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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Animal Protection & Welfare, Animal-Related, Animal Services, Animals

Mission: To provide equine rescue, rehabilitation, education and adoption services within the state of Florida.To provide assistance to law enforcement and animal agencies with cruelty investigations and the care and placement of horses.To promote and teach horse care and humane, natural methods of training for horses.

Target demographics: horses who are victims of neglect, starvation and abandonment

Direct beneficiaries per year: countless horses who were suffering and gave them a new lease on life.

Geographic areas served: North Central Florida

Programs: cruelty investigations, assistance to law enforcement, rehabilitation, natural horsemanship training for the horses and adoption to qualified homes.

Community Stories

22 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

5 Jan_52

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

The director of HPAF, Morgan Silver, is a professional in the capacity of working as an arm of the law in seizing abused and neglected horses and in the care of horses in critical condition as the result of starvation. Go to the HPAF web site and look at before and after pictures of rescued horses. You are going to see some 30 day miracles. Horses that were very close to death, are now happy, round, healthy and happy individuals. Morgan also is a whiz at connecting horses to prospective adopters. I am the proud foster parent/caretaker of two HPAF rescues and know first hand that HPAF is a a five star recovery unit for neglected and abused equines. Please support HPAF in any way possible.

Client Served

Rating: 5

Most rescue horses have seen the worst man has to offer by being abandoned, abused or nearly starved to death. HPAF, lead by an amazing woman named Morgan Silver, rescue & rehabilitate them then put them up for adoption. Her dedication and knowledge are amazing and I greatly admire her and what she has accomplished over the years. I am glad to count her as a friend.

What a delight to adopt one of these rescue horses…they are so grateful to have their own home & have someone to love & care for them and that they can love in return.

Over the years I’ve adopted 3 older horses from HPAF. They are harder to place, but since I was older myself and no longer up to riding—I figured we would be a perfect fit.

By the time I was going to adopt my second horse, I was a widow, with one 30-year old horse that was lonesome for a pasture mate. Interesting, but this time I was not able to make a decision on which horse to adopt, so I left it up to Morgan. I think Hot Shot was one of her favorites, and she thought he’d be a good fit for me. She was right!

He was impossible not to fall in love with. We became really close, and over the years we became even closer. He was not only a companion for my other horse, Vader, but a companion for me as well when Vader passed away.

Always the well-mannered gentleman, he never ate my flowers or rosebushes. Unlike Vader, who happily ate every flower & rosebush I planted. For the first time in 30 years, I actually had unmolested flowers. He did gently take a lollipop out of a child’s hand once, but that was the extent of his mischief. And in his defense, he truly believed that she was waiving it around for him.

He made everyone he met feel they were special to him. What a gift. Rather amazing quality I think. He was always happy to see me, or any of his friends…and everyone he met loved him. I thought it was a hoot that some of my friends stopped by just to see him. I was an after thought! I was just the person that opened the gate to let them in. But they had really come to see Hot Shot. Usually bearing gifts of carrots or apples for his enjoyment. This included “horse” people and “non-horse” people. Special guy, huh?

Below is his photo the day Morgan rescued him. How anyone could let a horse get in this shape is beyond me. Thank heavens Morgan rescued him! The last photo is the day she brought him to me all healthy, happy & back up to weight. An absolutely amazing transformation due to the dedication and knowledge of Morgan and the HPAF staff. Click on the photo to enlarge.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I thought I didn't need any more horses. When I moved to Micanopy Fl from New York I discovered that the Horse Protection Association of Florida was right around the cow pasture from me. Over the course of seven years I've adopted two mares (one of them a pony) from Morgan's organization. Did I need them? Of course not! Morgan Silver, the founder, director, chief mucker and savior of hundreds of abused homeless horses saw to it that I could adopt, do my part, make a small difference. I asked her. She didn't ask me! Morgan is a stellar horse woman who is dedicated to finding good homes for these horses or caring for those who are not fit for adoption or foster care. Again, did I need these two extra horses? When I think of their sweet natures; the happiness they bring to my family and friends along with that of my other six horses, it turns out I did need them. Thank you Morgan and staff for taking care of hundreds of homeless in need horses, ponies, burros, foals... Sincerely,


Rating: 5

A life-changing place. That’s what HPAF is both for the horses as well as us humans who are honored to get a chance to visit the place and volunteer there. I visited HPAF for the first time in 2001 and have since been volunteering there whenever possible, which unfortunately is much too rarely due to geographical distance (I live in Finland, northern Europe).

I have tremendous respect and admiration for Morgan and her work. She and her staff truly make a difference in the world by giving a new chance, a Life, to so many horses.
It is hard to put in words the feeling you get looking at the once starved, neglected and abused horses being now content and relaxed, grazing in the pasture, sleeping in the morning sun or playing with each other, full of energy. It just makes you happy. The happiness oozes through the horses. And it easily brings tears in your eyes if a horse that has been severely mishandled by humans now carefully and kindly approaches you to say hi. After all they’ve been through they still want to trust humans even if it might be almost impossible. Morgan and her staff work tirelessly also to help the horses regain that fragile trust.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to nurture and rehabilitate the rescued horses back to life. But it is such important job Morgan and her staff do! To me they have succeeded in life. Whenever I have a chance to pitch in the work of HPAF (by volunteering or donating money), it makes me feel good to participate in something good, something truly meaningful.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

What a wonderful experience! Over the years we have adopted 5 horses from Morgan at HPAF. They have brought joy to our family and given me a good experience of caring for an adapted animal . I don't ride horses, I'm a very busy businessman. The time I spend with feeding, grooming and caring for the horses has given me a greater appreciation of nature and the importance of providing for the less fortunate. George Stewart


Rating: 5

Many years ago I "adopted" Buttercup and I've sponsored him ever since. He's had a great life at HPAF and I'm happy to have been able to help one of the many horses that Morgan and her crew have saved and cared for. One of these days I hope to visit the farm so I can say hello to Buttercup in person and congratulate Morgan and her staff on the incredible work they do day in and day out for these beautiful animals!
Thanks, Morgan, for the chance to be involved with HPAF's mission!
Diane Haddick


Rating: 5

HPAF is truly a life saver for horses. The care the horses receive there by Morgan, Sharon, Julie and the volunteers is nothing less than amazing. My husband and I volunteered for just one winter (wish we could have stayed), and were left with such fulfillment and love in our heart for these magnificent animals. HPAF works tirelessly to give these horses what they require to get healthy and hopefully be adopted out. Morgan Silver deserves a Gold Star for her dedication and commitment to these animals. Horses Lives Matter!

Wayne and Pam Hawkins
Ontario, Canada.

Jane N.


Rating: 5

I have been aware of Morgan Silver's efforts to save abused horses dating back to the 1990's in Homestead, FL where I witnessed her go to extraordinary measures to bring debilitated horses back to health.

When my two horses, JC & Nikki, experienced lung damage due to smoke inhalation, and were no longer ride able, I reached out to her for a possible riding companion. Morgan spent time with me, showing me possible candidates; she did not have a suitable mount at that time and I found a wonderful little mare, Belle, to join my small band. Fast forward four years and I was again looking for a companion….this time for Belle.

This was a bad summer. After years of doctoring and medicating, we finally had to give up our fight. JC was put down in July...one month later, it was Nikki's turn. This left a lonely Belle. Grieving, but aware I had to get a companion for Belle, I reached out to Morgan. She showed compassion at my circumstances and offered suggestions to help Belle and I cope with the loss.

I expressed my needs for a companion and Morgan gave me several possible choices. Her staff spent time with me, introducing me to the horses she chose. They spent more time with me as I came back to experience one-on-one time with the mare I picked out. I eventually chose a sweet little appy. mare, Brandy. Morgan's intuition was right on…. their personalities meshed, and the girls have bonded. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

HPAF has been a lifeline for so many horses over the years. I applaud and support Morgan and all the people who make this possible. There is a great need for this organization and is a cause I will continue to support.



Rating: 5

Many years ago HPAF was operating out of a smaller, older farm near our home in the Redlands south of Miami, Florida. And even then the 110% commitment of Morgan Silver and her group of volunteers showed through in everything they did. They were totally committed to the welfare of the rescued starved, abused and neglected horses. Over time their organization has grown and relocated to the wonderful facility in Micanopy while continuing to provide a lifeline for countless horses. Please help this dedicated group.



Rating: 5

Though I work mostly with cat rescue, I love all animals and a good friend introduced me to HPAF. Morgan Silver and her staff do an amazing job rescuing neglected, abused, and near-death horses. After a visit to the organization, I came away inspired and awe-struck by the dedication and effort it takes to rescue, rehabilitate, and then provide ongoing care for these amazing creatures. There are just no words to adequately describe the commitment of these individuals to these animals. Long hours, intense physical labor, and perseverance pull many horses from death back to life and then not only back to life, but back to a good life!

Working with local law enforcement to save these horses entails not only identifying the horrific conditions in which these pitiful horses are found, but then starts the grueling, long, and often difficult legal proceedings to hopefully keep these "owners" from ever reclaiming these horses.

This organization is led by Morgan Silver, held in my highest regard, and is an organization that I will support financially and try to spread the word to gain even more financial assistance for this more-than-worthy and well-run rescue group.



Rating: 5

In May, 2016, a friend who has supported HPAF for several years and I visited with Morgan Silver and her staff at the most incredibly well-run horse rescue operation in Micanopy, FL. The dedication and devotion to rescuing and rehabilitating--and then providing love, food, medical attention and ongoing care--to abandoned, neglected, and abused horses is hard to imagine. This woman, her staff and volunteers put in endless hours of love and labor.

I admire their work, will continue to support them financially, and try to bring them to the attention of others who care to donate to an efficient and magnificent center of care for horses who otherwise would remain in agony, often in cruel situations, until their death. At HPAF, the horses are truly rescued, in every sense of the word.

I conduct research for any organization to which I donate funds and HPAF is one of the most effectively-run organizations I have found.