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Africa Hope Community

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Rating: 5

Africa Hope Community is dedicated to assisting African immigrant women to achieve their highest potential as they integrate the US culture and strenghten ties with homeland. Women represent 45% of the African immigrant population.Through our coaching program, African women can interact with Americans and share their cultural values. Goals has been set and self-esteem restored.By empowering them, we have impacted many families lives and younger generation These women are being given a second chance to bequeath to the world a generation of strong, confident and successful man and women always ready to serve others and compassionate as they remember how good America has been to them. Our members
are receiving guidance in their lives and immediate assistance.
Many women have received assistance in furnishing their new apartments. Some others with babies items, clothing and more
AHC is working in defending the women' rights to education, economic empowerment and health.


Rating: 5

Africa Hope Community was providence for a family for Congo. A friend family of 4 members came to USA. Due to the misconduct of the host family, they could not stand to stay any more with the host family. They went to sign a lease contract without furniture. They decide to move anyway hoping that God will provide furniture for them by faith. When Africa Hope Community heard that, the president of AHC contacted some donors and persons to donate any furniture. I was called to donate my time and my car. We went at the donor place, with the beneficiary family, to pick up some items. It was a surprise and providence for this family. The donor family seeing the beneficiary family they were astonished and happy to be in touch with beneficiary directly. The donor said “I’m am glad that all furniture to the one who need it the most, some time we give to some organization not being sure if that will serve, some will sell, but for first time I see the one who will use,” the beneficiary could not believe their eyes, they got all they need (TV, dining table and chairs, dishes, sofas, loveseat, mattresses, clothes …) This beneficiary family were touched to get more than what they were missing from a unknown family. What God love. I was so happy to use my car, my gas, my time for this cause. I saw the connection between donors and beneficiary, from that time on, both family stayed in touch. I started to talk about AHC to others, because I am sure they contributions and in kind contributions will reach the beneficiaries. Please endorse Africa Hope Community not to help unknown people, but really people in need that you will meet, that you will smile to them


Rating: 5


This is non-profit organization:
That is helping lots of people all around world. This foundation is giving people Hope for tomorrow it is making them understand the way of life here in United States, It is taking time work with people and help them with their needs, Such as food closing household goods Medical Care Education jobs personal hygiene and basic communication such as English . I have seen with my own eyes to help that this organization is doing for people, this is why I am just one of the mentors that is helping out with this organization. African hope communities are helping families become better citizens of the United States.

Thank you to the president Francine Kanyinda and her husband you are very educated carried people with a heart to help people and to help them see and have hope with a dream for tomorrow, for letting me be a part of your dream.
This is just one of the very important organizations out here reaching people, a very positive motivating uplifting organization.

I’m proud to be sponsors of this organization as the HR director of the Hope Center USA.

Sincerely yours
Betty Freeman


Rating: 5

Africa Hope Community is an organization that helps African women build their lives in the Denver area. Many African women who immigrate to the United States face a lot of difficulties as they try to find resources especially educationally and financially. I know first hand how tough it can be. My mother immigrated to the United States from Ghana, West Africa and struggled to find resources, but through the assistance of friends she was able to get her education and become financially independant. I decided to get involved with Africa Hope in order to help women like my mother establish and reach their goals. Adjusting to life in a new country can be very difficult, but Africa Hope Community aims to assist women by providing resources and support. I admire how the President of Africa Hope, Francine Kanyinda, has worked tirelessly to establish this organization and reach hundreds of women in desperate need. I am proud to be a volunteer for this organization and I believe that it will continue to grow.


Rating: 5

I first heard about Africa Hope Community while attending a community film documentary called Pushing the Elephant. After the viewing there was a panel discussion with people who could speak about the Congolese crisis firsthand. Francine KANYINDA, the founder of AHC was speaking on behalf of the non-profit she started. I instantly was intrigued by what she was saying because I was mulling over the idea of volunteering with a refugee agency again. ( I had done so for several years in the past and took a break). I was thrilled b/c I hadn't heard about AHC and I loved that it was smaller than the other agencies. I also, love that it was started by an African with a mission to help fellow Africans. This is very important because I believe it helps bridge the major divide that African women have to go through upon arriving in the U.S. Africa Hope Community is making a difference in African women's lives.



Rating: 3

Since there are so many African refugee women and immigrants who most of the time struggle in coping with realities of life and language barriers, this organization try to help women focus on a positive development in keeping the family bound together and maintain unity in the family. There are so many challenges in raising children in the U.S. so those women need to be equiped with better tools on how to educate their children for good education and success for their future. Some women never lived in these fancy apartments so helping them know how to clean and maintan neatness in the housing for a healthy living in order to avoid pests.
There are volunteers in the Africa Hope Community who devote their time coaching these women for a better life and easy integration into the society they are living in.
I personally referred a refugee woman, a single mother, who never knew how to shop and clean the house, but after mentoring and coaching, the woman can now go shopping by herself and also mainatin the house clean.