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Causes: Christianity, Religion, Religious Media & Communications, Religious Radio

Mission: Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and fulfill the Great Commission among the unreached in Asia through training, sending and assisting qualified laborers in partnership with the Body of Christ.

Target demographics: need men, women and children

Direct beneficiaries per year: several million people throughout southeast Asia

Geographic areas served: Southeast Asia

Programs: clean water through bio-sand water filters and Jesus Wells, disaster relief, education, nutritious meals, medical care, health, hygiene, literacy and vocational training, useful gifts for the poor, Gospel films and radio broadcasts, Gospel literature distribution, ministry to lepers, widows, orphans and abandoned children, church building construction, Vacation Bible School, youth ministry, and women's fellowships.

Community Stories

116 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters



Rating: 1

The Holy Spirit prompted me to do some research on GFA, and I was very disappointed with what I read has been going on with them. The red flag for us was that over the last few years we received very few letters from our sponsored dalit child through GFA's Bridge of Hope program, even after we would call or email inquiring about this. We were told that the staff would contact the program center and encourage the child to write to us. Upon looking back at our file of letters, at one point we did not receive any letters from the sponsored child for over a year. At the start of the sponsorship, we were informed that the child would be writing to us two to three times per year, but this did not happen. We can only hope and pray that all of this as well as everyone's donations were not in vain.



Rating: 1

After giving over 100,000 dollars to this ministry over the course of 11 years, I must retract everything I held dear about them. Please Google Warren Throckmorton's blog to see what they have done to us - their big donors and volunteers. They have lied to Evangelicals to get their money. I was a volunteer for 9 years, and went to India with them, and have met KP twice. I ignored what I saw in India and wish I hadn't. I saw the best of intentions. Well now I realize the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I regret all the friends I dragged into this ministry. They may have started off with the Gospel being the focus, but now it is a way for KP to build his empire.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Sometimes ministries are under spiritual attack, other times ministries use the words spiritual attack as a cover for financial shenanigans. After serving at this ministry longer than I care to mention, and doing my own investigations into financial allegations and misappropriations of donor money, I finally saw the light and realized something fishy was going on. What a fool I was, and to think I brought my wife and all my kids along for this ride. God forgive me. I was like a frog in the frying pan, never realizing how things were becoming around me.

My information while on staff about Gospel for Asia financial issues came from Christian news reports and agencies like the ECFA. Some things also came up at a few staff meetings, I prayed about all this and found out more with what pastors had seen who had been to the field and former volunteers.

Take a look at some of the reports, do your homework, read the financial numbers of how much in cash reserves is in India under Believers Church and kp’s control.

from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Report 2015:

-Excessive cash balances held in partner field accounts.

Allegations were made that GFA had upwards of $150 million in partner field accounts, far more than necessary to provide appropriate operating reserves. During our visit on June 3, ECFA was informed that GFA field partner cash reserves were approximately $7 million. After ECFA requested detailed documentation of cash balances held by foreign field offices, on June 29, we discovered that GFA’s field partners had $259,437,098 on hand at March 31, 2014 and approximately $186 million in June 2015.

-Use of funds restricted for the field for other purposes.

On June 3, ECFA discussed GFA’s claim that 100 percent of field funds are sent and used in the field. GFA staff confirmed that this was accurate. On August 24, ECFA was informed that GFA India made a gift to GFA of $19,778,613 in 2013 to complete GFA’s new office.
On August 27, GFA’s staff confirmed that the funds relating to this donation were originally received by GFA as gifts restricted for the field and GFA transferred to field partners to fulfill donor restrictions.

Christianity Today article:

-GFA delayed sending nearly $50 million in donations to its overseas partners in 2014. The funds were not transferred overseas until the end of the year. GFA also delayed sending $28 million in donations overseas in 2015.

-GFA failed to keep track of how it spends designated funds for specific projects.
GFA’s leader, kp, repeatedly withheld information about the ministry’s finances from its -board of directors.

-$29 million dollars in donations was moved to the Hong Kong bank account of GFA's India affiliate without disclosing that transfer to the Indian government. GFA also hid financial transactions from both the Indian government and US officials.

-GFA failed to exercise control over millions of dollars in donations sent to its overseas affiliates.

Along with these reports there have been well over 60-70 staff and families that have left since 2015. Things have gotten paranoid inside the Wills Point campus. Leaders trying to listen in on conversations, a continual uncomfortable watchful eye. It’s become a locked and gated little world on the 300 acre campus in Wills Point, TX. All the empty campus houses are such a waste, of donor money. Staff who remain are either young with no place to go or just have been born into the ministry with no other view, and there are those who just don’t question KP and believe everything he says.

Things started to really make me wonder when an Indian staff person that I had known for years came to visit the office. They acted very strange when they were here and didn’t talk to staff, something was off.

Staff from other offices beyond the US have left, the leaders from the New Zealand office and also Bishops and many missionaries in India have left the ministry. No one will say anything about the real reasons the German office went away, it wasn’t just their age. God knows it wasn’t me leaving because of my age.

After all the many years it slowly changed and kp became the leader who was not to be questioned, who could question him when he spent half the time in India speaking his native tongue. No one from the US knew what was really going on as he built his high church and appointed himself Metropolitan. Some senior leaders at the US office have taken a vow to kp, for Believers Church. This small group does not question kp. You think they are going to spill the beans on how all the money has been handled, especially the $285,000 that somehow made it over to India in cash.

Don’t confuse the persecution of the church with the questions about how GFA has handled donor money. Donor, do your homework on who you give to.



Rating: 4

Gospel For Asia, time has been under heavy attack from the enemy. The recent lawsuit, the allegations and blogs, etc., have caused a lot of churches including our own to become weary and skeptical. We have lost a lot of support in our area making it hard to share about the work of GFA, but despite this setback, God is still at work through this wonderful movement. Besides doing our own personal investigation into this mess, I had contacted many friends with questions for peace of mind and we decided not to hear from any one left from GFA but still decided to continue in this storm. Their words of faith and convictions encouraged us more than words can describe.

It wasn't long after that similar allegations were made against so many other ministries including Voice of the Martyrs . Proof that the enemy is trying to destroy these ministries from the inside. As with all ministries, I encourage you to stand with these ministries in prayer. We are still proactive in the work of both of these ministries and we stand with them. We encourage people to be careful with what they read or hear about on the internet and other sources until it's been investigated. We live in desperate times, and the enemy is hard at work in trying to stop the Great Commission through division in the Church.



Rating: 5

I love the commitment of those serving with Gospel for Asia to the Lord Jesus. I have witnessed their love for Him firsthand in the staff, the leaders, and many missionaries on the field that I spent some time with. There's no doubt in my mind that my time and resources invested with GFA are bringing hope in Christ to those in Asia. As one missionary said, "it is not we who are doing ministry, but it is God who is doing ministry. All praise goes to Him!


Former staff

Rating: 1

I wrote a glowing report of this ministry a few years back when I was a student here (at the request of my leaders who were hoping to boost their ranking), but now I have to retract my words and say that I am just so saddened, disillusioned, and done with GFA. I really encourage donors to not just take my word or any of the other reviewer's words but to research this organization for themselves. Read the articles coming out from Christianity Today, talk to the former staff - almost half of the staff have left since I was a student in 2012. There is spiritual abuse, manipulation, and distortion of the truth going on at headquarters and unfortunately I left there having many skewed ideas of what godly spiritual leadership is, what true ministry looks like, transparency among believers, godly submission, etc, and I'm having to relearn and be retaught the whole context of certain scriptures that were taken out of context and used to manipulate staff and students alike. As missions director of my church, it has been difficult to not view Christian organizations with an exorbitant amount of skepticism and distrust after my two years with GFA. Thankfully, there are honest trustworthy organizations out there that arent perfect but definitely are doing more for the kingdom of God than this one.



Rating: 4

many reputed christian organizations across US do not have affiliation with ECFA, yet they continue to build trust among their donors by the work that they are doing. i find GFA as one such organization which can continue to do God's work because of the inroads that it is making in the mission fields in India and across asian countries. I never knew anything about ECFA when I began my support



Rating: 4

no matter who said what, I had my personal encounter with few staff and found the reasons for not spending a portion of amount or the balance accumulated since few years. I have all reasons to believe what I heard from them is true and I recommit to continue my support. Some reasons are absolutely true to believe as major part of the monie went to a difficult country like India and situation in India since year 2000 was not fair to implement many of their major project including church buildings. I prayerfully recommend all to pray and stay with GFA/Bridge of Hope


Former staff

Rating: 1

In terms of accountability ... if you are OK with a continued messaging of urgent financial need coming from GFA, yet at the same time GFA India (or Believers Church) not using significant portions of stockpiled millions of dollars of donor money for what it was given towards - say over the years 2010-2015, and you are OK with the ends justify the means ideology - than by all means, turn a blind eye to a little thing called integrity within christian ministry and continue to do whatever you want with your cash, after all - it really is God's money. And if you are OK with equipping numerous young students with $4500 in cash to take to India and not report the cash to either the US + India (or staff), yet the total cash per trip exceeded $10k per trip (over a two year period of doing this), and you're OK with transferring $19 million from India to US - to finish a US campus, then carry on. Yet if you care about accountability and integrity, you may want to weigh and pray about where you give to. It has been heartbreaking to to see the reality of all that has gone down with GFA - from termination from the ECFA, and the truth former board member Gayle Erwin revealed, it's a sad time for those who dedicated their lives to the work, especially after serving there over a decade. Over 50+ staff left in 2015, let that sink in. An article from Christianity Today sums up alot: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2015/december-web-only/report-details-why-gospel-for-asia-lost-ecfa-membership.html

Recommendation - pray for current staff.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 4

in spite of all mess happening around, I had the privilege to talk to many field staff and visited few mission fields of GFA/BC/Bridge of Hopes and realized that my accountability to God and commitment need to be more stronger than what I read and hear. I found a group of sincere and hard working men and women of God need my prayer as well as support. I recommend with all my conscience.