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LostNMissing Inc.

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What I want to do

Continue to bring awareness of those missing while supporting the families and guiding towards success in bringing home their missing loved one.

What matters to me

I believe strongly in helping those who cannot help themselves and "do unto others."

What inspires me

Seeing so many good people who want to help others!

Londonderry, NH USA

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June 6, 2013

In response to my previous and continued requests for action.

Ms. Ni, I have submitted numerous requests to your customer service and have yet to have this issue resolved. I've sent you messages direct through Facebook and any other possible means to try and convey what is truly transpiring. This is not about public postings for accountability on our nonprofit at your site, but about malicious online bloggers who have no knowledge of our company, services or the work that we've performed in one specific case. The same group of bloggers who have publicly posted they will do all possible to have our company dissolved and reputation ruined. By allowing this performance is giving clear rights to bullying and cyber-harassment and more importantly, giving them the platform to continue their malicious campaign of hate. I'm sure you can understand just how important reputation is to a nonprofit and especially personal reputation when one is continually named publicly in a derogatory manner by cyber harassment? My attorney has already clearly identified their work as libelous and they've been given cease and desist notifications, yet, GreatNonprofits is the only portal that is continuing to allow them to come every 10-days to repost their negative and malicious posts so that they always appear at the top of our page…on your site.

You stated: "Secondly, online feedback ratings and reviews rely on crowd-sourced insights. We don't impose editorial control. Everyone can write a review. "

My response: This is the problem I have. You should be responsible to have control. Allowing multiple negative comments by the same posters over and again is giving the platform for those who are cyber-harassing and creating malicious havoc. You state "everyone" can write a review? Yet, your TOS clearly states that those who write reviews " Not use the Site to threaten, stalk, defraud, incite, harass, or advocate the harassment of another person, or otherwise interfere with another user's use of the Site;" , Yet, your site is allowing the negative posts to remain, in which clear name calling "narcissistic martyr" is stated (and Google Cached to my personal self and reputation) and clearly if you reviewed our entire site you will find that we had 100% 5-star ratings from 2008 - March of 2013 and that the only negatives on our record (at your site) are by a small group of cyber-stalkers (following our posts online in numerous sites and posting libelous and derogatory comments.)…and many of those with the same IP address. (Only one time did your group remove 16 posts , all negative, all done by the same IP address and all names created at your site was specifically targeted towards my autistic son, my Exec Asst whose husband is deceased, our Event Coordinators minor child's name and other names of harassment. The only reason those posts were removed is my email went to your IT person who noticed the same IP address. Your Customer Service has yet to take appropriate action to block the continued negative posters IP addresses from posting, has yet to halt ALL postings (pos or neg) until their actions are under control. ( My attorney advised that I place a public posting asking for cease and desist, in accordance to the letters sent to their Sheriff Depts asking the same...and that is what the "threats" are they are speaking of in some of the posts.)

You further stated, "And nonprofits can encourage their clients, volunteers and donors to write reviews about them. We also provide nonprofits equal voice. You can respond to reviews about you. "

My response: I've learned that responding to the negative postings only encourages more harassment. This should not be a portal for harassment. You also stated nonprofits can encourage clients, donors and volunteers. Not one of those posting are affiliated, worked with, observed, or have any knowledge of our nonprofit. Clearly in what they are writing they have no mission except to continue harassment. At the same time you may ask why? The reason is that they are a handful of people who post on a website theorizing cases of missing people.

The husband of a missing woman came to us to help locate his wife and as the same service we provide to all families of missing, we provided to him and his children. He was recently arrested and charged with her murder; however, he has not gone to trial as yet and has not been deemed guilty or innocent. Regardless of that outcome, it has nothing whatsoever to do with our company, services and work we provided around the clock for 7 weeks to locate his missing wife. His actions, or in-actions, has no bearing on our company…yet these bloggers feel that we should be dissolved as one of our clients "may be guilty?" The very premise of our work is to help families of missing. The entire time of the case we worked with law enforcement and never once during the 7 weeks was he ever named a person of interest , nor was the case a homicide investigation. That all changed once her body was located, however, at the same time…once a body is located our services are no longer needed as the missing person is found. Yet, in the mind of the bloggers…because we sought a "living missing person" they felt that we were wrong as we "shouldn’t have" been looking for a missing person but a deceased one. That group of bloggers had no public knowledge of the case information that we were privy to nor do they know the roles we played in seeking both a living missing person and a possible deceased person…yet they freely post on your sight blatant lies and cruel remarks and pose them as if I, the president of the company, stated or did. I did not state or do any of what they're posting. Trying to clarify our work to those who want to cause disruption and spread false lies are fruitless as they have one mission only and that is malicious havoc.

Again, you stated " People will make decisions based on the totality of information. In this case, it sounds like you have one negative review and the majority are positive reviews. Most readers will expect some negative reviews. They will not expect you to be perfect. "

My response: Your site is now tied on the front page of GuideStar. If one were to go there and look up my organization and scroll down to reviews…the first two reviews of your site appear there. They are always 1-star Negative reviews as no matter how many of those who do write truthfully and post a pos review, the cyber harassment continues and they make sure that their negatives are always on top. They will "lay off" for about 10 days or so…enough time for factual reviews to come and post…and then begin their havoc by posting their negative so that the first impression anyone would have are their posts. If you were to go to GuideStar and need the services of a nonprofit and you scroll down and the very first reviews you see are 3 negatives (1-star) in a row….are you really going to continue to want to pursue that nonprofit? What if you are in the postion to offer a grant? Would you continue to pursue seeing the first 3 reviews are negatives? I wouldn’t.

I would appreciate if you could take a bit more time and seriously look into these problems and concerns. Fact is you also mentioned that you provide us with a "free service" and yet, I never asked for this service? You listed our site and when your site asked us to "claim our nonprofit" , of course we would as we wouldn't want someone who is "not us" to claim it? Never did we come to you and request your services nor would I after this continued experience in which your GreatNonprofits site feel is "just and important" when in fact is lacks very serious enforcements of your very own terms of service? How can you claim that you're team is doing good work when you are merely building a website (blog, in my opinion) and allowing complete malicious havoc to transpire and then to tell the nonprofit, when they report the problems, that they can "learn from the public of their mistakes and grow from it?"

Ways to make it better...

If I had to make changes to this organization, I would...

A. Adhere to your own TOS and policies regarding those who are posting that are clearly posting with the sole purpose of creating malicious havoc and cyber bullying/stalking. B. Institute a verified method of identifying the poster. I.E.: must log in via Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as opposed to allowing people to create false email addresses. C. Allow one negative post only by one. Giving the platform to enable someone to come back and continue harass a nonprofit is a "poor service."

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Client Served

April 14, 2013

I'm not exactly sure what all GreatNonprofit has done to actually help the community, however, if it is to utilize this site in order to "rate" a service or nonprofit is far below expectations. First, the customer service portal is very inept. Absolutely no phone number to place a call.
Secondly, don't trust the star rating system because any person can come here and give a testimonial regarding a nonprofit and not even know the company nor worked or were serviced by said nonprofit. I know this firsthand as my ratings have dropped from a full 5 star of 89 families that we have worked directly with 4.5 stars as now malicious people pretending to have first hand knowledge of our company starts to write bad reviews, purposely and maliciously. I, as President and Founder, have brought this to the attention of GreatNonprofits and they've done nothing. Apparently anyone can say anything they want, including libeling a person and company, and GreatNonprofits will let their statements stand as a "true rating." Very very poor system, no monitoring, no effective communications. I hope GuideStar finds another service company because this is very poor.

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