They have blessed me in so many ways. Looking back at the life before meeting them, and through their grace, life now, I know that I could never go back to what was before. They have poured me with unconditional love even as I had sat before them with all my faults, failures and shortcomings exposed. Being in their presence, it felt so peaceful and felt protected from the negativity surrounding me. Felt a pull towards them both and did not understand what it was at the time

Guruji and Gurumata have also helped me to have confidence, and believe in myself; something I struggled with growing up. When through His grace was blessed to receive Kriya Yoga initation, felt an inner calm and tranquility that had never experienced before. Friends, family, and coworkers also started noticing subtle changes in me as well. I started reacting less to things that used to really bother me.

Guruji and Gurumata have treated me like their own daughter. Knew in my heart that they will always be there for me, and They always have been. So many times had gone to the ashram with emotional outbursts, sobbing like a child for my wordly problems and They never shut the door on me; not once. They have been with me through everything; thick and thin. When there was nowhere to go, and when felt like there was nobody that could go to, knew that Guruji and Guruma was always there for me

Guruji and Guruma have guided on so many things; spiritually and also on everyday mundane things.. They have guided us and led us to the right path through their own example. Their strong faith and surrender for their Param Guru, Shree Maharishi Bhrigu, and their firm conviction in Him, through any ups and downs, have given us an example to abide by. I was also blessed to meet Babaji in Haridwar in 2013, and saw firsthand how Guruji, Guruma, and Babaji would beautifully interact and speak with each other; it really showed me what a true Guru-disciple relationship should exemplify. Guruji and Guruma are in constant communication with Babaji and Babaji has placed her divine hand on Bhrigu ashram and has guided and blessed all of the ashram activities.
They are living examples on how one can be established in the spiritual path without forsaking their worldly duties and responsibilities

Along with the satsanga and meditation, the Bhrigu Divine Naadi readings that have taken place at the ashram have been miraculous. In 2010, there was a Bhrigu Divine naadi reading about my marriage. Was also blessed with a gemstone at that time. The conches showed number seven. It had come that marriage would happen after December 15th, 2010. At the time, was speaking to now husband Auro, and just had met him one month before the reading came. Had not told him about the reading at that time, and shortly after the reading, Auro had said he wanted to meet me again. Due to a snowstorm in DC, he flew in to see me after December 15th. At the time, he met my parents, and they had asked about where we stood in our relationship. Next thing I knew, Auro said it was a “yes” from his side, and ended up saying the same thing in return. Our parents called each other and started wedding planning. Guruji had also told me that Auro would come to the ashram. Remembered Guruji had said that “He will be sitting right here” and was patting the ashram floor. Thoughts came into my mind, such as “we are moving to Maryland” and all these other things. Was quietly contemplating on what Guruji said, and then He smiled and asked “You don’t believe me?” Sure enough, in 2012, one year after moving to Maryland, we moved next to the ashram, as it had come in another reading after our marriage.

Today we are blessed to be living next to the ashram, and Auro loves listening to satsanga and is deeply connected. It is such a blessing, and has strengthened our marriage.

There have been so many other incidences and daily we hear about and witness stories unfold for others and about their Divine Naadi reading being materialized. As Guruji and Guruma have said, it is our faith and surrender in Him that pulls the divine grace.



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Spiritual Journey to India 2016 (Haridwar, Nainital, Kashi, Vrindavan, Agra, Delhi)

It was early June of 2016 –finally our annual trip to India with Guruji, Gurumaa and the Ashram devotees of Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram had arrived. The annual trip is primarily made to get darshan of and spend precious time with Guru Mata Brahmajyoti (Babaji) - Guruji and Gurumaa’s Guru at the Bhrigu Ashram in Haridwar and to visit other spiritual holy places.
All throughout the year leading up to the trip, Guruji recites from the Bhagavad Gita and or the Mahabharata for daily morning and evening satsangs and emphasizes on daily regular meditative practice. Finally the time had arrived to go visit some of these spiritual places he had talked about from these ancient scriptures. Our trip becomes so much more meaningful as all is brought to life per Guruji’s satsangs from the ancient scriptures when one is physically present in these places where divine leelas took place. The peace and serenity and the blissful feeling I experience while I am in these holy places is beyond description. We each go on this trip expecting nothing yet receiving abundance in a form of unexpected miracles and eye opening incidents.
Each year prior to making the trip the itinerary is planned per the Aadesh given to us by Bhriguji during the weekly Sunday morning Bhrigu Divine readings. This year’s (2016) Aadesh was to go to Haridwar, one place in the Northern part of the Himalayas, Kashi(Varanasi) and Vrindavan.
The devotees gathered in Haridwar at Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram which is run by Guru Mata Brahma Jyoti (Babaji) per planned. At 90+ years of age Babaji looked as radiant as ever and full of energy. One could see the excitement in her beautiful sparkling eyes at the sight of us. We were all equally as excited to be in the presence of a God realized divine soul.
The Bhrigu Meditation Center in Lake Forest, California, is run by Guru Ji and Guru Ma as per the divine guidance of Guru Mata Brahma Jyoti (Babaji) and the divine guidance of Shree Ramani Guru Ji per the Kakabhushundi divine palm leaves he reads at his ashram in Tambaram, Chennai.
Bhrigu Ashram Haridwar has a Gaushala that provides dairy products for the Ashram and the locals. The existing Gaushala is now too small. Bhrigu Ashram of Haridwar has bought some land to have a larger Gaushala. First of our spiritual activities kicked off by being a part of Gaushala Bhoomi poojan. This was carried out by the ashram priests and took place in the presence of Babaji – alongside Guruji, Gurumaa and the devotees. We spent a few beautiful days in the company of Babaji and the Ashram residents enjoying daily satsangs with Babaji, Guru Ji & Guru Maa.
Nainital (Northern part of the Himalaya)
For the next leg of our trip there were plans for the Bhrigu Pariwar to visit some Northern part of the Himalaya. There was contemplation of going to Uttarkashi and Gau mukh. However, a decision was made to go to Nainital instead of, agya given to Guru Ji from Maharishi Bhrigu. This decision by Bhrigu Ji was amazing as the rains came too hard on the route to Uttarkashi leading to several landslides and road closures. We reached Nainital amongst a beautiful scenic road trip in several Innova Vans. Nainital was beautiful, scenic and mountainous. The Nainital Lake was very serene. The early morning Vishnu Sahasranam Jap and evening satsangs given by Guruji on the hotel grounds surrounded by the mountains with low hanging clouds overlooking the beautiful Nainital Lake were out of this world.
We had an elderly couple amongst us, whose son-in-law had been involved in an industrial fire accident at his work place a few years back. He was burnt quiet badly and had injured his eyes. His eyes are still not better. Completely unknown to the couple their daughter had taken a vow to go visit either herself or one of her family members to the Naina Devi temple that is located in Nainital and get prasad for her husband for his eyes to get better. How miraculous is this that Bhriguji while diverting us from going to Uttarkashi/Gaumukh chooses a destination that served a purpose for this couple? This simply was a divine play.
We were welcomed in Kashi by thunderous rains. Upon arrival at our hotel Guruji began to make inquires as to how to go about having darshan at the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Guruji soon found out after chatting to several people in the hotel that it would be impossible for all 40 of the Bhrigu devotees to be able to have darshan as the temple is too small. It was about 4.00 PM in the afternoon when Guruji alerted us of his findings and reassured us that maybe this is Bhriguji’s will. I was completely fine as I had no expectations to be disappointed about.
Bhriguji came to the rescue and with his divine intervention morning Rudra Abhishekh and evening Sapt Rushi Aarti darshan for 40 devotees to the Kashi Vishwanath temple was arranged in a series of miraculous incidents. This was unbelievable and absolutely amazing to see how effortlessly Bhriguji made all this possible through Guru Ji & Gurumaa.
We were all to assemble in the hotel lobby at 1.30 am the next morning to be a witness to the Rudra Abhishek that takes place at 2.45 am in the morning. Everyone in our group from the youngest 6 year old girl to an 80 year old man was present for the event. It was the most surreal and magical feeling to be at a temple where Lord Shiva with Parvati actually resided some thousands of years ago. The temple was old and the place where the Shiva lingam was located was very small yet all 40 of the devotees were in the clear view of the Rudra Abhishek ceremony that was conducted by the temple priests. All the while I was at the temple I was chanting the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”. Guruji, Gurumaa and all the devotees revisited the temple in the evening for the Sapt Rushi aarti too. These two ceremonies were nothing like I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The Sapt Rushi aarti was very elaborate with seven priests chanting ancient mantras in classical ragas all the while performing abhishekh on the Shiva lingam from bathing it with water, milk, purified butter and honey to applying it with sandal wood and decorating it with abil, gulal, kanku and chandan powder. It was elaborately decorated with fresh flower garlands and Shiva’s favorite leaves – the Bel Patra. We took a boat ride on the river Ganges in the early hours of the morning where Guruji conducted the morning aarti and satsang on the boat. We saw the assi-ghat on the boat ride. It was like being in heaven.
Again there was a slight dilemma as to how we would attain darshan at the Shree Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan of the Shree Banke Biharilal. Bhrigu leela was at play once more and seamlessly all was arranged for the Bhrigu pariwar to get darshan at the temple. When at the temple all I remember is the 2 bright sparkling rays coming from Shree Banke Bihari’s eyes. I do not remember seeing the Shree Banke Biharilal’s face. I arrived at the altar for darshan and the priest threw a rose garland around my neck and gave me prasad. I was in absolute awe at this and I could not contain my excitement. All the while I was at the temple I was chanting the mantra “Om Namah Bhagavate Vasudevaya”.
While at the temple something out of the ordinary happened. Guruji was approached by a stranger who placed some tulsi leaves (Basil) in Guruji’s palms. Gurumaa began to give this man dakshina but the stranger said “No! Not from you” and he disappeared within moments. We all began to proceed outside the temple after the darshan. There was a very old frail dark skinned sadhu dressed in bright saffron robes with a peacock feather tucked in his hair sitting outside the temple in a cage like structure. Something urged Guruji and Gurumaa to offer the tulsi leaves given to him by the stranger to the sadhu. The Sadhu took the tulsi leaves that Guruji offered and held them with a tight fist tucking them close to his heart. As Guruji and Gurumaa bowed down to get his blessings, he said to Gurumaa that her health will be perfect. Gurumaa has been suffering with arthritis for several years, a fact this sadhu could not have known. We all bowed down to the sadhu to get his blessing. All this had already come in the Bhrigu Divine Readings earlier this year for the events to unfold that God would give us darshan in some form at Vraj-Vrindavan. We all felt the divine touch at this miraculous event.
In Agra we visited the beautiful Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders of the World and took some memorable photos with our beloved Guruji and Gurumaa and the Bhrigu Pariwar. The kids had a lot of fun. We all enjoyed the hotel and magnificent Taj Mahal.
While in Delhi awaiting our journey home we were staying at the Radisson Blu hotel. As though we had not had enough special things happen to us already Bhriguji still had something special awaiting us. It just so happened that his holiness the Dalai Lama was staying at the same hotel as us. There were a few of us present in the hotel lobby when the Dalai Lama appeared in the lobby early that morning. I was in absolute awe at the sight of him. I approached him, bowed down to him and all the while his gaze was carefully following my hands and eventually my face and eyes. He watched me intensely with his compassionate eyes and he asked me” WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME?” In my head I said to myself “OMG- YES”!!! I politely replied “yes”. He put his hand around my shoulders as our group assembled to take a picture with this divine soul.Some six to eight months back I was asked a question, “If I could take one person to lunch in this whole world who would it be?” My answer has been, “I would like to have lunch with his divine Holiness the Dalai Lama”. Bhriguji made possible the darshan of Dalai Lama!!! The occasion of Guru Purnima was celebrated by Guruji and Gurumaa in Delhi with the devotees before our journey back to the USA. And here ends yet another spiritual trip india 2016.
*** Om tat sat Om ***



Rating: 5

Om Ji All.

Pranam and Charansparsh at holy feet of Gurus.

Year long wait came and went away quickly and left us with a feeling to stay it longer, a bit longer.

We are back from holy trips to Haridwar, Kashi and Vrindavan. Firs GuruJi and GuruMa for making such elaborate plans for visiting holy places. In material life one can only make plans for family trips and that too to visit LA , Disney Land, Goa etc but no one will ever make an effort to visit such holy places.

Trip was absolutely blissful, Daily early morning Kriya, followed by Aarti and Pravachan from GuruJi and GuruMa calms your ever turbulent mind, makes one to want oneself withdraw from temporary sensual pleasures and focus on God who is eternal. As always GuruJi not only initiated lot of people in Kriya yoga but also rejuvenated practise for old sadhaks. Listening to mata braham Jyoti Ji at Haridwar ashram is always a bliss.

GuruJi and GuruMa also took us to holy Kashi/Benaras city which is said to be situated on the trident of Lord Shiva. We get to witness mangala Aarti and saptrishi Aarti. It's almost impossible to witness saptrishi Aarti as none of the articles on Internet mentioned about it, even local pundits also didn't mention about the importance of same. We are fortunate enough to be with our Gurus and to be able to witness it. Entire process of Aarti, pundits, their magnificent aura, vibrations, entire atmosphere is inexplicable and can only be experienced and that too with Gurus only. GuruJi also did daily Aarti and Pravachan while taking a boat ride through Assi ghats of Varanasi.

There is more to the Journey, it does not come to end here, we are still left with one more divine darshan of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. As soon as we were close to the famous banke Bihari temple, an unheard Unknown bhajan began to play on my lips,
" Banke ki bihari ho gayi mein aur banka ban gaya mera"

Divine blissful darshan wherein one completely forgets oneself and world around and just get situated with God almighty, this calmness and state of mind is just Gurus energy and grace which rubs onto you as well.

All heartfelt koti koti thanks to GuruJi and GuruMa, had been wanting to go to Kashi and Vrindavan for years but was not able to go. Would not have been able to visit such holy places ever and even if would have all the blissful experiences which entire Bhrigu parivar in Gurus company would not have been there.

Pray for the strength and calmness which Gurus demonstrate.

Om Tat Sat
Om Guruve Namah
At thy feet always
Best of loving regards



Rating: 5

OmJi Everyone,

Started attending the Jyotish Classes at Bhrigu Meditation Center. Wanted to post the feedback here for everybody's benefit. Attended the class where Sh. GuruJi Sanjay Ji started telling about the dharma trikona houses which are also the laxmi sthanas. In the Kalapurush Chart, Dharma Trikonas are all fire signs. GuruJi, then told us about the difference in the fire of Aries ruled by Mars, fire of Leo ruled by Sun and fire of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. It was very insightful that GuruJi mentioned that out of the 5 elements, it is only Agni which moves upwards and therefore it signifies spiritual growth. Fire represents tyaag or renunciation and is connected with spirituality. Therefore Ist, 5th and 9th house are the most auspicious houses in a chart. If there are planets in these houses, it elevates the chart to a different level and on top of it, if these planets are benefic in nature, it signifies that the native is bringing good amount of good karma from past births!

While GuruJi was discussing the exaltation and debilitation points of Sun and Saturn, he mentioned the example from Yaksha Prashna. WHen Yaksha asked Yuddhishthira, "What causes sun to set". Yuddhishthira replied "Dharma". Sun exalts in Aries and debilitates in 7th house from there which is LIbra where Saturn exalts. Saturn is the one who makes sure that laws are being followed and represents Dharmraj and thus, the answer can be seen functioning fully through astrology!

GuruJi then discussed about Navamsa and that Navamsa represents truth. He explained through an analogy with a tree and a seed that while the rashi diagram would represent a tree, the roots being the samskaras, the fruit represents ripened good karma.

GuruJi also discussed about 64th Navamsa which is a mysterious point in the horoscope which brings sudden change which can be both positive or negative in nature. We learnt how to calculate 64th navamsa and tried the principle in some of our charts. It gave amazingly accurate results! GuruJi also discussed some principles using 64th navamsa which reveal how the death happened. These were also tested on some charts and we got very amazing results!

The jyotish classes are truly amazing which give us a way to understand our karma and to put our efforts in the right direction.

Thankful to GuruJi for such wonderful vedic knowledge.

Deepest Regards

Om Ji



Rating: 5

Dear All,

The greatest gift that I have got from Guru Ji Sanjay Ji and Guru Mata Dolma Ji is the gift of Kriya meditation. It has brought focus, calmness in my life and also made me aware of my weaknesses. The peace, joy felt in daily meditation cannot be described. It is a great feeling. Ever thankful to my Gurus for the spiritual practice and daily satsangs.

Hope everyone can benefit as I have.

Hari Om.



Rating: 5

Meeting Guruji, Shri Sanjay Ji, 7 years ago has been the most startling, life changing and eventful experience of my life! Being from the West I had some understanding of eastern teaching and had little understanding of what is a Guru. It was very fitting that I met Guruji at a western astrology group where he came to give a talk on Rashi Signs. I was also astounded that in 5 minutes of “listening” to Guruji speak I came to know that he was “Whom” I had been waiting my whole life to Meet/Follow. At the end of that week on Friday I went to the Ashram for Satsang, it was a “Full Moon Night” and one of the streets next to the Ashram was named “Full Moon”, “Who could think/plan or come up with such a scenario?” “Only Him!!!” .

As it turns out the driving forces of Satsang, Jyotisha, Seva and “HariKatha” are deeply engrained in my Soul and I have an unquenchable thirst for “All” the Wisdom and Truth that is available through Guruji, Guru Maaji, Babaji and Maharishi Bhriguji. There is such a joy, love, peace and fulfillment in being at the Ashram and I am eternally grateful for the magnet of Truth/Punya Karma/Faith that keeps me at the feet of Guruji & Guru Maaji.

It is never lost on me that having this opportunity, especially in the west, is extraordinary, priceless and that one is truly blessed to have a “True Guru”. It is said “That one does not always get what they want, but God gives one what they did not know they needed. I have been a foreigner in my own land and have come “Home” to my true family and Divine Father and Mother.

One could surmise that not knowing Sanskrit, Hindi, the Vedas or the Sanskriti’s would be a disadvantage in being a disciple and an arduous path to follow. Bhriguji and my Soul have guided me here and as Guruji has stated “When one is ready “God Sends the Guru”. My experience is this seems natural, familiar and has brought purpose/peace/faith/contentment to my life which still has ups/downs.

Through daily Satsangs I have a deeper reverence for Life and the path we all must travel. I especially have deep Reverence and Gratitude for Guruji Sanjay Ji & Guru Maaji Dolma Ji & God.

Humbly at thy Lotus Feet,





Rating: 5

Hi All,

I have recently started listening to the Srimad Bhagvad Pravachans which GuruJi Sh. Sanjay Ji gives at the Bhrigu Meditation Center. The pravachans are very beautiful and elevating!

The last pravachan started with Bhagvad Mahatmayam where it starts with Uddhav Ji telling how he became the priya sakha of Sri Krishna through Bhagvad. There was description of Sri Krishna as that Moon which never wanes and waxes - Shodash Kala - so always full! Then there was a description of Brahma, VIshnu and Rudra being given the task of creation, preservation and dissolution and how they received Bhagvad from God to be always immersed in him while taking care of their tasks. GuruJi mentioned that human birth is useless if one doesn't listen to Bhagvad which is the only way to perceive Krishna as He is, if it is not 28th Dwapara!

The importance of listening to Bhagvad came out very strongly and I feel highly motivated to listen to this complete scripture till the very end. Listening to it brings immense peace and one feels connected with the overall existence. GuruJi mentioned about Brahma Ji who weighed everything in balance against Srimad Bhagvad and everything came out to be lighter. Srimad Bhagvad in Kaliyuga is the only saadhan to get moksha!

The episode about Bhakti(Devotion), Gyana(WIsdom) and Vairagya(Detachment) was also amazing! Bhakti was born in Dravid Pradesh, grew up in Karnataka and got some strength in Maharashtra and lost strength in Gujrat. Both Gyaan and Vairagyam, who are the sons of Bhakti also lost strength and became old and dilapidated. When Bhakti came back to Vridavana where Sri Krishna did all his leelas, she again gained strength and became young and beautiful again. However, Gyaan and Vairagya still remained old. Then the conversation between Narada Muni and Bhakti where Narada Muni tells Bhakti about the effects of Kaliyuga and why this was happening providing peace to Bhakti and then Bhakti asking Narada Muni as to why they let the Kaliyuga come and then Narada Muni telling that Kaliyuga is the only Yuga where people can get Moksha only by hearing the mahima of the lord and that is why many jeevas get a chance to come out of this cycle of births and deaths was really amazing.

It also brought forth the importance of the great sages and saints. Narada Muni is there in almost every Vedic Scripture and whatever he does is for the benefit of all! GuruJi also always emphasizes the importance of good company/satsanga.

Also that Mukti(Freedom) is the servant of Bhakti and Gyana and Vairagya are the offspring of Bhakti was also interesting. If one has Bhakti then the other three will come but without love and devotion for the lord nothing happens!!

I want to thank GuruJi for these beautiful pravachans which are the real pearls for they guide us on how to lead our lives and tell us the most important thing that we should do as a manushya in Kaliyuga!

Om Ji



Rating: 5

Hello everyone,

We at Bhrigu Ashram are a very large happy spiritual group under the umbrella of Guru Ji Sanjay Ji and Guru Ma Dolma Ji. The energy is very positive and there is no room for negativity. We have greatly benefited from the spiritual discourses for many many years that Guru Ji has given and gives on a daily basis. Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, Shrimad Bhavatam, Mahabharat, Yoga Vashishta, Tulasidas Ramacharitmanas and many more shastras have been clearly explained by Guru Ji through numerous examples. The volume of satsang that has come out from Guru Ji is incredible. It is not humanly possible to give this amount of Satsang. Only the Divine Blessings can give this kind of satsang. The words from Guru Ji clears our minds and shows us the true path to God. We feel blessed all the time listening to the divine words.

There are so many folks who have experiences divine miracles in their lives whom I have personally met.

I personally have learnt the art of meditation from Guru Ji and have had many spiritual experiences that this soul has experienced.

I am blessed to be under Guru Ji and Guru Ma and with Bhrigu Family and Bhrigu Ashram.

Best Wishes.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Hi All,

I have been attending the jyotish classes that take place at Bhrigu Meditation Center every weekend. The classes are really deep, foundational and insightful. They enlighten both the newbies in astrology as well as the ones already known to the subject. GuruJi Sh. Sanjay Ji has already covered the significations of the twelve houses, 12 Signs and Planets, derivation and significance of Navamsa, significance of Nakshatras, Rahu and Ketu as Chhaya Grahas - their derivation mathematically and their significance in predictive.

In the last class GuruJi covered Bhrigu Bindu which is a very sensitive point in ones chart. It is derived through the longitudes of Rahu and Moon and signifies the primary karma of the native in this life time.

GuruJi explained about Rahu from Varaha Avatar as being the one bringing the child from the womb of the mother to the outer world so that he can breathe. Therefore Rahu being the graha giving guts and taking the native from one side to the other side was really amazing! It represents reaping the consequences of karma of the previous incarnation. It is the Bhog Karak or the Maya Karak.

Similarly, GuruJi explained that Moon on the other hand represents the mind which carries the impressions of the past janmas. Whatever are the impressions from the past births are the root cause of this janma. Rahu makes it happen while Moon is the carrier.
Therefore, Desires of Previous Life + What one has to bhog gives the principle karma that one has to go through and that is how Bhrigu Bindu was derived.

GuruJi, after teaching the mathematical and predictive part took all of our charts one by one and showed us how we could apply the principle in our charts and deduce the primary karma that the native has to go through. It was truly amazing and an eye opener! Then GuruJi also showed us how we could apply transit on this point to calculate the timing of events. It was quite fascinating to see how a single point(BB) could tell us everything about our primary karma. GuruJi brought forth both the mundane and the esoteric, the material as well as the spiritual part of it beautifully.

It has been a real pleasure learning this deep subject from GuruJi. What is emphasized again and again is that Astrology is a subject which gives one direction or light. It is not just about applying some dictums and make predictions about marriage or career. It is the science of life which beautifully tells us how there is a science working behind the functioning of this whole universe and how everything is deeply related to our karmas. GuruJi beautifully brings out this spiritual aspect of it which inspires us more on the spiritual path.

Om Ji



Rating: 5

I am born in a God loving Indian family. I have been an ardent Hanuman devotee though out my life, same has come from my loving Grandfather. Been born and brought up in this setup, I never felt the need of having a Guru in one's life. But the destiny for me was poles apart from what I had assumed.

My life actually transformed, my personality changed after meeting my Guru, Sh. Sanjay Ji. I met my Gurus almost five years back, in the very first meeting he changed my entire thought structure. The miraculous business set up and expansion, my introvert personality became extrovert, i understood the meaning of true affection within family instead of the attachments through which I was struggling.

I moved from a person who just believed in Hanumanji to the believer of God. My sister had the urge to go to Shirdi to visit Sai baba, I went to Shirdi with her but I told her that I will keep standing outside, she talked to Guruji about this and Guruji made me understand in such simple words that I actually entered and did the darshan. Since years, I had never bowed down to Sai baba in temples but my thoughts have completely changed now. Similarly for Jesus after listening to Holy Bible from Guruji and much more.

In work - My Father had been doing metal business since 30 years in a prime location of Delhi and he had the same plans for me. Being from a business family I had joined him almost 4 years prior to meeting but kept struggling to settle myself. I set up the export arm for my father’s business but in 4 years could complete just single digit orders.

When I met Guruji, within 5 minutes of seeing me he told me not to linger on this business else I would struggle throughout my life and asked me to start working in Ceramic. I had no knowledge but he gave me the affirmation and motivation to work on that. Within 1 week I was onto the Ceramic export business, and since then I have never looked back. Had I not met Guruji, I would have never ever thought about going in this line.

Guruji, also told me that I will make lot of short business travels - 5 years back only and at that time I did not even think about personal travels, business travels were far more away! But I have already started doing exhibitions in Europe!

Fascinating part is that – in my horoscope, my sun is placed in such a position where it cuts down my all the aspect of short travels and get me into sibling rivalry etc , but position of my Guru ( only after Guruji came into my life) discarded all the negative effects of sun and actually it started flourishing me with many things, not to mention that the rivalry turned into the best relation and business partnership of my life till now.

I had been regularly during my prayers since my childhood and thought that could be the eternal way of reaching God. My grandpa always used to get the intuitions from Hanumanji and many such events which would save our family from disasters. I was always enticed to hear all this and know Hanumanji more and more. But throughout with all these prayers, I could never see him. My first discourse from Guruji, made me complete my desire when I actually saw Hanumanjis face in my Gurus face during the pravachan. Since then I have such a kind of immutable bond from my soul to my Guru, I cannot describe in words.

Extreme peace and joy, I feel daily while doing meditative yoga practice and it has made me more equipped to handle daily personal and professional challenges. Daily discourses on the spiritual group which are set up and managed by GuruJi and GuruMa have answered and deepened my understanding in the Upanishads, Bhagwat, Gita, Holy Bible and much more. I was like an angry young man in workplace etc but it amazes me how my whole personality have changed with the spirituality around and understanding the larger truth from Gurus mouth. I feel truly blessed to be in union with GuruJi Sanjay Ji and GuruMa Dolma Ji.




Rating: 5

Dear All,

I am born in India and have lived in India all along. I have a brother and one sister. I have traveled to Europe extensively for business & trade fairs.

Being born in a Spiritual Family, from childhood I was inclined towards God. I have had the great fortune to visit many Gurus and spiritual places. My father is a great devotee of Shri Rama. He has written a book in Hindi on Ramayana. My brother is a great devotee of Shri Hanuman and chant the Sundar Kand twice every day for several years. Our whole family met Guru Ji and Guru Ma five years ago. Since then our lives have completely transformed.

When I first met my Guru Ji, Sh. Sanjay Ji he showed me the inner light in the agya chakra. It was a divine experience. I had only heard about this through books and spiritual discourses. But in the presence of my Guru I actually saw this light. It was very peaceful. I began to meditate after this experience and my worries began to go away. My Guru gave me the yoga meditative practice. All my problems seemed trivial after that. My father also gave a copy of his book on Ramayana to Guru Ji and Guru Ma. They humbly accepted it. I hear everyday spiritual discourses from my Guru's mouth in our spiritual group where hundreds of other folks all over the world have connected. The words of the Gita, Mahabharat, Shrimad Bhagwad, Vedanta all seem to give a new meaning every time we hear it from Guru Ji's mouth they and the words give joy to the soul.

Guru Ma, Dolma Ji is a role model of the divine mother of compassion and pure love. She has saved us from so many difficult situations through her insightful guidance which I cannot describe in a public setting. Both of them are a role model of how to live in today's world.

So many folks are now connected to the Bhrigu Ashram. There are so many like me and my family whom we have seen from our own eyes benefit from their guidance and teachings.

Guru Mata Brahma Jyoti Ji, a realized soul who runs Bhrigu Ashram in haridwar herself has put her hand on both Guru Ji and Guru Ma and has said publicly that they are the chosen ones from Maharishi Bhrigu to show divine guidance to lost souls. They visit her ashram every year. She herself has blessed Guru Ji and has asked Guru Ji to give the Bhrigu Divine Nadi Readings in her presence. She has been a witness to the readings and has given interpretations of the readings in front of large audiences and devotees. So many folks who have written on this group have had miraculous experiences through these divine readings. One has to experience it. There are so many more who I hope will share their divine experiences.

I have experienced divine miracles in the presence of Guru Ji and Guru Ma and I need no proof from anyone else. It is my faith which has been established through direct divine experience. That faith cannot be deterred as my soul knows the Truth.

I sincerely pray that everyone finds their Guru the way that I, my brother, my sister and my parents have found in the form of Guru Ji Sanjay Ji and Guru Ma Dolma Ji.

At the lotus feet of my Gurus.

Kanika Bansal



Rating: 5

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to express my note of gratitude to GuruJi and GuruMa at Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram.

It has been 13 years now and there has been a continuous flow of spirituality at the ashram which has become a part of everyone associated with the Ashram. There are satsangas and pravachans that GuruJi does every day without fail morning and evening from the Vedic Scriptures. It is only after getting associated with GuruJi that we started to truly recognize and appreciate the wealth of wisdom that our scriptures contain! GuruJi has been teaching us the hidden meanings in these scriptures like Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, Shrimad Bhagvad, Yoga Vashishtha, Ramayan, Patanjali Yoga Sutras and so many other upanishads. These pravachans keep us well grounded and show us a path to live life peacefully and joyously along with fulfilling our duties in the outside world.

GuruJi has initiated us on the divine path of meditation through the technique of Geeta Divya Kriya Yoga. As imbibed from GuruJi, the objective of meditation is to be truly and fully aware of life. Rather than just letting the habits and patterns and responsibilities dictate our life, meditation allows us to look life with open eyes, and is a tool to realize the true attainment. Because of GuruJi, we have been able to understand the true purpose of our lives and meditation allows us to fulfill that purpose by bringing in more awareness and aliveness. The path of Geeta Divya Kriya Yoga is a very scientific path which helps us in overcoming our karmas and past samskaras through the means of breath which is the thread tying our body with our soul. This scientific technique helps us clean our mind from the daily clutter that we accumulate and makes us more peaceful and joyous. GuruJi does guided meditations regularly at the ashram and retreats twice a year where we get a chance to refresh our practice and do it with more intensity.

GuruJi and GuruMa themselves being in the family way of life not only guide us spiritually but also guide us by setting a perfect example of how to live in this world meaningfully, wisely and joyfully.

GuruJi, whose Guru himself is Maharishi Bhrigu Ji, the pioneer of astrology, regularly does jyotish classes with us at the Bhrigu Meditation Center. Infact, jyotish is so much a part of GuruJi that even his spiritual satsangas always have a flavour of astrology making us realize how it is an integral part of our daily life showing us the divinity present in this vedanga. These classes are completely mind boggling and out of the world with the foundation of Bhrigu Nadi. GuruJi has been teaching us subtle points flowing directly to him through the grace of His Guru. These classes cover both the mathematics and predictive part of astrology in a balanced way. GuruJi makes us understand the principles behind the dictums in astrology which unfolds the synergy between the energies of different planets against the backdrop of rashis, nakshatras and houses bringing in more awareness.

GuruJi and GuruMa, the more I see you and learn from you, the more humbling experience it is. Thankyou for coming into my life and showing me the path to truth.

Deepest Regards

Om Ji


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

I have traveled extensively on spiritual pilgrimages throughout India and most of Asia. I met , stayed and studied with many swamis, gurus and spiritual teachers on my travels. So when returning home from a trip my friend informed that she had found a real swami here in orange county i was surprised and excited to meet him. He claimed to have been blessed with a jiva nadi astrological leaf. Which is essentially the indian version of a crystal ball. which your life story, past present and future appears on this leaf for the guru to read. Well he did my Nadi leaf reading and it was completely garbage. He takes your birthday the day before your reading, looks up your astrological horoscope on google, Then pretends he is reading that off the leaf the next day when you come back. I am not just being a pessimistic american, i have had real authentic nadi leaf readings and they are undeniable with the amount of detail about all parts of your life. and the leaves actually have words on them. His is BLANK. Only his eyes are blessed enough to see those useless words. That was red flag number one. Number two is that he requires all of his subjects to purchase " astrological" gem stones to be worn to help with their karma. Except he prescribes pretty much the same stones for everyone . a yellow sapphire and a ruby , which regrettably my friend purchased from him and then found out the stones were fake. OF course he only accepts cash for these jewels so there is no paper trail of his con. He wields his power with an iron fist always warning against ever questioning his words. which is unlike any real guru i have ever met. They all welcome questioning . "Guruji" is a genuine con artist, Nothing more. The ashram is his very lavish house which his devotees pay for while is wife collects expensive hand bags. There is nothing spiritual about this place or man. A true guru is there to help guide you on your personal spiritual journey not there to demand obedience to his will and forget your own journey.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Hello to all. This is Fiza. I have known Sanjay ji for more than a decade now. It was December 2003 when we met online on a yahoo astro group and since then we have known each other. Though we have not met in real, will meet if luck has it, but we know each other and about the families too. Have talked on the phone with Sanjay Ji and Dolma Ji many times. Know all the naughty things Devang used to do as a child and now he has grown into a handsome young man. Shreeya is so cute.

Have always been in touch with him. He has been very kind to listen to me always. Made astro charts. Help me to strengthen weaker areas. I had a severe eye issue in 2005 or 2006 and I used to panic and worry so much. He said nothing to worry about and wear Emerald in silver in small finger. I wore it with great faith. I am still wearing it The Emerald helped me tremendously with my eyesight problems. It was miraculous.

Being from a different religious background I have found Sanjay Ji's teachings very universal. He talks about calming the mind through regular meditation as an attainment to supreme peace. I could relate to everything he said as it was very simply put and easy to understand. Over the many years of my association with him he talks deeply about compassion and being kind and loving to one and all. His voice is very calming. I have tried to implement many of his teachings and found myself more composed and calmer over the years. My relationships have also improved with everyone.

I still follow all of Sanjay Ji's teaching and spiritual discourses on his group. I listen to his daily Satsang audios too. They give answers to so many questions I keep getting and most importantly the discourses bring peace to me. There are so many people who have benefitted from him.

I vibe with Sanjay Ji and Dolma Ji's teachings completely. Wish all could do so so that there is no more disharmony, hatred and disliking amongst people. Wish everyone sees God in all and experiences everyone as their own.

I thank both Sanjay Ji and Dolma Ji from the bottom of my heart for everything and pray that more and more people connect from all walks of life and benefit from their teachings.

Praying for peace everywhere.



Rating: 5

These are the profound things I have learnt from Guru Ji Shri Sanjay Ji and Guru Mata Dolma Ji through my association with them for many many years. They have changed my life forever. Have seen them live by these ideals and guide so many who have come to them. These wonderful words are a source of inspiration to one and all.

• If we cannot see God in all we cannot see God at all.
• Everyone is made in the divine image of God so we must strive to be compassionate towards one and all.
• Give up the pride and the pretensions that follow the pride.
• Forgiveness is the greatest act of kindness. No matter how much anyone has wronged you learn to be forgiving. Forgive and be free. Forget that you have forgiven and be freer.
• One person may see good in all and the other may see bad in all. Who is wrong? Who is right? The flaw is not in the object of vision but the flaw is in our own vision. Let us make our vision in oneness with divine and see divinity in all.
• Everything arises from the mind. So we must follow a regular daily guided meditative practice to calm the mind. Through continuous meditative practice the mind calms down and life becomes more fulfilling and joyful.
• Strive for inner joy. It is real as opposed to worldly joy which is transitory.

I have been regularly practicing Gita Divya Kriya Yoga meditative techniques as taught by Guru Ji. I have stumbled many times owing to my own restlessness but the regular spiritual discourses (especially Bhagwad Gita & Shrimad Bhagwad) given by Guru Ji have encouraged me to get up and be regular. Over a period of time I have discovered a joy within which cannot be described in words.

The Guru indeed is the instrument for us to discover this wonderful treasure of inner joy, peace and bliss that lies within each of us as the inner soul.

Praying that everyone finds this true joy in life and praying that everyone practices compassion, love and kindness to all human beings.
These are some of the wonderful teachings of our Gurus which they live by.
Really fortunate to be connected to them in this lifetime.



Rating: 5

I am under Guruji Shri Sanjay Ji and GuruMa Dolma Jis' guidance for many years and following them diligently through this time. But this diligence has not come through my own actions but the grace of Guruji and GuruMa. I have seen a subtle change in my life since the time I have connected to them, the change is not restricted to one part of my life but includes the spiritual, materialistic, family, my own thoughts, the going away of the problems from family, the strength to tackle those problems in my personal and professional life and the Gurus guidance….

I was a kind of person who had his strings attached to his family so much that I could not imagine a life , was attached to the brim but the moment I met Guruji he could see that and without even doing anything I could feel heaviness in my mind to go away and I became free-er. I started wearing gemstones suggested by Guruji and my life really took a U-turn. I never used to believe in such things but do not know something just happened and I wore those. Since the day I wore, life show-ed its other way, the business I was suggested by Guruji to start with, got started and flourish till heights … Tension for career was relieved big time. Spiritually also i evolved with much more faith in God.. The faith of understanding and agreeing to whatever coming in my way is good for me. In the Bhrigu Vani, it came that I would be doing international business travels at the time when I did not have any business and could not even think about it, but it all came true and have started doing those.

Life has changed a lot in a positive manner, with change of my thought process. I used to do lot of prayers but was never knowing the charm of mediation and through my Guruji and GuruMa now I have started understanding what bliss is and have started experiencing it. Guruji and GuruMa has helped us make that connection with Guru and God that whatever may happen, they are always there without even asking for, somehow the answers come either through Pravachans or getting to talk to my Gurus. I thank my Gurus and God for blessing this life, with continuously guiding us to focus on the eternal truth and live this life with compassion & full detachment. !



Rating: 5

GuruJi & GuruMa’s recent India trip was an overwhelming experience as always. Away from daily hub dub of our routine lives, close to serenity & spirituality. The fact that we did darshans of unapproachable holy shrines amongst natural calamities leaves one with a koti koti thanks to Guru’s charans, sense of achievement and a humble feeling that someone(GOD), somewhere is really benevolent on you. Natural beauty which makes you think what, why and how are you wasting time in a Metro. Bliss of daily morning and evening pravachans, being close to Gurus & Bhrigu family is a priceless treasure and only understandable with the help of Guru’s & God’s grace.

The feeling that time is running out and soon we will part our ways encroaches the heart and makes you morose but then the endless moments to cherish and blessed gemstones act as a guard. Guru’s ashirwaad as gemstones does not only protect one from evil but it also helps in radiating our aura with positive energy. Faith can move mountains, faith and surrender transcends all barriers. A prediction done for you will hold true or not is directly dependent on your faith. Strong faith in Guru’s words sends out more energy in cosmos and by the grace of Guru & God same gets manifested. My utmost sincere pray to my Guru’s that I never succumb to ever pervading doubts of my fleeting senses.




Client Served

Rating: 1

Extremely disappointing experience. I came into contact with Sanjay and his wife Dolma way back in 2008 through a friend I had at the time. I attended a few of the "Ashram" events with said friends and took everything with a pinch of salt. Said ashram was his personal residence - red flag 1. I was told I needed a "pukhraj" aka yellow sapphire gemstone in the form of a ring and all my life obstacles would be overcome. I didn't buy anything or pay much heed at the time. Life went on and I didn't really keep in touch with the ashram.

In 2012 - I was going through an extremely difficult time both personally and professionally and said friend mentioned I should talk to her "guruji" aka Sanjay - over the years she had become a staunch devotee and now followed him blindly. I went to go meet Sanjay again, being in a vulnerable place figured what harm could come of this? If I could get some answers and guidance, why not? Said friend seemed to have immense faith in his powers.
I went to meet Sanjay - he did the birth chart reading/astrology calculation and said I needed to wear the yellow sapphire and had i heeded to his advice back in 2008 i wouldn't be seeing this day. People do odd things when vulnerable and I fell for it - paid $1900 for my "yellow sapphire" gold ring which as others have mentioned - is in actuality a citrine. Major price difference. The ring with gold couldn't be more than $400 - $500 - if at that. I should have known better that no gemstone can solve any problem - if gemstones solved problems - so many would not face any hardships - the stone would solve it all.
Not only that every single prediction he made - never came true.
I however did go back after a few months (past the time frame of all predictions) and ask why is it that everyone else claims that the predictions come true yet none of mine did? His response "you don't have faith". That was the end of it - apparently if I had kept my faith in him and not "questioned" anything everything would have fallen into place. Yeah right. Call me crazy but faith comes when you have a reason to believe - with out proof how am I to believe what is said? Nothing occurred that would instill my faith.
My take away - believe in yourself, save your money and don't get taken advantage of by soothsayers who claim to have spiritual powers.
Not to be judgemental but truly spiritual people are usually minimalistic and usually not family people. Sanjay has a wife and kids and his wife sports designer purses - not what you'd typically expect from gurujis and gurumas. Clear hypocrisy - either practice what you preach or be honest about using astrology etc as a business to run your home and feed your family.



Rating: 5

Spiritual Journey with Bhrigu Ashram California and devotees:

The treacherous road journey to Badrinath made easy through Divine Grace

Our Guruji and GuruMa planned a trip to Badrinathi in June/July 2015 this year as per Bhrigujis aadesh and agya from their Gurus. This was for 35 people of Bhrigu Ashram, out of which 26 them travelled all the way from California to visit the shrines in India along with their Gurus. The another major part of the journey was that there were kids in the group including 8 month old kid who travelled all the way to Badrinath without making any hue and cry on the treacherous journey to Badrinath from Haridwar.

The Badrinath temple is the most sacred places out of the famous char dham and chota char dham as well. Since the 2013 debacle of Kedarnath Yatra and millions of people losing out their lives during Yatra, the Badrinath Yatra was never on my mind. We always had this in mind that it’s the toughest place to reach to and not safe to risk life for such a journey. But when our Guruji and GuruMa told us that we from Bhrigu Ashram as a group of 35 people would be visiting the shrine, we knew that we are going and our Guru would be taking us there. There was no doubt or questions in our minds about going there.

All the preparations started from California itself, where in Guruji and GuruMa took care of the slightest of the things and did all the block bookings which included taxi bookings from Haridwar, Hotel bookings at Haridwar, walky talkies for coordination between 8 innovas and what not..

Even right now while I am writing this travelogue, my whole consciousness is filled with the moments and images imprinted on my mind that how we made it there where in just 2 days before the Yatra was stopped due to incessant rains, and broken bridges connecting Badrinath to Joshimath.

We had planned to leave from Haridwar on 28th June initially but due to the news of no Yatra we had to wait for our Guru to give us further direction. We kept reading news articles and watching news about the situation uphill but nothing crude was coming in.

Still without any news from media, our Guru Ji & Guru Ma told us that we will be taking our journey on 29th and Yatra will resume by then from Joshimath as we will reach there..(Which was Gurujis clairvoyance that came as Bhrigu Adesh)

Meeting at Bhrigu ashram Haridwar: All the devotes of Bhrigu Ashram California, got together at the Haridwar Ashram, where in we spent 2 days with Pujya Babaji, spending time together doing all the ashram activities, getting the spiritual discourses from Guruji, GuruMa, Babaji, doing sankirtan together, performing the Gau daan, enjoying the ashram meals, sitting with Babaji and feeling all the bliss by being around our Gurus.

29th June: Morning 2.30 Am it was when we were to meet at the lobby area of our Godwin Hotel in Haridwar, to start our expedition to Badrinath. It was planned such by Guruji GuruMa that we all leave the hotel at least by 4 am as there was a lot of coordination involved, the timing was certainly perfect. The amazing part was that everyone including the kids were so enthusiastic about it that at 2.30 am very early morning all of us were down at the lobby.

The planning for the trip was so perfectly done, that all the contingency planning were made by our Gurus, including carrying extra food in each car in case we get stuck anywhere and have to spend night in the car due to heavy rains, landslides and blocked roads..

When we started we all were so very much drawn to the majestic beauty of the mountains and charming weather. While on the route each Innova was given a walky talkie and proper coordination was done in case any of the cars had a problem or anyone inside was not feeling well - so that we could all stick together.

The awesome part was the Aarti performed by Guruji even when we were on road, through walky talkies, the vibrations of going with Gurus were unimaginable and not describable in words..

Decision to Stopover at Pipal Koti: It was almost 4.30 PM when we reached Pipal Koti, so Guruji, GuruMa decided to stop at Pipal Koti for stay as it was already raining and the next stop would have had been Joshimath. After that it was a good 3 hours of drive from there which would not had been safe and possible to travel in the deep majestic himalayan mountains while it was getting dark.

We booked a hotel there – as Guruji got to talk to Babaji, about staying there – she told that it’s a blessing as the place is supposed to be the tapasya sthal for great maharishis and siddha purushas, which itself gave a good omen for a successful trip to Badrinath. While we were there, Guruji kept contacting Panditji in Badrinath for the situation and he told that next day noon, yatra is getting resumed. Guruji did Bhrigu Divine reading at the hotel in evening, which was so powerful that it entrenched the feeling of calmness in all of us. In the reading Maharishi Bhrigu said that the yatra will be successful.! It didn’t seem at all while we all were sitting in Gurujis room that anyone was tired after a 12 hour arduous journey through the hills.

We closed our day doing dinner together and another session of an hour sitting together and listening to GuruMa's songs … I never knew about GuruMa singing so exceptionally wonderful…

30th June, Pipal Koti to Joshimath & Badrinath: We started at 6:00 AM next day for Badrinath, we were told that due to broken links we will have to walk down for few kms, which could be from 4 to 6 km , as no one was sure of. They also told us that for the luggage we will have Nepali porters helping us there, who carry all the luggage from one point to another. We all reached at the trek point by 12:00 PM which was about 14 Km away from Badrinath shrine. The moment we reached there, it started raining (pouring). Guruma asked for raincoats for everyone. We were not aware of what will happen and what is the due course but the faith in our Gurus, Gurus word and they being there with us, not even for a second we thought that any debacle might happen.

There were chilly cold water logs through which we had to pass, the landslide at one side and the open end hills at other side, then pouring from above – it all seemed to be such an adventurous trek with mixed feeling of adventure, fun, excitement, doing something for the first time, that too in such a large group, making sure all are together and how much time and Kms more ..

But we dint know it was not all ---- there was more to come.

When we covered our initial 2 Km trek, there were private cars which took us to another point 3 Kms ahead. From there – they had made a 90 degree slope on which only 5 people at a time were allowed to go, while some of us kept standing at one side and saw our people going to other, with landslides starting at that point as it was raining badly, but even in that situation everyone maintained calmness and kept walking swiftly…All this was happening with small kids in the group. GuruMas and GuruJis grace was such that we all reached the point safely with nothing touching any of us.

We called for a bus from this point as we were a huge group but the gov. officials kept telling us that it is coming in few mins with no sight. So we decided to start sending kids and ladies first by cabs which were taking the route up and down. Suddenly there were no cabs and buses and 8 of us were still left including Guruji , who did not take any cab in between to be there with us till the end. While we kept waiting Guruji kept coordinating with the police guy out there to get some transportation, for almost 2 hours nothing came in and the weather started becoming worse, to worsen the situation the BSF started telling us that there could be road block that’s why nothing is coming in.. But then with Gurujis and Gods grace with in another few mins a bus came out of nowhere in and we all landed at the hotel at around 5 PM. Everyone at the hotel was in tears to see all of us. The folks in Badrinath were astonished that how come we reached there when all the roads were blocked. Entire Badrinath was empty. But we made it because of Divine Grace.!

So there we were --- Badrinath, the majestic place with huge spiritual aura and lightness …

Guruji and GuruMa, used to call for a meeting every evening which we used to even look forward too, even after such heavy journeys as those meetings give you soothing effect in mind, body and soul and take away the tiredness as well.. Discussing and sharing experiences of the day and discussing the way forward for next few hours and next day..

Guruma used to order for food to the hotel staff with her own menu, making sure to have variety every day and we all used to gather at the hotel for our evening meals before signing off for the day ..

…To be Continued..Adventures At Badrinath…..
Always at thy lotus feet of my Gurus
With Deepest Loving Regards
-Kanika Bansal



Rating: 5

Spiritual Journey to India June 2015 (Haridwar, Badrinath, Madurai & Rameshwaram)

Every year for the past 5 years Guruji, GuruMa and devotees of Shree Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram of Irvine California, plan a trip to India to visit Shree BrahmaJyoti GuruMa (Babaji) at the Bhrigu ashram in Haridwar. Babaji is Guruji and GuruMa’s Guru.

This year was no different. 9 families a total of 35 people oldest being 75 years of age and the youngest a mere 8 month old baby set off for the trip in late June of 2015. The destinations to visit were planned according to the aadesh given by Bhriguji during Bhrigu divine readings throughout the past year.

There was much excitement in the whole Bhrigu family as the time approached for our travel.

Per the planned date Bhrigu family of 35 people arrived in Haridwar at Babaji’s Ashram. We all assembled in a small room at the ashram where Babaji spends much of her time. Babaji is 93 years of age. She is a God realized soul. She has a constant smile on her face and always ready to help anyone that expresses any problem or discomfort. Even with her age and health issues, it is amazing to see how Babaji is in complete control of the day to day dealings and personnel management of the whole Bhrigu ashram at Haridwar. She has a very calm and cool demeanor with a very soft spoken voice. She has no trace of anger in her - all the qualities of a God realized person.

I cannot put into words the magical feeling of bliss, excitement and anxiety all rolled into one at first sight of Babaji when I entered her room, tears of joy trickling down my face. I can still see her glowing kind smiling face with her beautiful eyes slowly moving around the room acknowledging each and every one present.

The Ashram residents were hustling and bustling with excitement upon our arrival. There were young boys training to become priests currently attending school for their Bachelor and Master degrees in Hindu Vedic religious studies. The simple vegetarian meals made by the Ashram cooks without onions and garlic were simply delicious.

Gau Daan
After a day’s rest, the first of our many planned activities was underway.
Bhrigu Ashram owns and runs a Gau Shaala (cow nursery). All the dairy products for Bhrigu Ashram come from the Gau Shaala cows. Guruji and GuruMa have explained to us the importance of Gau Daan (donation of a cow) in one’s lifetime as narrated in Shreemad Bhagvatam. This year all 9 families took part in Gau Daan. The 2 young priests led the Gau Daan ceremony. The families assembled in the area where the cows are kept and each family was assigned a cow with its calf. My cow’s name was Bharti. A beautiful Gau Daan ceremony took place thereafter. I am lost for words as to the feeling I experienced during the process of Gau Daan.

Next up was the Badrinath trip. During the time of the year we planned the trip it is rainy season in India. The road trip to Badrinath is treacherous with or without the rains. It was all over the local area news that due to the heavy rains and mud slides road to Badrinath may be closed. We were given an aadesh by Bhriguji that we will be making this trip during this time of the year and that the trip will be successful. I had complete faith in Bhriguji’s aadesh that no harm was going to come to anyone of us in the group in making this trip. We all assembled at the decided meeting point at 3.00 am in the morning of our trip to Badrinath. After prayers led by Guruji and GuruMa an entourage of 8 minivans set off on a spiritual journey to Badrinath. Guruji and GuruMa were in touch with each minivan at all times by the use of walkie talkies.

There came a point some 10 kilometers away from Badrinath where the roads were closed due to mud slides. We were told by our minivan drivers to take our luggage and make the rest of our journey by foot. It was pouring down with rain, the conditions were truly treacherous, we had no idea how we would carry our luggage by foot the rest of the way, yet none of this fazed me because I had complete faith in Bhriguji’s words that this journey was going to be successful. We were in the most beautiful Place on earth. We were surrounded by snow covered mountains, with rivers running all over the place, clouds dancing on the mountains all around us. I thought to myself this has to be heaven on earth. We quickly hired a local young man to carry our luggage for the walk and after a couple of treacherous patches of muddy roads, which included a river walk and a very fast run through an area with falling stones, a bus ride and a taxi ride we ALL reached our destination completely unharmed. This is truly GURU KRIPA.

Badrinathji Darshan
Guruji and Guruma picked out beautiful garments for the Badrinath temple deities the day before the Abhishek ceremony that the Bhrigu family would be a part of. The day of the Abhishek was more divine than I could have ever imagined. We were at the temple by 4.00 am in the morning and after sprinkling ourselves with the water from the Tapt Kund (Natural hot springs) we all assembled in the Badrinath temple to participate in the Abhishek ceremony carried out by the temple pujari Shree Ravalji. The Abhishek ceremony was artistically performed and the deities were decorated beautifully with the garments presented by the Bhrigu family. We were also fortunate to have a private meeting and get special blessings from the temple pujari –Shree Ravalji.

In the following days we visited the village of Mana where we visited the Bhrigu gufa (Cave) where Bhrigu Rhishi meditated for hundreds of years. When in the Bhrigu cave there felt a real presence of Bhriguji showering his blessings upon all present. It seemed very peaceful and surreal. We visited the Ved Vyas cave where Shreemad Bhagwat was written by Ved Vyas and Ganesh cave where Lord Ved Vyas narrated the Shreemad Bhagwat to Ganeshji. We also visited Bhim sheela as well as the source of river Saraswati. We also collected water sourced from Manasarovar.

Four days later roads to and from Badrinath were still closed. Guruji and GuruMa decided to get in touch with the US embassy to help our group. The results were fruitful. We were provided with a helicopter service to drop us at the point where our minivan drivers were waiting for us. Each and every member of the Bhrigu family was thrilled especially the children at the prospect of a helicopter ride. The helicopter ride was through the most picturesque scenery I have ever seen. We flew over snow capped mountains with river Alakhnanda running in the valley. The views were breathtaking.

Madurai- Meenakshi Temple
After 2 days rest as per Bhriguji’s aadesh we continued our journey to Madurai (Meenakshi temple) and Rameshwaram.

Meenakshi Devi’s darshan at Meenakshi temple was at a very personal level. The pujari took groups of 7 people and performed arti and special puja for each member in the group. While the arti was performed we were asked to look out for a beautiful sparkle on Meenakshi Devi’s nose. Some of us saw this beautiful sparkle. There after the pujari gave us garlands made out of roses and bilipatra as prashad to each couple. This truly was a heartwarming and blissful experience.

Rameshwaram was 4 hours drive from our hotel. We set off at 7.30 am in the morning. The temple closes darshan at 12.30 pm daily. We were not going to make it for the darshan as we were still on the road. We reached there a little shy of 12.30 pm. The temple pujari kept the darshan open for a half hour longer. This can only be Bhrigu Kripa. The pujari took groups of 7 people and performed Abhishek, arti and special puja for each member in the group. There after gave us garlands made out of roses and bilipatra as prashad. While at Rameshwaram we visited the floating stones temple. These were the stones used to build a bridge for Shree Ram to cross the ocean. We visited Panchmukh Hanuman temple and a temple with Shree Ram’s feet. With this we ended our spiritual journey to India 2015.

There was much to learn and take away from this trip. Ordinary families travelling together usually have some family politics or drama when they are stuck together for so many days. There were 35 of us. All of us having different personalities and from different walks of life, young and old. Tensions could run high due to being in an unfamiliar place, adverse weather conditions, dietary changes, constantly travelling and lack of sleep or plain personality clashes. Not once during the 19 days did I sense tension or uneasiness between anyone. Devotees helped each other by sharing medications, helping out when someone was under the weather or anything anyone may need for that matter. We all looked out for each other.

In my understanding the above was true because we all have one thing in common, our Guruji and GuruMa. We all belong to one family- the Bhrigu family. Guruji’s and GuruMa’s daily message to us all is: Live and let live by belonging to Vasudev kutumb (family of the mankind).

Another reason for our conduct is because most of the Bhrigu Ashram devotees have been initiated in Geet Divya Kriya Yoga and meditate daily in the morning.

A practicing devotee is:
• Level headed
• Calm in adverse conditions
• Full of energy
• Focused on the task at hand
• Has less or no anxiety
• Is less moody, mostly cheerful and often fearless.

A practicing devotee will make good choices and live for today rather than dwell on yesterday or be anxious about tomorrow.

Every day during our trip Guruji had morning and evening arti followed by beautiful satsangs and his daily message was:
• Take away I, Me AND Mine in every action we perform.
• Be kind and compassionate to everyone.
• Get rid of your EGO.
• Be forgiving.
• Meditate DAILY with love and devotion to God and your Guru.

While with Guruji and GuruMa we “Eat, Pray and Play”. One is never hungry in their company that is nourishment for your body. There are spiritual lectures mornings, afternoons and evenings that is nourishment for your soul. Guruji says one has been dealt with the cards to live this life per one’s karmas and that “Life is nothing but a divine play” and Guruji and GuruMa are nourishment for the Divine Play.

Guruji and GuruMa I am “forever at your lotus feet”. Thank you for coming into my life and making me realize the true meaning of this human birth.

*** Om tat sat Om ***



Rating: 5

I am an Internal Med doctor by profession. My wife and myself have known Shree Guruji Sanjay Aggarwal and Gurumata Dolma Aggarwal for 3 and a half years. We chose to live close to where they live. We have seen them work days and nights helping everyone asking for help. Nothing has deterred Guruji to give regular spiritual discourses. Multiple times we have seen Guruji give discourses even with a sore throat, vocal cord damage or Gurumata's serious ill health. He does his duty diligently, sincerely and with full devotion by giving discourses, giving astrological consultations and giving valuable guidance to all devotees. Guruji Sanjay Ji and Gurumata Dolma Ji only know how to give. Their teachings are simple, practical and very profound for everyday family life. I and my family have greatly benefitted by their unconditional love and constant guidance all the time. I and my wife are also very lucky to learn the Geet Divya Kriya Yoga meditation from Guru Ji. We have gained a lot of peace in our lives by daily regular meditation. One cannot describe it in words.

My personal life, family life and professional life has greatly improved because of Guruji and Gurumata Ji. You have to be in Guruji and Gurumata's presence to understand their greatness. No amount of words are enough to thank them for their contribution to the society.

God please shower you Grace to everyone so they meet their Guruji/Gurumata and to understand the goal and joy of human life.

At the feet of Guruji and Gurumata.



Rating: 5

I have been very blessed to be associated with Guruji, Guru Mata and Bhrigu Ashram since 2012. Guruji gives spiritual Satsangs daily in the Ashram. These spiritual discourses could be about divine qualities or on various scriptures (Purana, Veda, Gita, Ramayan, Bhagvat or Holy Bible). Guruji's Satsangs are very profound and spiritually transformative and highly motivating. Listening to Satsangs over a period of time and following it brings out drastic changes in our lives for the better. These changes make it easier to cope with whatever life has in store for us. We come out smiling and calm in all situations.

Guruji also does Bhrigu Divine Jeeva Nadi reading every Sunday morning in the Ashram. Maharishi Bhrigu speaks through Guruji. We are very blessed to attend and receive the blessings from Masters.

Volume of Satsang Guruji has done in past couple of years is mind boggling. It is simply humanly impossible to do. It needs a great divine master’s touch and grace.
In 2012, Few weeks after meeting Guruji, I asked Guruji for an astrological consultation. I was amazed to see the matching of my life events. Guruji suggested that I wear specific stones. After wearing the Gemstones, I had lot of spiritual and worldly progress. I did not realize it immediately after wearing. But now when I look back, it is incredible change in a short time. After few months, Guruji said I will get a promotion in my work and raise. Within 3 weeks it became true and I got promotion and raise. It was very astonishing. All astrological prediction Guruji gave me and my family since then has come true.

Before I met Guruji & Guru Mata I did not know the importance of having a Guru in one’s life. Initially for few weeks I had to go through lot of inner struggle to accept change. With divine kripa I fully embraced the change. I started attending Satsang regularly. I feel it is a divine blessing for me to have the company of Guruji and Guru Mata. I also feel very blessed to live close to the Bhrigu ashram and have the opportunity to listen to Satsangs from Guruji. The Pravachans greatly motivate me to pursue my spiritual path. Our family and worldly life has greatly improved in the meantime. I believe that everyone needs a company of Guru and Ashram to remove his/her ignorance and understand the true purpose of life. Presence, blessings and constant guidance of Guruji helped me in making spiritual progress in life. Few months later, I was initiated to Geet Divya Kriya Yoga with blessings from Guruji. It was a great lesson to me that things happen when the time is right. I just had to accept it and keep trying.

I have been to India with Guruji & Guru Mata for last few years to meet Babaji BrahmaJyothiji. Guruji & Guru Mata introduced us to Babaji and we were very fortunate to get her blessings. Babaji once said to us “you are very blessed to have a Guruji & Guru Mata. Always follow your Guruji’s words with faith”. Seeing How Guruji and Guru Mata interact with Babaji is inspiration for us. Babaji and Ramani Guruji have acknowledged Bhriguji's light and blessing on Guruji and Guru Mata.

Now a day, we look forward to daily evening Satsangs at Bhrigu ashram and spend time in ashram. We similarly look forward to Sunday morning Bhrigu divine reading. I am looking forward to our next India trip and visiting holy places with Guruji, Guru Mata and meet Babaji. We had an incredible time, a wonderful break and amazing divine experiences in our spiritual trips to India in the past. I can’t imagine life without the presence of Guruji, Guru Mata and bhrigu ashram. Guruji and Guru Mata guide us by example on how to live a family life and make spiritual progress at the same time.

I humbly Bow down to my Guru, Guru Mata, Mata Brahma Jyothiji and Shri Bhrigu Maharishi and seek their divine grace and blessings.



Rating: 5

I was connected with SHREE MAHARISHI BHRIGU ASHRAM in November of 2013. I was under a lot of stress. My husband had just gone through a major illness. I was mentally disturbed. My mind was foggy. I needed some clarity and I thought I could use some spiritual guidance to move on with my life. Honestly, I walked into the SHREE MAHARISHI BHRIGU ASHRAM with some apprehension not knowing anything about MAHARISHI BHRIGU and Jeeva Naadi Shastra.

My first experience with Sunday Jeeva Naadi reading was bit confusing as I did not know what to make of it. Nonetheless, Sunday morning Divine BHRIGU VAANI predictions about my family and myself have come true every single time. Predictions are truly amazing.

Later, I started listening to Sanjay Guruji's Bhagvad Gita narrations which had a profound impact on me. The more I listened to Gita narration from Guruji, the more I was convinced about following the spirituality path. I was able to apply the knowledge of Gita in my real life. Suddenly, everything made sense. The daily spiritual guidance which Sanjay Guruji is providing us has made a big difference in how I lead my life. I am very grateful to Guruji for his constant guidance.

I have not come across anybody like Sanjay Guruji with such a vast knowledge of Bhagvad Gita with intense depth which flows thru him effortlessly. Sanjay Guruji is a highly educated being with degrees in Computer Science from a prestigious American University. He could have chosen an easy path and lived a normal life. But he chose to serve a higher cause than self. This responsibility was put on him by the Higher Divine Powers which are beyond science to understand.

I wear the stones religiously that Guruji has given me. I can see the difference these stones have made in my life. I have been initiated for Kriya Yoga Meditation techniques as well. But I have to admit I haven't progressed as much as I would like to and still struggling a bit.

My journey has just begun. I have a long ways to go. But I have Guruji's guidence now and I know that I am not alone in this journey. With strong faith I will progress each day. Our Guruji and Gurama will always be there for us. We feel very fortunate and blessed that we are going to meet GURUMAATA BRAHMAJYOTIJI or PUJYA BABAJI who is a God realized GURU in Haridwar this summer along with our Guruji and Guruma.

In short, Guruji and Guruma are a genuine people. Guruma has a lot of compassion for all the devotees. There is no pretense. They go above and beyond to care for their devotees. Above all peace that you get in the SHREE MAHARISHI BHRIGU ASHRAM is priceless.



Rating: 5

I found Maharishi Bhrigu ashram as an answer to my prayer. After reading the book “Autobiography of a yogi”, I yearned for spiritual guidance and to get into the path of kriya yoga meditation. Through god’s grace (Guru Kripa) I got information about Bhrigu ashram and Guruji.

When I went in there first time I didn’t know what to expect. Guruji was giving satsang. I was gripped by the warmth and peace the place exuded. I felt drawn towards satsang/ashram and kept going back there again and again. It has been 4 years and each time there is always something to learn from Guruji and Guruma. Ashram provides wholesome spiritual environment to the whole family through daily satsang’s, aarti, vedic chantings, nightly prayers and more. All these are also available free via conference call for people who cannot make it. Guruji and Guruma always teach us by example on how one can fulfill worldly duties and yet strive for spiritual progress. They practice what they preach. I have always seen them maintain neutrality of mind through all the ups and downs. All of us living close to the ashram and/or associated with ashram are witness to this. I live close to the ashram, I could not have asked for a better environment for my family.

All astrological predictions made by Guruji over a period of time for our family are accurate. Guruji recommended some stones for me. The effects of wearing the stone were subtle. At the time I was looking for a job, I got my first break through Bhriguji’s grace. Guruji has guided me several times during job switches and otherwise. The timings and some of the things that Guruji had predicted regarding the specifications of the job were accurate. My life has completely transformed for the better from the time I met Guruji and Guruma.
Guruji gives satsangs on various Vedic scriptures (Gita, Holybible, Ramacharaita manas, Yoga Vashisht etc) and more. Each time there is something new to learn. Satsangs are very profound and the teachings from Guruji and Guruma are very practical for people living in a family life. After each satsang there is a sense of peace and something to contemplate on.

Every Sunday morning there is a Bhrigu Divine Jeeva Naadi reading. This is a group reading open to all. Maharishi Bhrigu speaks through Guruji. Around January 2014 it had come in the Bhrigu vaani that there will be some major change in our lives. At the time I had no idea. 3 months later I was expecting my second one. I had few health issues/complications throughout pregnancy. I kept getting assurance through Bhrigu vaani that all will go well and per Bhrigu vaani everything went smooth inspite of all the complications. When I was still a month way from due date Maharishi Bhrigu gave the name for my daughter through Bhrigu vaani. A week later she was born (3 weeks earlier than expected). Per Bhrigu reading we named her “Ramaa”. Bhriguji has guided us several times through these divine readings. The accuracy and timing of the reading is mind boggling. It is hard to put those readings in words. One has to experience it themselves. The reading can be for an individual, group or generic. The peace and divine energy during the reading is indescribable.

I have also been blessed to meet pujya Babaji in Haridwar, India through Guruji and Guruma many times in the last few years. In all those meetings the love and respect they have for each other stands out. Babaji herself has acknowledged the presence of Maharishi bhrigu in Guruji & Mata Khyati in Guru Ma and has taught the devotees the way to welcome (avahan) bhriguji through example. The divine hand of Babaji on Guruji and Guruma is very much evident during these trips.

Ashram holds annual retreat and mini retreats throughout the year. Guruji and Guruma try to give spiritual boost to all the devotees/disciples through these retreats. These retreats include morning meditation, satsang’s throughout the day, Q and A sessions and awesome food prepared by Guruma. These retreats are for the whole family. Kids thoroughly enjoy playing at the retreat with various activities (Easter egg hunt, treasure hunt, music etc.) planned for them by Guruma.

Guruji and Guruma have always constantly guided, motivated and supported me. They have corrected me when I am wrong. Guruma has taken care of me like a mother throughout my pregnancy and post-delivery. She was always available and answered patiently any silly queries that I had. She would always cook fresh food and send it to me every day throughout my recovery period inspite of her own health issues. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me.



Rating: 5

Only if it is pre-ordained, God sends an "agent" to guide you in your spiritual quest. In my case, I met Guruji in October 2013 in a chance encounter at a Yoga Exposition in Los Angeles. I wanted to have a free astrological consultation. However, as it was nearing the closing time, I was asked to come to the Irvine Ashram the next Sunday. I had no idea what this organization is all about , what kind of programs they offered and who is leading it. Nonetheless, I decided to visit the Ashram the next Sunday morning. I witnessed the Bhrigu Divine Reading for the first time. I had never experienced such peace and calmness that I felt that morning and the divine energy flowing thru my being. Ever since that day, every Sunday morning, I am drawn to the Ashram to feel the divine energy that flows as Guruji recites the Bhrigu Vaani, pulling divine Sanskrit words out of nowhere.

Upon looking thru my astrological chart, I, too, was asked to wear gemstone rings - one ruby and other yellow saphire. I did not hesitate to order the rings as recommended as I was aware of significance of wearing proper gemstone to ward off the "bad" influence of certain planets on our lives, having read Swami Yogananda's must-read book - Autobiography of a Yogi - where an entire chapter has been devoted to scientifically explain the principle behind the use of gemstones. The rings have been doing their job ever since, as I consider them as my shield that protects me from evil/bad things.

One day, Guruji asked if I would like to be initiated in Geet Divya Kriya Yoga, a form of ancient meditation technique that is being passed down thru Guru-Shishya parampara for generations. Once initiated, as I started to learn this 9-step meditation program, I could gradually begin to feel the inner transformation taking place, rejuvenating the body, mind and soul. I could feel the increased level of energy, more focus and concentration in intellectual activities and overall calmness and peace descending into my being.

As I became more established in my meditation, I automagically lost my desire for meat and alcohol which actually improved my overall health.

Guruji is very particular about his daily routine of Bhrigu Aarti and Pravachan (spiritual discourse) in the morning and evening. He tirelessly makes sure that all his devotees are informed about these daily events beforehand so that they can personally attend the event at the ashram. He also makes sure that the devotees are able to listen to the discourse via a telephone conference call. On top of this, he emails the recording to the devotees so that they can listen to the discourse off-line whenever its convenient. Where do you find a guru who is a hi-tech computer-saavy person adept at Whats App, SMS, emails and other digital technologies?

Every summer, Guruji and Gurumaa take their devotees to a pilgrimage tour of India visiting holy places, meeting spiritually elevated souls such as Gurumaata Babaji and Maharshi Ramani Guruji.

There is no one spiritual organization that offers so much to the devotees including the two most important ingredients for progressing on the spiritual path: SaadhuSang and SatSang - both available readily.

In my view, Bhrigu Ashram is a complete "package" for a spiritual aspirant - no need to run around here and there.

In my personal life, I have realized that best way to get close to God is by Shradhha (Deep devotion) and Saadhana (Meditation Practice). I am forever indebted to my Guruji and Gurumaa for teaching me these basic values .

I am blessed that God sent me His agent so that I can become a better person in this life....

Om Tat Sat Om



Rating: 5

Om Shree Bhriguve Namah
Om ji to all
I met Guruji and Guruma in the year 2005. At that time I was going through a very difficult period. I lost my husband two years before then. I sold my home, my business, and bought a new home and a business. My kids were still in school. When I met Guruji and Guruma, They guided me through each and every step of the way. With their blessings, now my kids are happily married and settled in their lives. Before my daughter got married, a Divine reading came in which it came that my daughter would have a son with Ganeshji’s blessings which manifested in 2012.

In 2006, we were blessed to witness the Maharishi Kakabhujandi readings in which it came that Guruji Himself is the Light Of Maharishi Bhrigu and Guruma is Annapuranni. Then again in 2008, I was sitting with Guruji, Guruma and Ramani Guruji. Ramani Guruji was giving the Maharishi Kakabhujandi reading at the time, It came that two people who are sitting here (Guruji Sanjayji and Guruma Dolma Ji) Who have given their place a name after Maharishi Bhrigu. It also came that Maharishi Bhrigu will come and reside in that place. After witnessing this, and watching it all happen now, I feel so much divine vibration in the ashram all the time. I feel the presence of Maharishi Bhrigu all the time.

Guruji and Guruma always serve people selflessly. Guruji and Guruma always teach us how to balance our spiritual and regular life. They themselves follow that, and no matter what happens, the satsang and Arati happen at its regular time. The satsangs that Guruji gives have kept me grounded till today. The way that they manage so many people in the group, and take care of each and every one’s needs, is amazing!
In 2013, in Pune, there was a Maharishi Agastya reading. It came that there is a lady (me) who is sitting with a stomach problem, and Guruma will give a gemstone, and through the gemstone She will give me Yog bal. Then I came back from India, and She gave me a gemstone, and with that gemstone I started feeling so well, and now I don’t have stomach problems anymore. I don’t weigh the gemstones as a material thing; I feel that it is Guruji and Guruma’s Shakti with me all the time.

They both haven given our family lots of support and lots of blessings. I feel blessed to be in the company of such saint who so selflessly shower their love, support and blessing onto my family. I pray that everyone be as lucky as me to find their Guru & Guruma.

Always at the lotus feet Of my Guruji & Guruma.
Om Tat Sat.



Rating: 5

Me and my wife met Guruji and Guruma in Sep 2009 at Guruji's event in NJ. I was drawn towards Guruji's pravachan on Mahabharata which was very deep and profound. Thus began our association with Guruji, Guruma and Bhrigu Ashram.

In Nov 2011 Guruji and Guruma had called us to an annual retreat in California. There in the divine nadi reading, Guruji said that we will be moving to California from NJ in 3 months. At that time it looked impossible since both me and my wife had jobs and our house in NJ. But everything worked as per his words and we moved to California for good within 3 months , close to the Bhrigu Ashram. Me & my wife amazingly got jobs in our fields next to the ashram.

In Sep 2014, in the nadi reading Guruji mentioned that i will be hearing good news at the job front within 3 months. I was consulting at that time and it was going to end in Dec. As per his words, I got converted to full time in Dec !!

In March 2015 Guruji advised to put our NJ house on sale and he said that it will get sold fast. Astonishingly it got sold within a week of listing it.

At the Ashram we get to listen Guruji's daily Satsangs , vedic chanting , morning and night prayers which helps to keep my mind calm and peaceful in the midst of family and work life.

I have been wearing 2 gem stones as per Guruji's divine blessings and my life has been in positive acceleration since then in every way.

We also got initiated into the Geet Divya Kriya Yoga meditative practice in 2009. Guruji and Guruma have always stressed the need to meditate daily. Meditation over time brings peace in one's life and helps to see positivity in everyone. We are blessed to have the meditative practice in our lives. There are annual meditation retreats. Last year we had the Bhagvatam retreat for 7 days in which Guruji recited the essence of the Bhgavatam. The message in the Bhgavatam was very profound, "That God is the only reality and one must have unconditional love for him". There were so many who attended. It was an enriching peaceful experience for everyone. One cannot describe the feeling in that divine presence.

For the last 6 years, at every step Guruji and Guruma have guided us from time to time in all our personal matters. Being in the presence of Guruji and Guruma, over time we have realized that in spiritual life patience is a great virtue. Everything comes as per its time. Most importantly we must have the faith. And that faith should be unconditional. We are in a family life and we have understood that truly by leading a life in a spiritual environment the worldly life does not deteriorate, on the contrary it improves with right understanding. We have been able to do all the things we were doing before and even more. The difference is that now we are are more aware of the pitfalls that come due to the worldly attachments.

Everything is free and voluntary at Bhrigu Ashram. We have been living next to the ashram now for almost 3 yrs. We have never been asked or forced to give any donation. We have always felt part of the ashram and felt its love all the time. As Guruji and Guruma always say, all of us make up this ashram and we enjoy every bit of it. One has to experience it to enjoy it.

To top this all is the caring hand of GuruMa and spoiling us all with the delicious food she cooks selflessly at the ashram.

Truly blessed to have been connected with Guruji, Guruma and Bhrigu Ashram.

I recommend everyone to come and take advantage of the spiritual environment of Bhrigu Ashram to find peace in their lives and to become better human beings free from all negativities.



Rating: 5

I always believed prayers are powerful but my association with Guruji Sh. Sanjay Ji , Guruma Smt. Dolma Ji and Bhrigu Ashram has been the instrumental force in helping me put that belief into action.

I met Guruji in September 2009 at a spiritual discourse event. At the time I was naïve and unaware of the importance of having a Guru and one's spiritual path. Something triggered inside me during the discourse and words that came from Guruji at that event which I could relate to as a simple common sense in everyday life of a typical working person in US. There was an instant connection and forceful attraction from within or say some spark ignited from within to know more about this divine path and Guruji’s teachings.

Coming from a science background and working in the pharma industry, it is ingrained in me to know your facts and stats before committing to any project! I found out more and more about Bhriguji, Guruji, Guru Ma and the ashram through various sources. Through Guruji’s satsangs, teachings I found out about the ancient Bhrigu lineage, the esoteric spiritual practice, guided Divya kriya yoga meditation sessions, vedic astrology and the divine healing powers of the gem stones. Yes! It is a divine institution in itself.

Guruji through his teachings have always taught us the perfect balance of detachment living in this world and doing your worldly activities. His constant reiterations of meditative practice and its benefits. Seeing God in one and all and lead a life without any expectations. Without the Guru’s teaching, there is no discipline in ones life.
There are countless divine experiences and miracles I have had that would boggle ones minds in these times but Everything has happened in a precise conviction of Gurujis words and prescription of the priceless gemstones which I am using continuously with the divine faith. It has that life giving powers which is indiscernible to a person without faith or has not spent enough time with Guruji and Guruma.

It is easy to refute and dismiss even God when things don’t work the way one wants to work. It comes with time and patience, perseverance in the path and above all faith in one's Guru and God.

In Oct 2010, Guruji gave me a pukharaj and blessed that there will be sudden job changes happening in coming times. I was pretty comfortable in my old job and days passed. In April of 2011 I got offer for big pharma companies. In Nov of 2011, in Bhrigu divine reading it had come that we will move next to ashram in 3 months and we moved from NJ after living for there for 12 years and landed in southern California next to ashram in exactly 3 months with a job in big company just next to ashram. Since then we have been reaping the benefits living next to ashram. There is continuous showering of Bhagwad Gita, Bhagvatam, Upanishads, Vedic mantra chanting, morning and evening prayers, pravachans, Bhrigu Divine Readings, Bhrigu sutras, life experiences, divine guidance, bhajans, family activities, cultural activities, spiritual retreats. One can only dream of such thing in today’s stressful life balancing work and family, let alone the daily activities.

What all individuals obtain under Guruji and Guruma's blessings is priceless and any amount of prostrations will never be enough.

Guruji’s pravachans has tremendously transformed our lives in every step of the way.

Guruma is the leading support to Guruji’s spiritual life and their two lovely children complete their home. Their way of leading a balanced life is a true inspiration to every household connected with them.

Guruma is the embodiment of a selfless giver in every way. Herself going through health issues she is in true sense mother for one and all at the ashram. Tears are rolling down my eyes evening mentioning her caring ways towards each and every person and her nurturing abilities towards all the kids in ashram. EveryFriday she will cook scrumptuous meals for everybody who comes to ashram. The food is of gourmet and rich quality with free of charge. She is the living example of kindness, compassion and charity. Guruma inspires every woman at the ashram to lead a life of individual identity without losing or giving up the simple pleasures in life and be honestly spiritual. This helps one not leading a hypocritical life.

In past year my mother fell sick and was being operated, for some reason I was not able to travel at the time to spent time with her. Guruji guided through the divine reading that everything will be go well and mother will recover after December 15th 2014. My mother was on the path of recovery as per the words!

There were recent divine readings/words that Bhrigu Ji gave through Guruji about some events that were supposed to happen. They have once again come true. It happened in an unimaginable magical way. The Bhrigu Divine Readings are very precise, accurate and it takes time to understand the effect of them and how they actually materialize. One has to experience it to enjoy it.

I am changed; I am acting differently in my life. I have unlimited freedom to create who I really am! I am standing at the door. I am very excited about my new life, and about what is starting to happen already, which i can see actually happening in front of my eyes.
All the divine experiences be it through meditation, divine nadi readings, satsangs, or just divine words has been hugely life-changing for me! It really goes down to the deepest root, solving all the big problems. I got such a deep understanding and awareness about my soul, and I got exact answers for the situations I never knew what to do with. Now I know exactly what my soul is working on, and I know exactly where to change my ways.

Whenever I have some concern and turn to Guruji n Guruma for help, I immediately notice a comfortable feeling like, of course I am always here to help you. Now, my normal feeling level is simple happiness and contentment. Now I love my life. I have experienced other improvements like more self-confidence, more self-knowledge, and more patience and tolerance, but the most precious thing is the deep and the pure, unconditional, never-ending love and blessings on my family and me.

My soul cannot thank Guruji and Guruma enough.Thank you for all the divine , positive energies and bringing this experience for us!!!

I could never imagine we could have this type of experience in this time! We truly live in a magical time!" It is our bhrigu ashram and there are so many more who are part of it and so many more who are experiencing divine miracles every day. I wish everyone can experience this divine magic through faith, surrender and devotion.



Rating: 5

My life changed forever when I first met GuruJi on Nov 17, 2013.

A friend of ours had been talking about GuruJi who he had met at a Spiritual conference – not by chance but by his good karma. My friend had been asking us to attend the Ashram but we had been too busy. Finally we went to the Ashram on Nov 17th 2013 to a Bhrigu Divine Naadi Reading. Both my wife and I did not know what to expect at the Ashram.

As soon as we entered the Ashram – we felt an overwhelming sense of peace. There were about 20 devotees present. I had my eyes closed during the entire Naadi Reading, internally chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, being a devotee of Lord Shiva. In the middle of the reading, GuruJi stated that there was someone in the room whose name began with the letter ‘M’ and was continuously chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Tears just kept rolling from my eyes.

GuruJi had never met me before. How did GuruJi know that my name began with the letter ‘M’ and that I was chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ – There was indeed a great spiritual and divine power emanating from GuruJi which pervaded the entire Ashram.

From that day onwards, we became devotees of GuruJi and the Ashram became our second home. GuruJi provided guidance and remedies to both my wife and I as well as our 2 children.

One of my sons who had been suffering from an auto-immune ailment in one of legs for a long time – suddenly showed drastic improvement after wearing a stone given by GuruJi to the extent that he reduced his daily intake of gabapentin (a nerve pain reliever) from 20 to 2 !!!

I gave up drinking alcohol due to my association with Guruji and the Ashram. People who knew me could not believe that I had given up drinking since everyone knew my passion for beer. But this habit just dropped off – without any great effort on my part.

I can easily say that likewise other negative habits I had picked up in this life and before – began to slowly drop off as well through association with GuruJi, GuruMa and the Ashram

Our life before meeting GuruJi was full of parties, music, entertainment and fun and some spiritual practices.

Our life after meeting GuruJi was also full of parties, music, entertainment and fun but a lot more spiritual practices.

Over the last One and a half years, we got initiated into Kriya Yoga by GuruJi, Have attended numerous Satsangs, Attended weekly retreats, Eaten wonderful Prasad prepared by GuruMa, Participated in numerous pujas, Listened daily to morning and evening Satsangs in person where possible or mostly on a conference call, Made a trip to India with GuruJi and GuruMa, Met with ‘Babaji’ in Haridwar and most importantly found that elusive thing people are searching for outside – and that is ‘peace’. What used to bother me before does not bother me as much.

Does this mean that all the life challenges I had before like most people – financial, health, career etc. have completely disappeared?

No – but it is as if they have - since now I am better able to cope with difficult situations and know that I have to go through my Karma. I just have to do the right thing and leave the fruits to God and see the presence of God in everyone – this is the message of GuruJi.

In conclusion, I would say I am indeed blessed to have GuruJi and GuruMa in my life, and that the Bhrigu Ashram is my home and all the devotees have become my family.

I would encourage any spiritual aspirant to meet GuruJi and GuruMa and attend a satsang or Bhrigu Divine Reading for a life transforming experience.

Thank you, GuruJi and GuruMa.



Rating: 5

I was introduced to my GuruJi through a friend. I thank her from the bottom of my heart, I take this opportunity to tell her that I treat her as my mini Guru.
I have known GuruJi since 2005. My connect with my GuruJi has been ordained by the Almighty. There have been innumerable instances when I have given to my whims and fancies and have gone on the wrong path. God has been kind enough to connect me again and again with GuruJi and GuruMa.
GuruJi and GuruMa has helped me sustain my marriage. I owe my life to them and all my happiness to them. It’s very easy to forget, discard and undermine the good done to us. I will never forget GuruJi and GuruMa’s handholding and the way they corrected me. God’s blessings to GuruJi in the form of astrological powers and GuruJi’s saying that “separation nahi hai” has helped me and my husband a lot on the positive front.
Daily without fail morning and evening discourses/aartis since 2005, a wrong person cannot follow spiritual path so strongly. It requires lot of perseverance, penchant and divine blessings to follow the path which GuruJi and GuruMa have been following. We can see for ourselves how easily we succumb to our laziness and worldly desires in our daily lives.
There have been numerous instances when GuruJi and GuruMa has acted as a strong guiding light amidst mundane chaos of life, when my life was about to break and was in dark and I was in complete confusion where to go, what to do, whom to talk then GuruJi and GuruMa have acted as my life charioteer and have shown me the path.
A stone lying on the road gets picked up my craftsmen and he beautifully carves out an Idol from it which gets worshipped by all of us. We worldly people always value, devalue and again value. It is a life’s vicious circle. Gemstones not only protect us from evil but also create a positive aura around us. Humans are forgetful and we have forgotten our relationship with Almighty, what can be bigger than that. For me, wearing Gemstone is my GuruJi’s blessings and also a way to remember that he is around.



Rating: 5

In August 2010, I became extremely fortunate to meet Guruji & GuruMa through my sister, who had known him since 5 years. Since 5 years whenever she talked about him, there was a resilient urge to meet him but it took 5 years to truly wait and to come across in light of Guruji. Life is a complete bliss since then..
I had resigned from my Job in April 2010 and had been wanted to work on a startup, the person with whom I had started the work left in between and we had closed the company. Since April 2010 I had become so depressed and anxiety had taken over the nervousness of taking the wrong decision all the time, I was not even willing to do anything.
When first time I met Guruji and GuruMa, I had somewhere feeling that my negativities will all come in form of words through Guruji and was quite afraid to be in his presence, there had been some arrogant ties of my life, and when was sitting besides Guruji, his clairvoyance was such that he just started saying” Mei mei mei and jo bakri mei mei karti hai wahi sabse pehle katti hai“ and somehow inside heart knew that this is my biggest problem and it felt suddenly that he took out all the arrogance from me that very moment.

As he asked for what we have come, nothing came out except career and Guruji said that no one comes here for God and everyone is after career family life etc . The aura sitting around Guruji was such that it is really inexpressible in words. Mind had calmed down so very much. Whole day the Guruji’s words kept striking back in the heart. As Guruji said that the heart was filled with torment desires, they all seemed to vanish just in the time being we stepped out from Gurujis place. This may be due the reason the energy which just came in while sitting next to Guruji & GuruMa - the first time by the gods grace. The magnetism of Guru The energy which came in helped in removing the negative vibrations; it utterly felt like to get consecrated and to see the true light of self-realization.

GuruJi also told my brother who accompanied us that he would not be doing well in the metal business, which my father had been running since 30 years even then it is not meant for him. My brother had been trying to run the same since 5 years and was not really getting good results and did not have the feel to do the same either.
Guruji asked him to go into Ceramics. Guruji, also suggested me to wear Neelam blessed by Guruji and Panna to my brother. We got gemstones by Gurujis’ blessings the next day.

As he asked to wear Neelam on Saturday, 4 in the noon, I wore the same and 10 in the night we receive the order for Ceramic products converted in 10 minutes and money came in, we were just so surprised. Since that time from Oct 2011 till date we had started the orders have been flowing un-endingly and there is no need to really think about the money at all. It always seems that continuous work is getting showered on us with Gurujis blessings, grace.

The contentment in life suddenly was so high and impact of Guruji and GuruMa was such that I never thought of I, career as mine from very next day. Gurujis pravachana always there to hold me on the right path. Whenever mind used to stumble, get uncontrolled, Gurujis pravachan were always there to control the mind. For any little thing I would just turn up to Guruji and ask him what to do and gets the direction. As it’s said if you have Guru life is so easy, with my Guru it does not only feel that I am living my life, every time his words, play their game and mind does not even have to think anything. Guruji has helped me so immensely in the tiniest of things that life seems complete bliss. I had got into bad indulgences while my stay away from home and all vanished just a day after I met my Guru.

In 2012, I also got initiated into Kriya Yog meditation and the power of GuruJi was such the moment I was initiated I could feel the tranquility all around, I could see some light within. After the initiation I had always been complain about my anger but it settled down. Whenever I am in too much pressure, just focusing at my forehead helps me start back from my roots…there are sudden vibes which fills the whole presence of being with that energy..

Same year in June 2012, my mother had slipped down and our doctor was not available, mom was in lot of pain due to major hip bone fracture and the doctors were delaying the operation by 4 days, I called up Guruji, he asked me to go to for second opinion with contacts ( Guruji was not aware of doctor un-availability ), with his advice we went ahead to our other doc for his advice , and it was like all was set on a platter the other doctor through brothers contact was already aware of the incidence and he was all set to do the operation, we took Gurujis agya and the very next day mom was operated and things came in control.

There had been so many incidents wherein Gurujis prayers, guidance helped family immensely. Dad, and grandfather gone through bad health same year, had been operated but due to Gurujis grace everything passed with utmost strength and calmness.

My Grandfather had been suffering from prostrate problem due to which since last 8 years no doctor was ready to operate him, as the size was so big, but when I told this to GuruJi – things automatically got into place. By doctors mistake the size of prostrate was mentioned bit smaller in one of report and doctors said they will operate and everything went smoothly. The life was a mess for him for almost 8 years because of this and within few days of meeting Guruji it removed the entire obstacle.

My brother is suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis, due to which his spine is not erect and in correct posture from many years. We had been seeing the best of the doctors in India but to no rescue. GuruJi suggested Ruby for him and the moment he wore it, he started getting the relief. Not only that in a period the chain tor apart and he did not wear the gemstone for 2-3 weeks, which made us realize the importance more as the pain had come back and was hindering the daily activities again.

We have never ever in dreams also thought about the monetary value associated with the gemstones as these are priceless, for the grace we got in return. Whatever we have in our life is because of GuruJis guidance and direction. His suggestions no matter in form of Gemstones, his astrological knack, his love and his grace. We are successfully running a company of 15 people which got build up in 2 years, it is not ideally possible to do that without Gurus grace, when you even know you had not been even wanting to go in that direction.

I had been suffering from Migrain so badly that even a week would pass in the darkness without knowing anything about outer world, but the moment I told this to GuruJi, he said this will go away after wearing a Ruby and literally it has gone away. Now if it comes, it vanishes within hours without giving any trouble.

My father had problems in his business for huge credit on him, due to which he wanted to sell off part of our home, and he almost did it, taking the initial amount. But I and my brother were protesting. We told the scenario to GuruJi and he just said nothing will happen. With in 2 days something happened that my father automatically realized this not being right and he discarded the deal.
If I start writing more about the Miracles we have seen in this life, because of GuruJi & GuruMa , there will be no end to it.

All throughout my life I had been a nightbird, last year I got fortunate to have GuruJi and GuruMa in our home , and my life changed automatically. I started getting up at 4 in morning, doing puja for hours which I had never done my whole life. All these things can not be a co-incidence but just the Guru grace and Miracles, precedent to which is just Guru’s ear- once the things are through him, they turnaround ..

GuruJi and GuruMa has bestowed us with so much of love, god grace, faith, affection, suggestion, prayers, motivation, satsangs, daily pravachans and what not like a Master, Like a friend, Like a Guru, Like a God.. Always there.. And their greatness is such that even after giving so much he is never there to take the credit, I had been surprised at the fact listening through them only that it is your faith.. Actually the faith is also established in me because of Guru’s Love and continuous shower..

GuruJi sends out daily pravachans and satsangs to all the people connected with Bhrigu Ashram, no matter wherever they are, these daily pravachans helps me so much everyday that starting a day with them would make you not worry about anything at all.. So so many times we see that we are looking for an answer from within, and that day satsang will hold all those answers for you, without even asking for the same ..

Moreover, Connecting with Bhrigu Ashram is not about connecting with just a spiritual organization for worldly benefits or social circle like the other groups, BUT it is actually about realizing the true self, getting the true enlightenment, understanding the purpose of life, understanding spirituality and working towards that one goal of this human life. We all throughout our lives have been striving to learn and educate ourself but connecting with Bhrigu Ashram made me realize that in all that process how we were leaving behind the true nature of ourselves, the spirituality. Guruji and GuruMa made us realize the true meaning of Bhagvad Gita. Many of us always dream of reading and understanding Bhagvad Gita but from Guruji & GuruMa I understood the importance of words written into, we understood that how basic and simple it is by the law of Karma. How simple life can be if we understand one thing - Love for one and all.

I should though not write it here but I was an arrogant person, thinking not highly of some strata of the society. But getting in touch with Guruji & GuruMa, receiving so much from them, I could understand the importance and fun filled in giving..

I have always seen Guruji and GuruMa filled with love for one and all, no matter how much pain they are in, and whatever suffering they are going through – they are available for us all the time, for the smallest of the issues we may have in our life. We all had seen in the likes of Mahabharata and Ramayan that how God himself came in the form of a friend to his devotee, GuruJi and GuruMa made us experience that feeling in this life as being my masters, listeners to my smallest of problem and giving solutions to them with love and affection. There are so many time I will realize that I was crying in front of them for my tiny problems and they had big sufferings going on, this clearly tells us that they live by providing us an example.

It can be just God grace on people, to come in touch with Bhrigu Ashram. Being associated with Bhrigu Ashram gives you life full of spirituality, calmness, detachment through the outer world, satisfaction and bliss inside, positive change of attitude towards people around, getting away from wrong habits… a simple living life with less thinking and worries..

Bhrigu Ashram not even requires you to leave your worldly karmas, infact Bhrigu Ashram propagates spirituality through simple message if you cannot see god in all, you cannot see god at all. They just ask you to take out 1 hour for yourself and you will be there to see the miracles. Bhrigu Ashram is not the kind who will ask you to leave this or that, but instead they improve your worldly life along with spiritual growth. Bhrigu Ashram have bestowed us with life which has materialistic things to survive daily and spiritual vibes to evolve in this life..

There is no end to the positivity and worthy kind of living Guruji and GuruMa inscribes in and around us …
I am really lucky to have GuruJi and GuruMa in this life, as my Guru and God, as they have been helping continuously to make me go my original self, they have calmed my mind to eternity …...



Rating: 5

I have been blessed to be under the guidance of GuruJi and GuruMa since 2005 and continue to feel this grateful for this connection through Maharishi Bhrigu. In this yuga, it is very challenging to find a true Guru who can connect you with God. With GuruJi and GuruMa, I have had the good fortune of this connection that deepens day after day. At the Bhrigu Ashram, daily satsangas and pravachans take place, devotees from all over the world connect and listen to the beautiful vaani and aadesh. The Arti Prayers/satsangas help bring back the focus from the materialistic world to a divine-filled world. GuruJi and GuruMa have always thoroughly explained through the many scriptures the essence of this human birth and the path to leading a harmonious life. I listen to these satsangas repeatedly to bring forth tranquility and steadiness of mind and it increases my faith and surrender towards Guru and God. I have been blessed with understanding and applying these scriptures in my daily life.

If we read about Kriya Yoga, it has been imparted by God Himself - GuruJi and GuruMa are the instruments through which God is blessing us with. I have been extremely fortunate to be initiated into this meditation practice by GuruJi. Meditation helps us to calm the continuous battle within us. I relish my morning practice as my days are full of light thereafter. I have been blessed with wearing gemstones given by GuruJi and GuruMa and feel the Guru's Magic working in my life. Scriptures say that a True Guru will always give, but it is up to the devotee to extract the energy from the Guru through Faith and Surrender. Therefore, it is up to us devotees to be sincere to our GuruJi and Guru Ma's guidance and have Faith in that Great God to bless us with this continuous stream of divine light.

Life will always be tumultuous but with their presence in my life, I will always be shown the right path.




Rating: 5

This organization has really helped me become a better person. I had started coming to this ashram since 2012 and I have since been at ease with the service by Guruji Sanjay Aggarwal and Guruma Dolma Aggarwal. They have constantly guided with daily lectures and divine naadi readings. The daily satsangs are are something I recommend for everyone to listen. Listening to them made me introspect and give me peace. I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization. I was given a yellow saphire, almost 3 years back, as I was having some severe financial issues. After the bumpy period, full of turmoil and tumult, I got a fantastic job, with full benefits. I am extremely glad that I joined this ashram and participate daily in their activities. I tried to give donations for the land fund many times but Guruji and Guruma returned it back. They have never taken anything from anyone and there are so many people I have witnessed that they have helped financially when they were in times of need.


Client Served

Rating: 1

If I could give 0 stars, I would have. I am going to tell you my personal experience only. I came into this place at a vulnerable time, as it seems do others. I was sold enlightenment through the use a gemstone that helps my astrology chart. I was told that I needed it in order to rectify the bad. And as I was being sold the stone, in the form of a ring, I was told that I didn't need to get it checked because the stones were great quality and you 'should not question the guru', meaning him. I didn't question at the time. I participated in activities at the ashram, which included watching people (namely the women) be treated like slaves with performing EVERY single duty in the house. I bring attention to this because all of them were always working and appeared like they never slept (dark circles under eyes, weary, etc). I even saw the leader of this place make one of the girls come pick up his snot rag when it was literally 2 inches from his hand and give it to him. Eventually all of this authoritarian behavior was a red flag, and I realized he was just taking away everyone's free will, so I left. After leaving I wanted to sell the stones to get my money back... when i went to several jewelers I was told the stones were not worth anything. He sold me a 'yellow sapphire' that turned out to be a citrine. Major difference in price. And he sold me a super low quality ruby. I paid $5500 for both rings, which turned out to only cost $500 for the gold. At this point, I looked for him on facebook since we were friends, but he and his wife had both blocked me. There was nothing I could do, since he did not give a receipt for the rings. Which I found out later was typical practice for this place. They operate as a non-profit, but were planning on buying a house in Coto de Caza, which I thought seemed extravagant since there seemed to be no need for it. I was later told that multiple members in the ashram were donating him and his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they were using for his wife's designer purse habit, and prospects of this expensive estate in Coto. Do yourself a favor, and don't bother going in. If you are already going in, just leave. You'll save yourself money and the headache of being taken advantage of.



Rating: 1

Bunch of sophisticated frauds. Please stay away. They are highly adept at psychological manipulation and preying on naive god fearing folks all in the name of naadi shastra and kriya yoga. In practice, their day to day lifestyle is anything but spiritual. What they preach is far away from what they practice. Moreover, they will try to sell you some overpriced gemstones and make it sound like they are doing a huge personal favor by selling you those !!


Client Served

Rating: 1

This Bhrigu Ashram is PURE FRAUD!!! I bought some gemstones which i took to another jeweler and they were deemed FAKE!! Sanjay is not a REAL GURU! He has exploited others in the name of GOD! Stay away from these frauds... In India also so many like this exist, and now they have come and brought this shameful practice here only. I had bought a gemstone which had become cracked and broken. Now who can tell you that when someone has a faulty gemstone that is it YOUR FAULT because of your KARMA! We bought this in GOOD FAITH. He told me so many dates, that this will happen, this will happen, and nothing happened at all. Then when silly things would come true in peoples lives he would take credit saying, "Oh see this is because of your GURU only meaning himself! No God in this world is so judgmental and this Sunjay and his wife act like they are Gods themselves. If you are SMART THEN BACCH KEH REHENA!!!! I wish I could give less than ONE STAR!!!! PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO GIVE IT TO SOME TEMPLE OR POOR PEOPLE INSTEAD!!!! THESE WITCHES ARE FRAUDS!!!!!! Please please especially if you have children do not take them there, Sunjays wife DOLMA is a cruel person and many have witnessed her YELLING and screaming at the children only! This is NOT a peaceful place...they only fake it for some unknown reason to get money and exploit poor god fearing persons... Please trust my response, I have lost thousands of dollars and I will never go back... Save yourselves, pray in the temple for your ailments and seek a true God only. God bless to all....



Rating: 1

This is a fraud organization. The founders, Sanjay and Dolma Aggarwal take advantage of the vulnerability of a person they learn about through the astrology, to isolate them from their loved ones and family, gain control over their will power, and use them for their personal benefits, under the name of Kriya Yoga and spirituality!