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Issues: Human Services, International

Location: 1506 West Sixth Street Austin TX 78703 USA

Mission: The Miracle Foundation transforms struggling, institutional orphanages into stable, nurturing homes where children thrive. We partner with existing orphanages to implement our proven and systematic method which provides a home where the fundamental rights of children are met and helps them become self-sustaining members of our world community. Our measurable approach weeds out corruption and ensures donations are going into the mouths, hearts and minds of the orphaned children we serve.
Results: Our goal is to enhance the operations of existing orphanages so they can give children a safe, happy childhood and the education necessary to obtain employment and become self-sustaining adults. In addition, we conduct life-skills training so the children can grow up to be healthy, develop their emotional intelligence, and be prepared to make challenging life decisions. We guarantee all children in our care enjoy nutritious meals, have access to clean water, and receive regular health and dental check-ups and medical follow-ups as needed. We ensure all children are fully vaccinated, have mattresses to sleep on, wear well-made clothes and school uniforms, and are provided with academic tutors. One of the rights is the right to a stable, loving, and nurturing environment. This right is all about staff support. The typical child-to-housemother ratio in orphanages in the developing world is 80:1. We decrease this ratio to 20:1 and create family groups so each housemother can provide a greater depth of care to her children. In addition to tracking the height and weight of all the children we support on the WHO growth charts, we track their hemoglobin levels. When we entered Anbarasi orphanage, 53 children (35%) were anemic. Just six months later, only 11 children (8%) of the children were anemic – 126 had a healthy hemoglobin level. The children who are still anemic have open health cases and are under close doctor supervision. These transformative results are representative of the health results we see in all our orphanages. When we sign an agreement with an orphanage, we form a detailed implementation plan, outlining the timeline of the programs we will conduct with the orphanage so that all children have the potential to fully realize their rights. Our Program Coordinators visit the orphanages monthly to monitor, train, and mentor the orphanage staff. During their visits they also spend time with the children to ask them directly if they are receiving the necessary care and support. Quarterly, we conduct formal assessments with our comprehensive measurement tool. This assessment is a patterned interview/observation instrument with 175 measurable indicators which measures the orphanage’s progress toward achieving 100% of the 12 rights. With this assessment, the orphanage is given a grade in the form of a percentage indicating their progress toward providing all children their rights. This assessment gives us a snapshot of any gaps in care at the orphanage, so we can create strategies to address these issues and help them make continued improvement. We provide the orphanage specific, constructive feedback and training in the areas they need support. The progress each orphanage makes demonstrates how effective our method is at improving care for orphans.
Target demographics: orphans and orphanages reach their full potential.
Geographic areas served: rural India
Programs: clean water, nutritious food, high-quality healthcare, an excellent education, and a stable, loving, nurturing home for orphaned children. All of our interventions are based on the United Nations Rights of the Child, ratified in 1989 by 183 countries around the globe. We have codified each of the 12 rights applicable to orphans, even those more difficult to quantify - like the right to guidance from a caring adult - with specific and measurable standards.

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Community Reviews

Rating: 5 stars  

This organization has a phenomenal staff and volunteer group. Knowing little about the work they do, I attended a Miracle Foundation event and walked away with an abundance of information about their cause in helping orphaned children and how their impact makes a difference. It is clear in the passion and energy shown by staff members and volunteers that they are dedicated to changing these children’s lives.

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Rating: 5 stars  

I have had a very good experience with the Miracle Foundation. I have met a number of the individuals responsible for managing the non-profit and have been very impressed with their dedication and work.

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Rating: 5 stars  

1 person found this review helpful

My experience with The Miracle Foundation this year has been one of the most memorable and impactful experiences of my life. I got to visit the Anbarasi home (and met the children from the Cornerstone home) in Tamil Nadu, India this past October and fell in love with over 200 children within a matter of days. They were happy, healthy, and so incredibly generous, and that was clearly a direct result of the impact that The Miracle Foundation has had on them.

The Miracle Foundation aims to meet all of the rights and needs of the children and raises each child out of starvation, poverty, and unhealthy conditions. Their success was evident in all of the smiles. The children were obviously very grateful for the change that came from TMF's existence in their lives. The children were provided three healthy, protein-rich meals a day, with options for seconds and thirds. Their clothing was clean, their water was clear, and their living conditions were safe. Since the incorporation of TMF, their playgrounds were cleared of harmful debris, they have running water for showers and bathrooms, and they have a beautiful library filled with books and toys. The children have regular checkups and access to guidance counselors, ensuring their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The Miracle Foundation has created structure for the children. It has provided consistency and stability, and in that, each child clearly felt safe and secure. They have collected the best staff and house mothers who love the children as their own. In my conversations with the children, I learned of their hopes and dreams. One boy wanted to be a professional cricket player, a little girl wanted to be a doctor and heal people, another little boy wanted to become a teacher. Hearing these hopes for their future brought tears to my eyes, because I knew that TMF's presence allowed them to be in a place to dream so big. There was nothing holding them back from becoming so prosperous.

Some significant memories of my time in India include witnessing children play in a water park and theme park for the first time in their lives, putting Flash Tattoos on the boys, having the boys teach me how to play cricket and winning a game, reading to the children in the library, having a group of girls teach me how to speak Tamil, being fed by the children, serving the children food in the dining hall and at the theme park, painting candle holders for the upcoming Diwali celebration, taking pictures of the children learning how to do yoga, helping the kids create holiday ornaments, dancing with the children on bus rides, having little girls braid my hair, hugging and kissing every child as much as possible, being on the roof of the orphanage and looking down at all the beautiful lights for Diwali, watching the children watch the Diwali fireworks, and having many pockets of conversations with the children to learn more about who they are and what they want in the world.

I am honored to be an Ambassador for the The Miracle Foundation. This non-profit has impacted so many lives and I look forward to continuing my volunteering efforts with them and going back to India to spend more time with the children.

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Rating: 5 stars  

Miracle Foundation made it very straightforward for me to start to get involved and raised awareness within my school community.

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Rating: 5 stars  

I have been a supporter of the Miracle Foundation for over
five years. I am so impressed with the work they do in
serving the orphans in rural India. Their approach is
so refreshing as they build capacity in existing orphanages
versus trying to do everything themselves. The staff
of the Miracle Foundation in the US and India is top
notch and it is apparent how much they truly care
about their work and in generating measurable results.

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Rating: 5 stars  

My employer, Whole Foods Market, sponsored my trip to India last September with the Miracle Foundation. It was so impactful and rewarding to me as a person. This organization is truly making a gigantic contribution to the lives of these beautiful children.

During my time there, we built a new playground for the kids, and also painted murals on the orphanage walls. But more importantly, was the look of love in eyes of these children, as they realized someone from across the world cared about them and their wellbeing.

From beginning to end, I was in awe of the quality of the experience that The Miracle Foundation created for these kids. It was truly beautiful and I hope to do it again and again.

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Rating: 5 stars  

2 people found this review helpful

I recently visited the Anbarasi home in Southern India with The Miracle Foundation, and was forever changed by witnessing the real impact this organization is having on orphaned children. While volunteering my time in India, I fell in love with the children and fell in love with the organization.

The Miracle Foundation has a heart for children - and seeks to create a loving, stable environment in which these orphans can grow to meet their full potential. The idea is to provide these kids with a happy, healthy, "normal" childhood - in which they feel loved and supported, and understand that they matter and haven't been forgotten.

To do this, The Miracle Foundation moves existing orphanages through a transformation: getting kids healthy, vaccinated, and well fed; installing clean running water; transforming the orphanage from an institution into a home; hiring additional house mothers and creating a sense of family; introducing child-led committees and life skills classes, and so forth. All of which are meant to address the "12 rights of every child," based on the UN's resolution of such rights.

For me, volunteering in India was an opportunity to be a loving male presence and influence in the lives of young boys and girls alike. And I am both proud and honored to be associated with this incredible organization, which is run by passionate individuals who believe in the basic rights of every child.

And the children are fully aware of how different their lives would be if it weren't for The Miracle Foundation - which has changed their personal stories forever.

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Rating: 5 stars  

I first became involved with The Miracle Foundation (TMF) in 2008 when I traveled with them to India with a family friend. It was such an amazing and life-changing experience! It was great to see first hand the work that they do in these orphanages. We witnessed the grand opening of Sooch Village, one of their newest orphanages at the time. The children were assigned to houses, each with a Housemother. This allowed for the children to really connect with a small family-style unit. And traveling with them was a breeze! They had all the travel itineraries and transportation down to a science. You didn't have to worry about any of the travel arrangements and got to spend your time in India enjoying the people and helping out in the orphanages. Fast forward to 2014 and now I help volunteer in the main office in Austin. Everyone in the office is so friendly and welcoming. It's such a great organization run by great people with giving hearts. I'm so glad I found out about them, and so glad that I can give back to them through volunteering. Thanks, TMF!

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Rating: 5 stars  

What an amazing opportunity to give back to the world community! I joined with The Miracle Foundation in October 2014 to visit the Anbarasi Children's Home in southern India and fell in love with the kids, house mothers, and my fellow travelers. TMF goes above and beyond what you would expect from a non-profit organization that helps orphans. The goals are not only based on the United Nations Children's Bill of Rights but also are measured, attainable, and realistic. Homes are required to meet high standards to be able to keep their partnership with TMF. Examples: Financial books must be open and transparent. The hiring of a local, certified social worker is a prerequisite. Children are fed three nutritious meals daily, plus two snacks a day. School uniforms are purposefully made to match the uniforms of their peers that have parents. Each child serves on a committee, which gives them the opportunity to have a voice in their day-to-day life. The kids get to have fun! We took approximately 200 children from Anbarasi and Cornerstone, to an amusement park for the day. Yes! We really did!The bus ride was the BEST. Bollywood music, a blinking Ganesh icon, and kids dancing and having a grand time. Here's the deal about TMF. It's not just about surviving. It's about THRIVING. TMF provides the childhood that every child needs and deserves. As for my own personal experience with The Miracle Foundation. In short, I have made friends for LIFE.

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Rating: 5 stars  

I had the honor to visit the Anwesha childrens home about a month ago and it was a great experience. The house mothers and everyone involved in the education and care for the children were amazing. The Miracle foundation staff and Anwesha administration gave us the details of the improvements over the years at the home. I fell in love with everyone here and I am definitely coming back to volunteer and will continue to support the Miracle foundation.

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