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Nonprofit Overview

Causes: Homeless & Housing, Homeless Centers, Human Services

Mission: The gathering inn ministers to immediate and long term needs of the underserved in placer county, ca through emergency nomadic shelter, case management, medical and dental services, substance abuse programs, a no cost clothing closet, substance abuse programs and a day center.

Results: •The Gathering Inn provides over 17,000 warm and safe nights of service per year to over 500 homeless people. •33% of those provided shelter and food are women with children, 2% are seniors. •30% of those receiving shelter find permanent housing. •Although the program is just six months old, The Gathering Inn's Community Medical Clinic has already served 436 people with medical care.

Target demographics: homeless children, families, and adults

Geographic areas served: Placer County

Programs: Nightly shelter and meals: this includes daily use of showers, access to personal hygiene sundries, clean socks and underwear, storage of belongings, daily transportation to and from the host churches, bedding and overnight trained supervision. 16,394 bed nights and meals were provided. A total of 368 individuals participated in the program including 109 women, 21 children and 33 transitional youths (ages 19-25). Of the guests we served this year, 49 had physical disabilities, 44 were veterans, 29 came from jail or prison (homeless prevention). 111 were victims of domestic violence and 121 guests were placed in housing during the year, a 33% placement rate.

the gateway community resource center: is open 8 a. M. To 4 p. M. Monday through friday. Access is available to the community. Computers are available for resume writing, job searches, email access and computer skills instruction. Life skills, family relationships, anger management, sober living and co-occuring disorder training and classes are given. Referrals: to available transitional housing, to supportive houseing and apartments, to placer county mental health and other assistance programs such as general relief, medi-cal and food stamps. The center also provides daytime relief from inclement weather, social interaction, case management, workshops and other skill opportunities. The program participants are required to attend certain classes and must be working toward personal goals such as employment, housing and sobriety. Access to recovery, alcolholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous meetings are an integral part of the program. This is not a respite facility. It is a place to stabilize oneself and move up and out of poverty and homelessness. 14,650 persons signed in at the resource center during the year.

interim care program: the gathering inn maintains a post-hospitalization care facility. It provides a special shelter for people who need to recover after being discharged from placer county hospitals. This facility ensures that homeless patients are given the dignity to recover in a stable environment following hospitalization treatment for illnesses or injuries. Hospitals are prohibited from releasing patients to the streets. The icp provides a solution to this issue for both the recovering patients and the local hospitals. The facility can accomodate 5 guests and one house manager (formerly a homeless person) at a time. The recovery times vary. Some guests are with us for several months, while others remain just a short time.

other program services expenses relate to the community clothes closet and medical clinic square footage allocation of interest, depreciation, insurance and utilities.

Community Stories

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1 Karrie K.

General Member of the Public

Rating: 3

I have a question 80 percent of the guest are very sick at the gathering inn ,and yes the gathering inn guest are spreading ,a new flu and cold around ,we are ending up in Er with bronic infactions and pneumonia.fliid in the lungs no one is getting better only worse we are all given .paper work from the hospital when we are released that stated bed rest ,only and given medication that makes us sleep to get better ,But here is the problem ther is no place for bed rest at all we have to beg to lay down when we come home frome the hospital .and if we close are eyes in the center we are told to get out and we can not sleep in the center ,stupid i know how many of you that have a roof over your head ,lay dowm and rest ,and sleep when the hospital tells you to in order to get well .getting well is the best way to get the homeless back on there feet ,you can not get well not being able to lay down until 10pm at night and thats after standing in lines all day and check in and after doing your chore at night so have a place to stay that night ,after we finilly get to lay down we turn around get up at 5am and pack up are beding and change get on a bus then come back and stand out side in the freezing cold for a hour ,then well try to stay awake till 3pm and ,being sick as dogs throwing up in the bathroom all night long .thaen we kicked out of the center and stand out side again in the cold ,and sick for hour to chesck in and may be take a warm shower and get clean clothes on then told to stand out side for more hours in the cold waiting to eat dinner at 7 or 7:30 pm after dinner we clean and wait for a mat that dose nothing for you but make you even sicker your body hurts from the floor ,I do not under stand if you go to the gathering inn in aiburn thay let sick people rest and get well .so the sickness stops but in roseville you can clearly see that some of the people running the homeless are there for the pay check only ,and makes me mad with out the homeless there would be no pay chescks ,so why is it the the people at the homeless shelter ,treat us like we are not human only numbers that they can beet down I feel you you are going to do work for the homless ,care for the homeless we are human ,not low life people that are dum some of here got here from reasons that they do not under stand .i feel the people that run the gathering inn should be people that have walked in are shoes or live with us for one or two weeks to see what we need .not run dowm are selfasteam any more then it is ,I wish the people giving money to gathering inn would ask the homeless what we need and what we want and what would really help us not make it worse ,And i know on the week ends people hate seeing us walking around no place to go to the bathroom no place to stay so we try to find a place out of the cold and out of the ran ,thank god for the roseville liberay and thank god foe java jungle they give so much of there time to the homeless when we need it they have never let us stand out in the ran or in the freezing cold when its below 30 they have a heart is it so hard to work with the homeless .saying your doing work for homess with good in your heart and doing for the homess only for a pay check with a cold heart and only money on your mind working with homesss takes a person that cares for others not a person that only cares for them self this is to all that give money to the gathering inn .we all know there is two sides to every story ,so in telling the truth side for the people the homeless the women that are there because we left a bad home for safty and for the people that are there that lost are jobs ,due to all the cut backs and for thr people there that worked hard and had there backs give out and are waiting for ssi and every person there has paid in to ssi .there is more there then drugise and drinkers thank you ,if any one out there can understand what I am saying please come and talk to the homeless not the ones playing boss ,remember its because of the homeless that there is paychecks ,so lets get to the point we pay are bosses to work for us ,we have the right to speak up ,without homeless there would be no gathering inn ,and we the homeless can always start a shelter of are own