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Causes: Human Services, Public & Societal Benefit

Mission: We work to make one simple insight into the root cause of all human psychological misery and one simple act of inward looking that reliably eliminates that cause available to all human beings everywhere.

Results: In the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the number of people who have tried our method, have gone though the recovery process, and are now living their lives with sanity and self-reliance. There are many reports available on our website and discussion forums. http://www.justonelook.org/community/testimonials.html http://www.justonelook.org/community/forums/

Target demographics: everybody around the world.

Direct beneficiaries per year: thousands of people worldwide

Geographic areas served: worldwide

Programs: video webinars, public talks, workshops and intensives, private conversations, discussion forums, blog and podcast.

Community Stories

11 Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Supporters

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

I had no idea what the fear of life meant to me until it finally disappeared and I realized just how fresh and open life could be. By "Looking At Me " I discovered that I am always here always the same regardless of circumstance. Recently this has given me the inner fortitude to face a very real reason to live in fear, that of being a Jew whose relatives went through the holocaust. This process opened a deep well of compassion and reinvigorated my creativity. I am forever grateful to John and Carla for persisting in bringing this wonderful method to all who are willing to try it. Helen Waterhouse

6 Pierpaolo A.


Rating: 5

Powerful and simple message. Humble, caring, and transparent people. I am a bit sad that this insight has not spread out to the whole world yet, but hopeful that it will.

14 Peter Sidney D.


Rating: 5

Hi there, I am here to promote John and Carla Sherman’s work. Both of these people have won my heart until forever. I owe them both so much.

I am a Vietnam vet, and for years I suffered from PTSD. I tried everyway of getting better but to no avail. I was angry, and hateful. I dreaded life and took it out on the whole world. My wife and children had, had just about enough of me, and I could see that my marriage soon would disintegrate into shards. I was told by repatriation doctors that the kind of PTSD we diggers get is incurable. But I had to do something as the fear of life was eating into me, as well is into others.

Then one day I discovered John, and his wife on the net. Now, I had tried everything to get rid of this nonsense but to no avail. I read what john had to say in 2008 and straight away I was interested. He had a different angle on things than the others I had read. He told me ‘Just look at yourself’ which sounded quite crazy, but he had got my attention for some reason [Perhaps because I have always loved original ideas] So I started looking at myself; that was seven years ago, and I do it twice a day and always will. Within weeks I noticed a difference, but most of the changes come slowly and one does not notice then until he looks back at life. My personality has now changed completely. Instead of angry irritable and filled with fear, and hatred, I have an almost immovable smile on my face, and my heart is totally filled with joy. I think that my constant singing might get on some folks nerves, but I cannot help myself. To me every day is beautiful and I really do get high on life. All of this I owe to John and his lovely wife, Carla. Please readers take note of what I have written and give the looking a go. I could not be more sincere and honest if I tried. Thank you John and Carla. I owe you big time.

Peter Duggan from Australia



Rating: 5

I did the looking several years ago and I must say the effects never cease to amaze me. There are so many facets of my personality that were formed and solidified due to the fear of life that it has taken a long time for many of these traits to fall away ..depression ,anxiety finally gone.From the first look at myself I felt I was now in the drivers seat ..its like I was handed my life back now it was up to me. Its not like someone telling you 'take responsibility' or how life should be without all these bothersome thoughts and emotions. In fact John and Carla have been immensely helpful along the way sharing their own experiences during the recovery period however never interfering with my individual process . Their advice over and over is simply to look at yourself and if you feel to share your experiences in the forum as a way to support each other.Their observation that we only have control over where we place our attention is a powerful help as I go along and immediately verifiable to anyone trying it. LIfe is a mystery for sure but this work exposes a practical truth with no spiritual elaboration..you are here and you can fully engage in your life without fear . Worked for me !

13 nilin1977


Rating: 5

This nonprofit supports sanity and self reliance for ordinary humans all around the world, like me. The work being done here have ment everything for me, both personaly and professenially. My mind is recovering from the so called fear of life and the effects are wonderful. I think that this work is so promising that I now study to be a Psychologist. I belive that this method and wiew of adressing and working with Mental Health is revolutionizing. Please take a look at what this nonprofit are offering, you want regret it..


Previous Stories


Rating: 5

River Ganga Foundation is the place that supports knowledge and support around a mental act called, the act of inward looking. It is a very simple act that is performed by moving our attention to the feeling of being a person. That act provides a revolution in mental health, because when we see ourselves in this way we free ourselves from a kind of fear based context that is called, the fear of life.

I know how it is to live with a distance and fear towards my own life. But I also know how it is to live without it. To be free of the fear of life has made all the difference to me. It has totally revolutionized the way I relate to my life. It is amazing how such a simple act can be of such importance. I believe that this act would be of great help to everyone who tried it.



Rating: 5

100% impecccable people, 100% simple message, 100% helpful advice



Rating: 5

I have been meandered in spiritual circles for quite a while and stumbled upon John and Carla's work in 2008. For a short time, I enthusiastically translated some of John's articles and then cooled off or got distracted by something else... But perhaps this initial looking had a root in myself, and I "rediscovered" them again a few months ago. What I can tell? I think I hadn't had a serious "recovery" phase so far. My life is now as it has always been - ups and downs, accidents and unexpected events, not always pleasant. But, but, but... my relationships with life and people are changing, very incrementally, not dramatically, not overnight, no enlightenment or anything like that. But it is completely different now compared to what it was even a couple of month ago. I don't know how to fully express my deep and genuine gratitude to them both, to what they are doing.



Rating: 5

Why I SUPPORT the River Ganga Foundation ? Here is a true life story I’d like to share…is a story about a woman and a man - is a story about RELATIONSHIPS ! this is the conversation between myself (who has discovered John Sherman’s work while going through a deep depression in 2007) and my best friend who was in love with a men, whom she felt, was backing back after one year of fun dating ! I have edited the text to highlight the essence of the conversation that took place both, via e-mail and Facebook messages. For privacy reasons, I will not mention her real name !

She : Yesterday, after work, I felt crushed so I stopped in the parc and sat on the bench crying a river to the point that 2 people came to ask me if I needed help ! I smoked all night ! cigarette after cigarette and in the morning I walked out the house in disarray…! Then, I came back and the first thing I did, I went throughout the cupboards and I took his T-shirts, his adidas, his socks and shoes, the toaster he brought to my place… all in one large garbage bag ! Next time I see him, I will ask him to give me back the keys from my apartment and I tell him to take back his stuff. I hope I will be strong enough to do it and end it! No more sex, no more messages… nothing ! For how long I will be able to say no ? I don’t know ! I hope I’m strong! I keep you posted ! XXXXXXXX

Me : Dearest… I hear your pain and I don’t know how more to help you ! But I repeat once again ! Listen to what I say ! Direct your attention towards the feeling of BEING YOU !…. Let me know !

She : Today I isolated myself totally ! I do not want to see anybody ! You are my only connection… Since you left Montreal it turns out that you are my virtual notebook… I write to you because I feel compelled to express myself and I know that you understand me. I know you read me… and I do not expect you to write me back ! I hope you enjoy time on the island ! Kiss xxxxxxxxx

She : Last night I tried to do what you told me again and again during the entire year ! And for the first time I understood you ! Through rivers of tears and cigarettes, last night I looked at myself ! It lasted a second… but in that second, a veil lifted somehow. I woke-up this morning and for the first time I saw the plant in my bedroom. I looked at it in awe, for maybe 20 minutes then, I went to water it… because, like me, it was dyeing… ! Afterwards I had a craving for an omelette, and I went to the kitchen. And then ???? AFTER I ate, I realised that I did not think of him all morning !!!!!?!?!?! ! I did not wake up with the obsession !!!!!!! My first thoughts walking up in the morning were not longer on him ! :))))) I think is sign of healing ….


Me : :))) I know what you are referring to ! the fraction of the second is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that ever happened to you ! All will change form now on ! DO not expect miracles… Bu you will see things clear !

She : No ! I realise that is a perception thing ! And in that second, my perception has turned towards me !...

She : If I learned something this year ?!?!?! A lot ! About myself, about life and relationships, about humans !. Now, looking back, I see where I have made a mistake in my relationship with him ! It was me who took the horns is this relationship ! I wanted to control everything - to plan the trips, the dates, to choose where we go, what we do… EVERYTHING !!!!! Now i lay back ! I do not care. And I fell, that with small steps, he is coming back towards me!

In the past I would say : ‘I bought duty-free drinks… come and pick me up from the train-station and we drink it together !’

Today, when he called, I told him that I arrived at the train station with 2 bottles of whiskey and I take the taxi back home. And I will make a gin for myself… And he said : mhhhh!

I did not look to get him come to me.. I did not look to control… and I did not need his approval ! I need to go through hell and reborn like the Phoenix bird, from my own ashes.!!! Don’t understand me wrong ! I stopped playing games with him! Simply, in that second, I succeed to focus my energy towards myself and take it away from projecting it towards him ! And the situation changed in an INCREDIBLE way ! And the moment I stopped trying to understand the situation and to analyse things, the entire situation changed by itself !

And besides the fact that I remember reading it, you told me this so many times ! And you were so right !

Anyway ! I let you go ! Life is full of mystery and at the same time… so simple !!!! Love you a lot and infinite thanks from my heart !




Rating: 5

I discovered within just a few months with John Sherman what I had been yearning for my entire life--and had spent years searching for it elsewhere. John's work freed me from any context for my life except myself, my own true knowledge of "me." I am attracted to spiritual practices but now see that what John offers is independent of any religion or spiritual practice, yet is inclusive of all. He has worked hard to keep his language free from terminology that excludes anyone, including spirit-speak, and talks directly to the matter at hand: shifting your focus to a palpable sense of what you call "me" and soon, any other delusions we may have of who we think we are vanishes, never to return. It is the ultimate intimacy and love, to fall into yourself and discover all that you already are and have always been. Life becomes a daily adventure of how to live a more skillful human life, with joy and contentment.



Rating: 5

Hi my name is Peter Duggan and I hail from Perth Western Australia. I found John and Carla when I was searching through the net for pod casts by Alan Watts. One of my favourites for a long, long time. Then I came across some old pod casts of John from two thousand and six. Well the first thing I read was him saying that I am as awake as I ever will be. This grabbed my attention, and seemed to really resonate in me. Then he told me to look at me, the me behind every thing.

Now I had been trying to meditate unsuccessfully for nearly forty years, and I thought that I had to do this before I could have self realization. So hearing John say that I did not have to meditate was a breath of fresh air. I tried the looking, and I realized that I had always ended up there when I tried to meditate. My concentration span stopped me from meditating, but I would always find me looking at me when I lost the concentration. I thought that this was not correct, but it did seem to make me feel good. Although I didn’t know then that I was ’looking at me

So when John told me to look I found it quite easy to do.
But anyway at that time there were plenty of people who found it very hard to do the looking, and hearing them say this made me Doubt that I was not doing it properly. However this soon passed and I started doing the looking during meditation, and also whenever it occurred to me to do so. It was only two weeks later that I had a personal crises when my lady ended up in hospital. It absolutely amazed me how well I took this; I did not go into a blind panic like I used to do, and handled the whole thing quite well.

I have now been doing the looking for three and a half years, and I can tell you, I really can feel the difference in me. My love for binge drinking is absolutely extinct now, and my long time habit of smoking the wacky baccy has stopped, and that was another habit that needed to go, for it had taken over my life. I now find my life to be simply fantastic, so sweet, like it has never been before. I used to wake up each new morning with this absolute dread that I could not put my finger on, and I had this terrible fear of death; well the anxiety has gone forever [I hope] and that sense of dread has not effected me at all since I started doing the looking. Although I love lif, and really don’t want to die just yet That neorotic fear of death is gone. I even found myself walking across a very high bridge that would have terrified me once, and though the fear was still there I managed to overcome it, and walked across that bridge quite easily. I am always so happy these days and I must get on my wife’s nerves with my perpetual singing, and laughing.

After about a year of the looking I went through a two year period when all I wanted to do was sit in the garden just watching each new day pass by. I could sit for hours without getting thoroughly bored. This worried me for a while because I had given up writing songs and verse, and all the other things I liked to do. I gave my guitars away to my son, and I thought that I would never want to play music again. But now, all this is gone and I find that I am so much better at what I do than I used to be. I don’t know whether or not the improvements will carry on, But right now I am so happy that I don’t care. I still participate in some of my bad habits, but I find I am in control of them now, and besides It really doesn‘t bother me any more, and I know that It will never go to the way it was before.

These days the looking comes to me very naturally, and I don’t need to practice it any more, but I still use it in my meditations, and when I sit doing nothing the looking comes to me naturally. When I first started doing the looking I used to have two hour periods a day where I started off doing some chants, for twenty minutes, and then I tried the looking for the other forty minutes of each session. I also looked at me throughout the day whenever it occurred to me to do so.

By the way I must add to this that I suffered from PTSD due to the Vietnam war, and my doctor told me it cannot be cured. Well I can tell you that baby is as gone as it will ever be. To anyone reading this I say get into it and do the looking, it is about the best thing you can do. I am so very happy with my life now, that it is unbelievable. Thanks to John and Carla.

6 Eve R.


Rating: 5

Life can be difficult and many of us go on one search or another to find relief, to find meaning. My own search took the form of meetings, constantly reading metaphysical/philosophical books, and seeking out groups interested in these same studies. It was in one of these groups I heard the name John Sherman mentioned. I will always be grateful for this couple and the enthusiasm they expressed about John’s meetings. I immediately browsed the Internet and found out that he and his wife, Carla, lived 2,400 miles across the country from me!

To make a long story short I , eventually, attended one of John and Carla’s meetings (2005) and came away knowing that I had found what I had been looking for! John Sherman has a way of reassuring one that “everything is all is all right, right now” and that life is here for one to enjoy. He has shown me how to ‘neutralize’ the effects of conflict in my life. Burdens have been lifted. I continue to study and stay in touch through CD’s, articles, podcasts, etc.

Although we are not pressed for donations, I do donate when I can. I also purchase CD’s from his retreats and meetings.

What John and Carla are doing for ‘our world’ is beyond words. If “Grace” could take a form it would look like the two of them!