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California Police Activities League

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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Children & Youth, Leadership Development, Youth Centers & Clubs

Mission: Youth athletic & recreational events

Programs: Sponsor athletic,recreational and educational events for youth. Provide lodging,meals and event fees for participating youth. Approximately 15,000 benefit.

provides training and supervision to local p. A. L. S in order to support athletic,recreational and educational events in their local communities. Approximately 110 p. A. L. Chapters benefit.

provides public education regarding fostering a positive relationship and building bonds between youth and police officers through athletic and recreational activities. Approximately 200,000 are reached.

Community Stories

7 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 3

I'm one of those telemarketers you guys are talking about. We're instructed to say /a MINIMUM/ of 15% of donations go to the organization, but the truth is the real amount actually depends on how much of a contribution we can get in a day from those we call. I make minimum wage per hour, and get "swept" if I'm not bringing in $40 an hour (sent home for the rest of the shift, because probability states people just aren't feeling like donating that day) . If /I/ make the minimum, that's already 25% of one generous person's donation going to my "extravagant salary". Other people spend the whole time being unable to bring in anything, another 25% goes to cover their wage, too. Then we have others dealing with paperwork and dealing with the envelopes, calling people who have pledged but never returned their donation, the printing of the envelope and cost of postage... can you see how all of this adds up? The more successful we are at getting hourly donations, the more that actually goes to the charity, but we can't guarantee we're always going to do well.

In a perfect world people would all have enough money and free time to collect donations for free, but the organization would be getting way less if my paper hat wearing *** wasn't getting their ears yelled at for a few measly dollars an hour in order to make you aware they even exist.


Client Served

Rating: 3

Received a call from 714-461-2107 claiming fund raising for Ca police Activities, etc...Ask them to send envelop and i'll consider they said they can't send mail out because if it doesn't get pp's donation in return then it is taking money from children. Is this organization legit. They sounded legit though except very pushy. Someone in California law enforcement can help answer this.



Rating: 1

The Attorney General should close this scam down. They prey on people that they are a police entity doing good to the underprivileged children. All the money they raise goes to their extravagant salaries. None goes to help the kids. Telemarketing gets 85 cents out of every dollar Raised. Look at their 990's. Scam!!!!!!!!!!! They should be ashamed. Where is the attorney general?? I always checkout where my money goes. I could not believe this one. I have law enforcement in my family and this makes them look really bad. I was forced to give them a 1 star to submit this. They shouldn't get any stars!!!!!


Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Scam. Telemarketers using computerized "folksy" recorded voices prompted by a human who is not allowed to speak. Ask a question and the computer says repeatedly -- "the police are sure doing a great job out there!." Eventually got a live person by repeating "supervisor", "supervisor".... She finally admitted that her company keeps 85% of the money they raise w/ only 15% going to Cal PAL.. and I'm sure only a tiny fraction of that goes to help kids. Do NOT give. Complain to California Attorney General's office. Indict 'em. Don't support 'em.

18 Kate51

General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

I just received a phone call from this organization - to buy tickets to their rodeo, which in turn would "help underprivileged kids go to camp, swim, hike, fish (painting a warm and fuzzy picture, right?). When I asked the all-important question about how much the program actually got, the man said 80/20. I was thinking the program got the 80 and the 20 went to expenses. Nope, it's the other way around. The guy launched into this big song and dance about how expensive it was to rent out the Cow Palace, pay for tickets, programs, yada, yada, yada. Besides hating rodeos anyway, I wouldn't give these people a dime. And either should you.

I wish I could give it no stars, as they're wasting people's time and money that could be going directly to a good cause, not to line the telemarketer's pockets.



Rating: 1

these people look like con artists claiming to be affiliated with the police to make it look legit. not only are your donations wasted here, they refuse to unsubscribe people to phone calls or mailings. perhaps i should file charges with the police against their own activities league ?!

Review from CharityNavigator


General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

HAS ANYONE EVER DONE THE MATH ON WHERE THEIR DONATIONS GO??? Telemarketers have been solicting my elderly mother (who is on a limited income). My husband & I have law enforcemnt backgrounds so she believes she is doing the right thing by donating to CA PAL I have written this organization requesting they stop soliciting her as she cannot affrod to give to others at this point in her life. After investigating this organization, I will demand it they stop their calls at once! Based on CA PAL's 2009 IRS 990 filing, the two tele-marketing companies they use (Xentel INC & TBS Productions), keep 80 - 81% of the monies they raise! Of the portion (roughly 19-20%) that CA PAL actually received in 2009, 27% goes to salaries. So the question one really has to ask themself before they donate is: "WHO DO YOU WANT YOUR MONEY TO GO TO THE KIDS OR THE TELEMARKETERS? And oh by the way, don't let anyone tell you this is the nornal course of business. In my career I have been a Board member, including Secretary, President and Treasurer for 11 501 c3 non-profit organizations. One of which I was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation. I am appalled and you should be to!