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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animals, Environment, Environmental Education, Forest Conservation, Wildlife Sanctuaries

Mission: Preservation and conservation of wildlife and their ecosystem.  Out Motto: Preserving Wildlife Helps Heal the Human Spirit.

Results: Rehabilitated thousands of wildlife since 1994, educated the public about wildlife and our ecosytem through school programs, outdoor science, tours, and events

Target demographics: Children of all ages and adults

Geographic areas served: Southern California

Programs: Educational tour: this is a walking tour of the wildhaven ranch. Animals permitted by usda,dept of fish and wildlife, and the california dept of fish and game are shown to the public. The tour shows birds of prey and mammals including bobcat, deer, raccoons, coyotes and black bears. Each animal is explained and the public learns each animal's part in the ecology of southern california forests. The unique features of each animal are explained. During the walking tour the guide also points out the value of the native plants and how the lives of each animal are affected by the plants. Visitors also learn how to comply with applicable laws as they encounter animals in the wild or even their own yards.

rehabilitation: wildhaven ranch has rehabilited thousands of injured and orphaned wildlife and successfully returned them into the wild. These are animals which would have died without wildhaven's care. They could have been hit by cars, taken up unwelcome residence in a home, come into a back yard looking for food, or perhaps frightened or startled a resident. Some wildlife questions can be quickly resolved over the telephone. Most require the animal being brought to wildhaven's triage facility where it is examined and usually treated for shock. Fluids are often administered, veterinarian examination is done if called for, and appropriate treatment, food, and housing is provided. Thorough records are kept to assist the animal care, and to point out trends in the problems encountered in the animals treated at wildhaven ranch.

public education: wildhave produces many informative pieces. The "bears with us" program educates visitors how to co-habitate with bears. Shows are done at wildlife stores, hotels, shopping centers and various other venues to explain the diverse ecosystem of southern california. Wildhaven has also been involved in several television and web-based programs that offer wildlife education.

Community Stories

32 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Zack H.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5


"As an Australian TV Personality, Wildlife Specialist and Species Conservationist, Zoo keeper and Trapper for over 20 years, and having worked with numerous wildlife facilities in both Australia and the USA, I had the very good fortune of working with Diane & Roger and their animal-being residents in countless activities from wildlife care, wildlife education, Celebrity Speaker at their 2013 Gala Fundraiser, filming an endangered species TV and web series, plus a bunch of other things! I can sincerely say that I have not seen such endless dedication, devotion and care around the clock, 7 days a week, rain, hail, SNOW, or shine as Diane and Roger, and the volunteers provide for their magnificent species' individuals that call Wildhaven Wildlife Sanctuary home, as they are rehabilitated but sadly unreleasable for a number of reasons."

"The time, care, maintenance, COST... and responsibilities required to run a wildlife facility is simply incredible and something no individual should ever take lightly... Diane and Roger are exemplary role models and two of the most wonderful human beings that I have had the great pleasure of knowing, and I am very proud to call them my dear friends."


Zack Heart
TV Personality,
Wildlife Specialist & Species Conservationist


Rating: 4

As a volunteer bear handler for 12 years at Wildhaven, I am also intricately involved in bear awareness on the mountain. On our tour the public will see our Animal Ambassadors that are indigenous to our mountains and receive education on how to co-exist and share habitat. Our resident animals are the heart of Wildhaven. "If we do not know them, we will not love them, if we do not love them, we will not protect them."

1 Julie207


Rating: 5

I've had the some of the most wonderful experiences of my young life while volunteering at Wildhaven Ranch. Not only have I formed bonds with the beautiful animal that the ranch cares for, animals of every shape, size, and character, but the relationships I've made with other staff members, including the lovely owners of the ranch, have certainly changed my life. Wildhaven is an exciting place to be, and when I first arrived as a visitor in a tour group, I could feel the energy. For the last 3 years, I've enjoyed this same energy weekly, whether by feeding my 'boyfriends' Stubby and Bandit, the raccoons, or brushing my deer friend, Buckwheat, or simply enjoying the day with other volunteers. I thoroughly Wildhaven to any visitor, volunteer, or donor.


Rating: 5

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the San Bernardino Wildlife Society back in 2013 and throughly enjoyed my experience. They provide a great atmosphere to grow and learn. It really sparked my interested in working with wildlife and has led me to peruse a career in animal care. They really care about thier animals and would do anything for them as well as providing an educational experience for the public. I highly reccomed them to anyone wanting to gain experience working with wildlife or anyone wanting to have a unique close up expereicne with the animals at their facility.


Rating: 5

I have been a volunteer with Wildhaven Ranch for 7 years. It was a matter of "timing is everything" when I first began as a WCP (Wildlife Care Provider). After receiving training from seasoned "veterans", I began working with the animals. The timing part, an orphaned bear cub made her arrival at the Ranch. I started bearsitting and can say I helped raise a California Black Bear! The love and dedication that both Diane and Roger have for the facility and all that they put into it is phenomenal. It is not "just a business" for them, it is their passion. Having worked in the animal business for over 38 years, I know, people don't do the things they do for money...it is for the love of the animals. There is a passion they display whether it is for the littlest animal ambassador or the senior member of the bear family. I believe this is a very worthy facility and I plan to continue my involvement with them in order to help preserve our local wildlife.


Rating: 5

I had the honor of being a volunteer Wildlife Care Provider at Wildhaven. It was an exciting and educational experience. The love and devotion that both Diane and Roger have for all of the wildlife in their care is inspiring. They provide a safe and nurturing place for non-releasable wild animals, while educating the public about the wildlife in our mountain community. Every person, young and old, that attends their educational tours leaves in awe of this up-close and personal experience with bears, birds of prey, a bob-cat, raccoons, coyotes, and mule deer, to name a few. They come to respect the wildness of these creatures and learn much needed information about living near them safely. "Do not feed" is repeated throughout their informative talks. Wildhaven Ranch is a treasure in our mountain community. I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful sanctuary and educational facility.


Rating: 5

Wildhaven Ranch in the San Bernardino Mountains is truly a unique experience. The animal residents are all there because they could not be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. When you watch the wonderful bears lumbering about their enclosures and listen to the knowledgeable handlers, it truly is special. There are a variety of animals you see when you take one of their public tours. And as you observe each animal, a guide provides you with valuable information about them. Mountain residents often visit Wildhaven and tourists to the Lake Arrowhead area find Wildhaven to be an interesting and different activity to learn about the local wildlife. All and all Wildhaven is truly a wonderful place run by 2 dedicated people who are devoted to the animals. Phyllis B.



Rating: 5

My son and I began voulunteering at Wildhaven in March of this year. We immediately fell in love with the beautiful site and of course the animals, But we were most impressed with Diane and Rodger (director/owners). They are exceptionally loving and dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of indigenous animals. Their expertise in the care of multiple species of animals is astounding and earned over years of schooling and hands on learning. As vouunteers we were provided with training in site maintenance, the characteristics and needs of each animal as well as important protocols for maintaining hygenic conditions. Dianne and Rodger have a mission to provide educational programing around the animals at Wildhaven as well as the understanding and protection of all animals. Their outreach programs are extended to schools, youth centers and any one who will listen. They are community heros doing kind, important work.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Wildhaven Ranch offers informative educational programs that is fun for families and students. I learn so much about wildlife and our environment during my visits. Lake Arrowhead community is lucky to be the host of Wildhaven.

Angela Y.


Rating: 5

I believe in Wildhaven Ranch. I like their educational programs that teach the public about the wildlife and ecosystem. Families of all ages can benefit and learn so much from Wildhaven Ranch. Learning about our wildlife and natural resources is the best thing anyone and any organization can offer to our community.