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Causes: Civil Rights, Human Services, International, International Relief, Religion

Mission: (see schedule o for description. )cross international channels resources such as food, medicines, and educational materials to the poor through a network of christian churches and ministries already in place within impoverished communities. In this way, cross international can help the poor cost effectively while empowering the evangelical outreaches of the christian leaders it assists. Cross also gives these overseas churches and ministries financial grants to access local resources, which in turn helps local economies.

Programs: Focus on medical: (see schedule o for description. )cross international medical aid focused on needs in 10 countries in 2014 - afghanistan, the dominican republic, el salvador, guatemala, haiti, honduras, nicaragua, uganda, vietnam, and zambia. This outreach has had a wide-ranging impact. For example, cross shipped $23,920,658 in medical related goods to the dominican republic which was distributed within a hospital network. In another case, funds granted by cross international made it possible for home-based medical care to be provided to hiv/aids victims and other chronically ill patients in an impoverished area of zambia. Ministry partners such as these rely on cross donations to keep their medicine shelves stocked, their equipment up-to-date, and their professional staff employed. By equipping hospitals, clinics, home healthcare, and medical outreach programs with resources necessary to provide services to their communities, cross helps thousands of families who would have had no other option for quality medical care.

focus on food: (see schedule o for description. )fighting malnutrition is a priority for cross international. As part of this mission, the organization gave monetary or material aid toward feeding programs in 13 countries including bolivia, burkina faso, the dominican republic, el salvador, guatemala, guyana, haiti, honduras, kenya, nicaragua, peru, uganda, and zambia. Many food shipments were specifically earmarked for distribution to infants and children, who are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of chronic malnutrition, such as mental and physical disabilities. One of the best ways to get food into the mouths of the hungry has been to partner with schools in developing countries. This strategy has successfully decreased malnutrition rates in the targeted communities while also improving school performance among the children who are fed. A large percentage of cross international's nutritional aid was sent in the form of "vitafood" - pre-packaged, nutrient-rich meals that are easy to cook and serve and are scientifically developed to meet the needs of malnourished children.

focus on orphans: (see schedule o for description. )cross international has responded to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in 10 countries - bolivia, ecuador, el salvador, guatemala, haiti, mozambique, nicaragua, philippines, uganda and zambia. Efforts in mozambique and zambia have had a significant impact on children affected by aids. These programs identify orphaned children - most of whom have lost one or both parents to aids - and help them with basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care and education. Other programs funded included orphanages in africa, latin america, southeast asia and the caribbean.

4d additional program services - educationcross international targeted educational needs in four countries: belize, ecuador, haiti, and peru. Although educational opportunities are technically offered by the governments in many developing countries, the quality of these services is often substandard, and the education is not really free because the schools charge small tuition fees which are too high for poor parents to pay. Government run schools may also require students to purchase supplies and uniforms which many families cannot afford. As a result of these costs, drop-out rates are enormous. To reverse this trend, cross international partners with christian schools that focus on meeting the needs of poor children who would otherwise be left behind. With cross support, these schools have provided a quality education at minimal or no cost to the students. Cross international's funding also supported special tutoring programs that helped needy and at-risk children get the most out of their education. 4d additional program services - water projectslast year, cross international began a project to pipe clean water to remote villages in nicaragua. We also provided potable water for hundreds of poor families in southern vietnam. Since water is crucial for both human consumption and support of agriculture and livestock, cross targets both needs. The effort to provide safe drinking water typically involves comprehensive projects that serve many people in the surrounding communities. For example, the water project in nicaragua involves not only providing water but also training local families in sanitary hygiene practices and protecting the water table through construction of latrines. The results of such projects are dramatic. Water-borne illnesses decrease and women no longer need to walk long distances to fetch small amounts of water from contaminated rivers. By establishing new sources of safe water that can serve communities for years to come, cross international's projects are saving lives. 4d additional program services - housingin 2014 cross international undertook housing programs in six countries: the dominican republic, guatemala, nicaragua, haiti, uganda, and vietnam. Cross' house-construction effort in nicaragua provided a sturdy cement home plus a bible to each benefiting family; and in guatemala, cross helped provide emergency shelter for families fleeing domestic abuse. 4d additional program services - shippingcross international's shipping program uses monetary donations to transport and distribute donated goods which meet the exempt purpose of providing food, providing clothing, providing medicine, facilitating medical treatment, providing water, facilitating clean water, providing housing, facilitating housing development, facilitating self-help programs, facilitating education programs, and/or addressing needs in a disaster relief and recovery situation. Through this approach, a donor's contribution can be multiplied at least ten times as it places goods valued at ten times that donation directly into the hands of the poor by the ministries serving them. Another benefit of shipping goods rather than sending funds is that cross can provide crucial medicines and medical supplies that are not locally available physically or financially. This support keeps hospitals and clinics stocked with the needed resources so doctors do not have to turn away patients untreated. In 2014, cross shipped goods to churches and ministries in 10 countries: burkina faso, the dominican republic, el salvador, guatemala, haiti, honduras, kenya, nicaragua, the philippines, and uganda. 4d additional program services - disaster reliefin 2014 cross international responded to severe, seasonal drought-like conditions in the horn of africa. Cross shipped over $111,500 worth of food and building equipment to be distributed through its established partners in kenya. Cross also sent more than $21,700 worth of vitafood to partners in the philippines to aid in ongoing recovery from devastation wrought in november 2013 by typhoon haiyan. 4d additional program services - general support & othercross international is uniquely positioned to help overseas ministries with their specific or unexpected needs. Cross' targeted responses helped programs in afghanistan, the dominican republic, ecuador, guatemala, haiti, nicaragua, peru, philippines, and vietnam. In each of these cases, a ministry partner was able to obtain a specific resource quickly and effectively, allowing them to continue their work without disruption. 4d additional program services - mission educationcross international's overall mission includes educating christians in the united states about the needs of the poor overseas and highlighting a biblical basis for responding to that poverty. This is important to the organization's goal of developing stronger relationships between the church in the u. S. And the church in the developing world. Cross achieved this goal by communicating directly to american christians through christian radio. The ministry's day-long and two-day radio presentations were made to the public on radio stations throughout the country. Along with conventional radio, cross international also educates through satellite radio, speakers, musical performances, events, over the internet, mailed materials, and other forms of communication. 4d additional program services - project developmentin order to ensure the proper use of donated funds and goods, cross international regularly monitors and meets with overseas partners. The vice president of missions and a staff of field officers made regular visits to these ministries, reviewing requests for assistance, monitoring the use of previous gifts, and providing professional assistance with accounting or project development issues. These project development services have helped cross partners grow more effectively, provide a better outreach to the poor, and maintain greater stability in the community.

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1 Lou M.


Rating: 5

This is the best charity. They make the most of every dollar they receive, very efficient! They donate money to organizations already on the ground that do great work. This means they are not using money to send volunteers or missionaries places. Regularly receive donations of food and medical supplies and need only to raise money for shipping costs. One of the truely great organizatioons



Rating: 5

Cross International is one of the best Christian Charitable Organizations I have seen and dealt with. They truly show compassion and brotherly love to all individuals no matter what country they are in. Cross does not just help occasionally, but their help is a commitment for the long term, as long as it is needed. They also hold those organizations/ministries they help accountable and check up and in on them often to make sure the poor are truly being helped.


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 5

This organization has a special love all countries in need. I trust this organization, and i will recommend this organization to all donors



Rating: 5

My 92 year old grandmother asked me to write a review for her. She has volunteered at Cross numerous times and loved it. She believes that this is an awesome ministry, doing great work. She said not only that, she was treated so kindly and has been a monthly donor and supporter, trusting her funds to be funneled properly to where aide is needed and she fully trusts Cross , there integrity and honesty as well.



Rating: 5

This is an awesome organization. Especially now with the Haiti earthquake they are moving mountains to get help in. I highly recommend giving to this organization.