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Animal Defenders Of Westchester Inc

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General Member of the Public

Rating: 1

A recent comment by the director of this organization was among the most idiotic I have ever seen. She referred to carriage horses as "forced to work with a whip over their head while shackled from head to toe, with a metal plate shoved into their mouth for further cruel control". Anyone with the slightest knowledge of horses knows that they are not "shackled from head to toe", they wear a harness, as they have done for centuries; the "whip" she refers to is not used to strike the horse, merely to direct them, as they pull the carriage at a walk; and a bit (not a metal plate) is not used for "cruel control"...training controls the horse's actions, not the bit. Her comments sounded more like a sexual fantasy than any factual account of actions relating to carriage horses. I've supported animal welfare all my life (not animal "rights"), both as a volunteer and donor for equine rescue...but I wouldn't give this organization one thin dime since they obviously have ZERO knowledge of animals and/or have no compunction about lying to further their activism...which activism, by the way, would have an end result in 220 horses that have been veterinarian certified as well cared for and content...made homeless and a further drain on the extremely limited resources of equine rescue...or slaughter bound to Mexico or Canada.

4 Haley9

Professional with expertise in this field

Rating: 1

Kiley Blackman is one of the most unprofessional animal people I have ever known. Whilst she is stumping for support for your donations and support here, she is terrorising and posting lies about other animal organisations. Personal attacks not withstanding, Kikey you should be ashamed of yourself. While your brothers and sisters rude horses in far more dangerous conditions you have the audacity to condemn the beloved icons of NYC? The audacity to post lies that harken back to human fetishes? I will never, and will inform everyone I know through social media which as I am sure you are aware can spread far and wide, support your animal organisation or any other organisation you are affiliated with and your superiors will be contacted with what you posted both on social media and the lies told to the newspaper because people like you should not receive a pay check that comes from the taxpayers. You my dear are a waste of humanity breathing valuable oxygen best left to those who actually care.