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The International Institute For Global Leadership is a tuition-free, internet based education program which provides a curriculum in consciousness designed to prepare students to become personally empowered, consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world. The study program is open to participants of any age and from anywhere in the world.


We currently have 125 students from 27 countries. We currently average shipping over 500 books a year to our students and have shipped over 2,800 books related to personal empowerment to our students over the past seven years for which they are required to write an assessment as to how the information affects their day-to-day life. Each of their profiles, photos and book assessments are posted on our website.

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Although our studies are available to anyone of any age, anywhere in the world, most of our current students are young Africans in their 20's $ 30's.

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The program is divided into different levels of study. The introductory level consists of two small books which are emailed to the student. When these have been completed, the student enters Level One studies. Levels One & Two – which focus on personal empowerment - consist of seven books each. Level Three, devoted to personal assessment and goal setting, consists of written exercises. In Levels Four, Five & Six a student may choose seven books for each level from a selection of more than 400 books in 17 subject areas. The upper levels offer students many opportunities for advanced guided studies, internships, etc. according to their personal interests and life goals. More details about each level are available on the curriculum page of our website:

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Reviews for International Institute For Global Leadership Inc

Rating: 5 stars  

IIGL is a transformative platform for Global leaders. It shaped men around the world and this men are shaping nations.

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Rating: 5 stars  

What I feel I have learnt since becoming a student of the Leadership Institute cannot be expressed and summarized here. I need to tell my story in a whole book. However, I will try to summarize it in the paragraphs that follow.

IIGL has totally transformed me and I have reshaped myself for success. I have developed self confidence and I feel I am here for success. I have built a new, positive and realistic self and I am a person I want to be. I now focus on desired changes instead of dwelling on past mistakes. I have changed my mental attitude from negative to positive. I have made my life meaningful to both myself and to the society in which I am living. I have achieved positive self-image:- one that empowers me to set and achieve goals of personal happiness and professional success. How could I have been so blind for so many years? Gone are the days that were wasted! I have left behind negative habits and going back is just as impossible as returning to crawling when one knows how to walk. IIGL has provided me with all the tools and ideas that will lead to personal development and success. Now the only requirement on my side for lifelong success is the habit of taking action on my plans, goals, ideas and insights.

I have started to overcome procrastination which was my major handicap. For instance, I used to fail achieving my goals because of not acting immediately. I have disciplined myself to concentrate on a given task without diversion or distraction. When I find myself getting distracted, or I feel tempted to take a break or procrastinate, I motivate myself by continually repeating, “Back to work! Back to work! Back to work!” I then renew my efforts to push the task through to completion. Whenever I find myself slowing down, I repeat these words to myself: “Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!” I have got rid of procrastination by getting rid of “tomorrow” from my vocabulary. My “future” is “now”. I now do things when they need to be done or sooner and this has created harmony in my home and at work.

I am now getting along with others in my family and in social and occupational relations. I have the capacity to communicate ideas, build positive attitudes, increase enthusiasm, reduce tension and anxiety and increase enjoyment of life. I have learnt not to criticize, condemn or complain, but to give honest and sincere appreciation, to arouse in the other person an eager want, to become genuinely interested in other people, to smile always, to be good a listener, to encourage others to talk about themselves, to talk in terms of the other person’s interests and to make the other person feel important-and do it sincerely. I listen empathically and also communicate my authentic feelings and needs. Those who were once ‘enemies’ of mine, we are able to hear each other’s needs, and we are able to connect compassionately and find new solutions to the previously ‘impossible’ impasses. I now ‘talk about my own mistakes before criticizing the other person.’ Instead of condemning people, I try to understand them. I am now dominated by love, respect, understanding, appreciation, compassion, and concern for others rather than being self centered and selfish, greedy, hateful, and having prejudiced suspicious and aggressive attitudes that originally dominated my thinking. I now live in harmony with those who have done harm to me and this gives me a peace of mind as opposed to the past where I thought of applying “a tooth for a tooth, and “eye for an eye” principle.

I have learnt to program my own thoughts and behaviors. I have learnt how I must think, plan, execute, manage and eventually celebrate my way to success. I now take care and direct my thoughts because I have learnt that bad thoughts can ruin my life and character. I have learnt to “think big” rather than remaining in the darkness of confusion. I have engaged myself in constructive thinking and developed a positive mental attitude. I have learnt that to live a life without well defined goals is like moving in darkness and it can lead hitting the wall or falling in a pit and failure in life.

I no longer fear failure because I know that Every Failure or defeat brings with it a seed of success. In order to achieve the success, I need not to be discouraged by temporary defeats. I now take defeat merely as a test which permits me to discover the nature of my thought and their relation to my definite major purpose. I closed the door of fear behind me, and I now see the door of success open before me. I have learnt that there is no bad experience that no matter what I go through in life— whether it’s a challenging experience or a pleasurable one — every experience provides me something of value if I look for it. I now see obstacles as opportunities to move towards my goals. I have gone back in my past experience and found that each experience in life was absolutely necessary in order to have gotten me to the next place, and the next, up until this moment.

I have decided that it’s high time to use the tool of transformational vocabulary to replace my habitually disempowering words with more inspiring ones. I have eliminated negative beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I am not creative’ ‘it is too difficult’, ‘I can never get a well paid job because I don’t have a Masters Degree, Opportunity nocks only once,….I now know that the reality is that opportunity is a steady hammer on my windows and doors, a constant noise that I spend most of my time attempting to block out by stuffing cotton in my ears. This course has helped me to monitor my inner dialogue and match my thoughts to what I want and intend and want to create. For example, instead of thinking that ‘I’ve been always poor; I was raised on shortage and scarcity; I will remain poor’- I have rather directed my thoughts and think that ‘I intend to attract wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance’. I have learnt that disempoering words are our traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt’. I now select the words I use on a daily basis because I have learnt that words have the capacity to attract either positive or negative vibrations that can have either positive or negative impact on my life depending on my choice. I now avoid the use of the words and expressions that attract what I do not want. I have eliminated words like don’t, not and no in my vocabulary (e.g. don’t panic, don’t forget etc) Now, instead of saying don’t panic, I use ‘stay calm.’

I have improved the way I communicate to myself whenever I encounter problems in my life. Whenever I meet any challenging problem, I consistently communicate to myself that this experience has occurred for a purpose and that this experience will someday provide me with even greater advantages in my goal to make a difference in the world. I now believe that every adversity contains the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. I now take deliberate, conscious action to steer myself in a direction I have predetermined. I am no longer just a leaf in the wind. I have developed the capacity to consciously direct my life. I now create circumstances rather than merely responding to them. I am now being proactive as opposed to being reactive as I used to be. I now take a failure as an opportunity to learn from and keep trying until I achieve my success instead of lamenting on the past failures. I now know that failure in life is sometimes bound to happen along the road to success but I don’t take it as complete defeat. I take failure as an inspiration to try again with renewed confidence and determination and learn from the mistakes that had led me to that failure. I have turned my stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I have discovered that temporary failure is just with some seeds of success. I can now benefit from everything that happens to me, positive or negative, I move upward and onward toward achieving my major definite purpose. Now, whenever I meet any obstacles that happen to make me seem ‘failing’ to achieve my goals, instead of worrying about these obstacles, I take them to be there for a purpose. I take them as an opportunity to serve as a lesson on how I can adjust and move forward to achieve my goal in a better way. I no longer treat defeat as complete failure. I instead treat it as a lesson to correct a mistake that has been made in pursuit of my purpose.

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations was the biggest obstacle standing between me and the realization of my full potential. I have cast off all the self-limiting beliefs and accepted that I am an extraordinarily capable and talented person. I have developed a perfect system of self analysis and this assisted me to know what has been standing between me and the success during my past years. I now spend more time analyzing my weaknesses and less time building alibis to cover them. I have realized that all the riches and all the material goods that I acquire through my efforts begin with me having a clear, concise picture of what I seek. I have stopped blaming others as the causes of my failure but analyze my weaknesses to eradicate them. I now feel happier and at peace with myself when I'm actually doing something or have some sort of goal that I need to achieve at the end of a certain period, this is the time that I feel that my life is actually good for something. I have started creating a better world by first analyzing my weaknesses. I no longer blame others for my failure. I am now able to define my direction in life. I no longer believe that success in life is mere luck.

I now live in an attitude of positive expectancy, knowing that everything that happens in my life benefits me in some way. I know really what winning means. I take the talent and the potential that I was born with, develop it and use it fully towards success and winning. I now view happiness as the natural experience of winning my own self-respect, as well as the respect of others. I now understand that winning begins with feeling good about myself, referring to myself in positive terms, and seeing myself as a winner.

I now see my life as a miracle unfolding everyday and I am living on purpose. I now trust in my own unique ability to create in my mind anything that I choose. I have now aligned my life with love, harmony, giving, sharing, peace and forgiveness. I have a strong will that won’t permit anything to interfere with achieving my inner desire. I have developed a never-give-up attitude combined with an internal picture that will propel me toward fulfilling my dreams. I have become someone with intention. I am now proud of my ability to recognize and take the advantage of opportunities that arise, which opportunities have been passing unnoticed. I can now examine any and all self-imposed obstacles that need to be challenged and eradicated as I work a new at living and breathing this power of intention that was placed in my heart before my heart was even formed. I have eradicated all self imposed roadblocks that have been hindering me to achieve my goals. I have improved my communication techniques. I have also transformed the thinking, language and moralistic judgments that have been keeping me from enriching relationships that I dream of

I am now capable of accomplishing any goals I set for myself. The regular and systematic practicing of goal setting will take me from poverty to prosperity, from frustration to fulfillment, from underachievement to success and satisfaction. I have discovered that living without clear goals is like driving in a thick fog. No matter how powerful or well engineered my car, I drive slowly, hesitantly, making little progress on even the smoothest road. When I was living without goals before taking this course, I was like a person moving in darkness and my life was at risk of failure but now I am risk free because I know where I am heading. I have decided to act upon my goals and to clear the fog immediately.

In conclusion, I am now an appreciator rather than a depreciator of everything that shows up in my life. I now know why I am here, I know that I am more than an encapsulated collection of bones, blood and organs in a black skin and hair covered body. I now live with a purpose and choose to avoid being detracted by demands of the ego, I now have great reverence for the world of Spirit, and commune with the Source, and I stay inspired.

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Rating: 5 stars  


In 2011, I got enrolled into IIGL study scheme after deep hunger for deeper
purpose and direction in life. This moment, it was obvious to me that there
is about to commence a great revolution in my life, (when the student is
ready the teacher will appear), so it is said.
The great view of who I am and why I do what I do was made known to me, I
discovered my potential (unlimited) knowing I can do anything I set my mind
to, and that I can be anything I want to be.
Over the period of my study, I have read various books and have acquired
recommendable knowledge and a change of believed toward the betterment of my
life. I have grown in many areas of my life, confidence, courage, faith, and
even in my presentation.
IIGL is a life builder, a hope giver, and an eye opener. If there is a study
I would recommend for my friends its IIGL, I have introduced not less than 9
persons into IIGL, of which 7 of them have registered and I severely dream
of going through to till I graduate from the institution.
IIGL and Life study are very similar in nature; they both require self
discipline, hard work and personal determination to succeed.

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Rating: 5 stars  

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I joined international institute of global leadership at a time when I was searching for my role as a leader in my community. I was amazed to discover that such as institution exists and that it provides the education free of charge.immediately I signed up and applied and from the very first short books that I was given I learned a lot and it build up my confidence as an individual and as a leader to whom others look up to. Although I am still in the first level and am yet to graduate to the the next level I already see potential in the person I'm becoming through the leadership institute. It also connected me with other individuals pursuing the same purpose and I have made friends.

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Rating: 5 stars  

I am Ziyad Rube, Ethiopian, joined the International Institute for Global Leadership in 2009 when I was at the age of 21. IIGL is an Institution that gave me an opportunity to grow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually, and financially while contributing in some positive way to others. A year after I have joined the Institute, the positive energy and winning mentality created within me through the lessons I get from the Institute led me to start my Second Degree in 2011. In 2013, I have graduated as one of the few academically top ranking Students in my University. In 2014, I am elected as the President of Ethiopian Leadership Graduates Alumni Association graduates-establish-alumni-association&catid=103&Itemid=603

Interestingly Indeed right now, at the age of 27, I have obtained a PhD Scholarship in Europe this year * 2014. To be honest, I have attributed all my successes to everlasting lessons I draw from the smart books I received from IIGL for free. To this end, I urge the encouragement and support of dynamic nonprofit driven institutions like this.

Long Live to IIGL
Long Live to all who are Positively Influencing our world!

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Rating: 5 stars  

It was four or five years before I happened to get know the International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL) through my friend. It was immediately I realized that this Institute has something different and worth compared to the usual-kind of non-profit entities. I like very much and I believe strongly on its approach to address the complex problems of human-beings. The approach being used by the Institute, which focus on changing the very essence our outlook towards the world, is very significant in addressing the root causes of our problem. I think it is the approach every one of us should follow. Because the secret lies there: "change your mind, you can change the world around you". We need more and more non-profit entities like IIGL that work on the very fabric of human being-Mind!!!


Solomon T

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Rating: 4 stars  

International Institute for Global Leadership is one of the few things I thank God for. Because without them I wouldn't even dream of being where I am today. Their self-paced study materials empowered me to be a leader, mentor, businessman, and a great role model. I now think big, see life differently, and behave in a matured way... all thanks to the carefully curriculum of IIGL. I used to tell people that I'd have been a street bum without IIGL. I don't know how to thank them enough. IIGL is a God-sent! - Edwin Joel

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Rating: 5 stars  

This Bereket Alemayehu from Ethiopia. Since 2006 I am one of the IIGL students who is growing every time, year by year in mind, thinking, character and fell a world citizen wherever I go and becoming very keen to serve to communities.

I don't have enough words to tell about IIGL and the goodness which it's thriving to make the world a better place by the impact of informal education and providing a platform to the students to share any valuable ideas and proven experiences.

long live IIGL.
Bereket Alemayehu

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Rating: 5 stars  

IIGL is the most influential institute in my life to be who i am now in many directions. I met many great people and opportunities to develop my personality, carrier and understanding of the world in large.

Go IIGL go!

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Rating: 4 stars  

In 2011, when I was introduced to this non-profit by another friend in my university in Ghana, my initial excitement was because I liked being involved with non-profits. But when I got enrolled, the first list of books that I had to read were somewhat interesting because of the theoretical principles of self-development that I encountered in my reading. At level one of my studies, I did not realise that these principles were practical enough to influence my actions. At best, I felt they could only influence my perception and thoughts. Now I am almost completing level four of my reading and I realise the books at this level were a practical link to what I referred to as "theory" in the beginning books. I am now reading books that affect my interactions, help my academic career and in the next set of books I will receive, I expect to take a peep into the life of people I admire and the a career I aim at. As someone living in a low-income country, I realise that most of these books would have been out of my reach until I was financially sound enough to afford; and probably then it will be too late to acquire. Last week, I spoke to a friend and colleague who I was not getting along with in the past, but now cannot remember the last time we picked a quarrel over a course of action. This is what IIGL can do to human relationships. I work with youth and many of them seek to learn from me. The first recommendation I usually make to them is get enrolled IIGL , and we will be in tune to develop together.

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Rating: 5 stars  

IIGL was one of the major organisation that had a big influence in my life.I remember as a pioneer student in 2002 who was looking for a meaning and purpose in life.In IIGL the answer came so quietly and powerfully and as they say the rest is history.

For me it was a journey and I am happy about that experience and would encourage donors to support the good work and students to take up this opportunity IIGL offers.

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