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Foundation For Women Warriors

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Centers to Support the Independence of Specific Populations, Human Service Organizations, Human Services

Mission: We exist to serve women veterans and their children so that their next mission is clear and continues to impact the world. In 2017-2018 we served 1,140 women (790) and children (350), including providing 1,038 days of childcare and 2,430 days of housing.

Target demographics: Women Veterans and their children

Direct beneficiaries per year: 1140 women veterans and children

Geographic areas served: Southern California

Programs: Warrior connect program provides personalized information and warm introductions to program coordinators at 800+ agencies on the local, state and national level. We connect veterans at their point of need to affordable housing options, legal assistance, mental health and other critical resources in their area. Our ongoing research, advocacy and collaboration allows us to provide women veterans introductions to life enriching resources and programs. Our program staff is well versed in local, state and nationwide programs and continuously nurture relationships to empower our women warriors. Example: providing a woman veteran with an introduction to an outpatient trauma clinic. In fy17/18, 650 women and 248 children were connected to requested resource agencies.

Warrior assistance provides short-term, high impact financial assistance to women veterans by assisting with rent, and emergency expenses. Warrior assistance serves as a safety net when unforeseen events place women veterans and their children at risk for falling into homelessness. Housing is critical to employment or continuing education. Example: rental assistance 1-3 months during a job transition or medical crisis paid directly to landlord or service provider our gifts are a hand up, not a handout. Warrior assistance gives women warriors the short term, high-impact relief that they need to navigate life's obstacles and make successful life transitions. In fy17/18, we provided financial assistance grants to 54 different women and their 45 children. We provided 2,430 days of housing.

Childcare assistance provides stipend for summer, spring, and winter day camps for children (entering 1st-6th grade) of qualified veteran mothers. Childcare subsidies are also paid directly to licensed childcare providers for children of women veterans (children ages 0-5). The childcare assistance program affords veteran moms to go to work or progress in a degree/certification. Childcare is a critical yet overlooked component of veteran transition. By covering the cost of childcare, we remove the barrier for women veterans to pursue/progress in a degree or certificate and/or stay employed. Example: childcare summer camp stipend for a child of a veteran mother who is attending summer classes in pursuit of a degree. In fy17/18, we childcare assistance for 38 women veterans and their 57 children. The childcare assistance program provided 1,038 days of childcare.

Connect with community is a networking and career workshop for women veterans and transitioning active duty women. We bring the women veteran community together with leaders in business and academia to provide a forum for women veterans to enhance their professional development and gain access to local community, business, and academic resources. We lead interactive sessions on budgeting, networking, interviewing, career change, leadership, resilience, and negotiating salary. Our women veterans receive onsite mentorship and build productive relationships with both business and academic mentors as well as meaningful relationships with other women. Connect with community program served 48 women.

Community Stories

7 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

Client Served

Rating: 5

Foundation for Women Warriors turned my unorganized, jargon filled resume into something clear and organized for the civilian world. The assisted me in my job search and really supported me as a woman veteran even though I had seperated years prior. I can't thank them enough! Not just for what they did for me, but for all that they're doing for female veterans.

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

I came across Jodie, and the Foundation For Women Warriors, through a close friend and attended a local event. This group is focusing on helping a segment of veterans I have not run into before and is much needed. First, it focuses on women veterans who have encountered significant problems and need immediate help. There are plenty of groups who focus on helping people transition from the military to civilian life, but those who have transitioned and run into problems later, not so much.

Many woman veterans are also single parents who often run into different problems that have not been covered in most benefit plans. Sure, you can get help with tuition for education, but that does not necessarily cover sitter costs. There are also times when there is some type of hiccup and monthly benefit checks are late. There has been a lot of discussion about how the average family do not have funds to cover a $400 emergency. These type of emergencies happen frequently with the women that this group helps out.

Being a veteran myself, I have been supportive of veterans and organizations that help veterans. The common component of the ones that are best is the leadership. Jodie Grenier fits the category of best leader. In speaking with her, it is clear she is passionate and keenly focused on the success of her group. She is intelligent and articulate, well educated and could easily be in a leadership position in the private sector, but she chooses to lead this group. She has put together a great team of volunteers and they work well together. What she is focused on is important and I hope that others feel the same way and support. I intend to.

Jim Butz


Rating: 5

The team at Foundation for Women Warriors is committed, hardworking, and energetic; they inspire me everyday. As a donor and a volunteer, I'm honored to be a small part of FFWW's mission: empowering women veterans to achieve economic well-being: having control over their finances while consistently meeting basic needs, including food, housing, utilities, healthcare, education, and childcare. All as they pursue their degrees and dream careers, many while providing for their children as single parents.

Deiya P.

Board Member

Rating: 5

I sit on the board of FFWW and have watched as this foundation’s leadership went through the struggles of engineering a complete 180 from the foundation’s earlier days of helping woman veterans “in need” to being a force for empowerment. The commitment, passion and emotional connection this team has for the women veteran community it supports is beyond inspirational and it is gift to be able to work closely with them.

Board Member

Rating: 5

As a political science professor and scholar, I have spent my career studying questions related to gender equity and women’s representation in non-traditional domains such as the United States military. Women make up approximately 20% of active-duty service members and when they are serving, they are often in the minority trying to fit into the “boy’s club.” When they leave the military, they lose the network they once enjoyed while serving. In short, women go from being the most visible active-duty service member, as they are typically the only woman in their unit, to the least visible veterans. Research shows that female veterans also face a number of obstacles when they leave the military:

• Women veterans are the fastest growing segment of homeless veterans
• Women veterans are 250% more likely to commit suicide than women who haven’t served
• Sixty percent of female veterans report housing instability
• One in four experience sexual assault; 73% have experienced sexual harassment

The Foundation for Women Warriors (FFWW) delivers unique programming that tackles these issues head on. The Foundation's programing offers women veterans tailored assistance during their transition, which often means providing emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness, a late utility payment, or childcare assistance that enables veteran mothers to pursue their degrees and professional development. I am honored to serve as a FFWW board member to champion its mission and make sure women veterans have the resources and opportunities to succeed post-transition.


Rating: 5

Foundation for Women Warriors is an amazing organization. They are the only organization in Southern California dedicated to assisting and empowering women veterans/warriors. FFWW is committed to helping women warriors succeed. FFWW has done this by addressing the 4 needs of women veterans: housing, education, childcare and community. Foundation for Women Warriors has 4 programs to address those needs: Warrior Assistance, Childcare, Warrior Connect and Connect with Community.
Served over 4400 women
Prevented 396 evictions
Sponsored over 79,820 warm nights
Prevented 171 utility disconnections
Provided food for over 165 families
Sponsored over 2238 childcare days
Connected over 3576 women veterans with mental health, employment, transition and education resources

Cheers to an amazing organization!


Rating: 5

Volunteering with the Foundation For Women Warriors nonprofit has changed my life. As the husband of a Woman Warrior, I saw first hand the unique contributions women service members make. I also saw the unique challenges they face. Volunteering with the Foundation For Women Warriors has enabled me to give back to my sisters-in-arms that come behind me, in a way that I know will help to ease those challenges. No other nonprofit serves exclusively women veterans in Southern California.

As a father to daughters, the Foundation For Women Warriors provides an environment where my children can see a man interacting with women as peers. It also enables them to see women leaders working with a man, to give back to other women. As a father, this kind of inclusiveness is vitally important for children to know about. As a veteran, the inclusive environment at the Foundation For Women Warriors brings back the dynamic, mission focused, environment I served in. It is incredibly meaningful.

I am thankful for this organization every day, and for every chance I get to help them continue their mission.