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Randy Shaver Cancer Research And Community Fund

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Causes: Health

Mission: The mission of the organization is to support the cancer community in minnesota by funding research, prevention, treatment and community outreach programs relating to cancer.

Programs: Grants of over $400,000 went to numerous cancer researchers in the following cancer areas: breast, pancreatic, colorectal, ovarian, ppb data gathering, lympoid cell, endometrial, ras pten mutuations, cd2000 cancer, lymphoma, brain and melanoma. Grants of $40,000 were awarded to several community outreach programs for youths. This included a program that enabled 40 youths whose parent(s) have cancer to attend a camp specifically for them. Another grant went to program that provides grief support for youths who lost a parent to cancer. Another youth grant went to a program that enabled youths with cancer to attend a camp specific for kids with cancer. Grants over $45,000 went to other community outreach programs. One program provides meals to cancer patients and their families. The grant awarded to this program provided over 4,200 meals. Another grant provided 20-25 patients diagnosed and going through treatment a weekend get away. A third grant provided social emotional support for over 250 breast cancer patients.

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Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

My experience with this non-profit has only been beyond exceptional. First and foremost, $.90+ for every $1 I donate is given to cancer research or to organizations in the Minnesota community to help patients with cancer and their families. How GREAT is that? I don't know ANY organization that gives away 90%+ of the money they receive. How do I know this? Well, I'm the CPA and the one who gets a first hand look at the money received and the money donated.

Beyond just the money, Roseann Shaver is certainly more than qualified to run this Organization, and has done a darn good job at it I may add. If anyone has a need regarding cancer (i.e. an individual, family member, friend, etc.) she will go to great lengths to help you out (whether it's contacting doctors, making connections to others that can help, etc.). She is very passionate about the mission of the Organization. Isn't that what anyone would want from the executive director? Her passion is behind what she believes in. I know when I give them my money and time, I know it's being put to a good use.

It's not just Roseann who is passionate, her husband or her sons. It's the volunteers who are also passionately involved. They are simply amazing and caring. They make these great fundraisers happen. It's also the community members and their own fundraisers they put on to benefit this non profit - (from a bridge tournament that assisted living residents put on to youths involved in activities or sports) Individuals outside this organization raise money to donate to them because they believe in the foundation and know the good it does for the cancer community.

Donors have generous hearts. We all want to know our hard earned money is going for a good cause. With this non profit, it is. Just ask the researchers who have received the grant money to further their research in the cancer field, or the community programs that have received funds to send youths with cancer to camp, prepare and deliver meals for cancer patients or the grief support groups, to name a few.

To quickly address the person not very happy with the organization, if you want to know where the money goes, go look at the 990. It's open to the public. It's a hard form to understand, it was designed by attorneys and extremely complex, but in the return there is an area regarding donations. HIINT, start in the back of the return where all the forms with information are. The first few pages is merely a summary of the detail behind them.

There is nothing this Organization is hiding or not sharing with the donors. They do provide receipts for donations over $250. A quick word about cash under $250. I'll give an example - If you give cash at church as they pass the basket around, they don't provide receipts either. It's too difficult and there is no proof as to how much you gave since there is no person with receipts handing them out at the time of giving. Now, if you want a receipt, my suggestion is to write a check. I know, how old school, but there you have proof for IRS and now you can take it on your personal return. Problem solved.

Get to know this organization. You won't be disappointed in the heart behind the mission.



Rating: 5

The Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund gives more than 90% of the money donated to cancer research and the community. With that low of an overhead it is the best use of my donation! The team that volunteers and works for the foundation truly care and our passionate about what they do. If you are looking to donate and actually make a difference with your money this is the charity to pick.



Rating: 1

If you are looking for a non profit to donate to, steer clear of the Randy Shaver Cancer Research Fund and celebrity golf tournament! This shoddy organization is run by Roseann Shaver who's only qualification is that she married a local news personality. The organization is terribly disorganized. The fundraising events are a total debacle and chaotic. More concerning than the poorly organized events is the concern over organizational integrity. No receipts given for cash donations (or otherwise), on going criticism over questionable ethics, and lack of transparency. If you're looking to make a difference with a solid organization, keep looking.