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Causes: Emergency Assistance, Human Services

Mission: The Kids Support Network is a grass roots organization with a mission of helping disadvantaged children and their family's here in Maryland.

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Rating: 1

i have donated to this organization in the past and wish i had not. I don't believe they are legit and when they call to solicit they call no less than 25 times an hour w/out leaving a message (i have caller id). they are incredibly rude and do not take no for an answer. One of them actually showed up at my house after i had refused to donate and would not leave my driveway! this is from a former employee:

I used to work for Art Miller, and I can confirm that KSN ( Kids Support Network ), A.K.A. JSF ( Jobs for Students ), A.K.A. CFK ( Christmas for Kids ) is fraudulent. Whoever it was who posted on here trying to defend it is a perfect example of their illegitimacy. The spelling is off, as is the punctuation in their so called defense ( before they help the kids they better help themselves, and get an education lmfao ). In my time working there they referred to contributers as Customers, and contributions as Sales. The employees spend far more time talking to one another about their own drama than concentrating on helping the community. As for the random names appearing on your caller ID it's because he buys old phone numbers. When they get no answers they'll *67, or use one of two cell phones placed in the office with their names attached to the accounts to fool you. There were several occasions where clothing, and toy donations were claimed by employees before they were distributed to the ones in real need of them. Here's the kicker ... no more than 30 percent goes to helping children, and the community. Art Miller leases two offices, and has at least 12 or more people on his payroll. I know all of this, because I looked in his records when he wasn't there. Here's a tip. If you are trying to fraud an entire community don't hire a future Army Recon to work for you. I'll be on my way to basic training soon, and once I am in I will be glad I don't have to work for people like Art Miller. I'm an honest person who feels it's the right thing to do in warning anyone out there who is smart enough to look in to this so called charity. I hope this keeps people from giving to them, and that it helps your money go to organizations that really do work. Our economy isn't doing very well, and if you're going to throw your money away at least it could do what you think it's doing. If you give to these people all you're doing is paying for their cars, homes, and other personal expenses. Don't believe me ? Go visit them randomly at 1414 Crain Hwy. Suite 4B Glen Burnie MD, 21061. Through the front door they'll be up the stairs, and to the right :)

National Guard Recruit
Daniel H.

Cynthia V.


Rating: 5

Kids Support Network works year round to raise funds to give assistance and support to local disadvantaged families with children mostly by contacting the general public by phone but not limited to such. Behind the scenes they support local organizations with charitable donations as well as raise funds for the Back to School Back-Pack campaign and Christmas for the Kids.

It is unfortunate that not all will understand the dynamics or the fundamentals required to keep such a program functioning. While diligently striving to support those less fortunate over the years there will be some level of malice due to a misinformed populace.

Please note, this organization has many facets and avenues it travels to spread support throughout the community including local churches, DSS, schools & shelters and yes while collecting the communities donations the do willingly offer to pick up non-monetary contributions for disbursement at no cost to you.

FAI is simply a collection fund for disbursement of funds. To quote Wikipedia: A benefit society or mutual aid society is an organization, or voluntary association formed to provide mutual aid, benefit, or insurance for relief from sundry difficulties.

New technologies have provided yet more new opportunities for humanity to support itself through mutual aid. Recent authors have described the networked affiliations that produce collaborative projects.[citation needed] In modern Asia rotating credit associations organized within communities or workplaces were widespread through the early 20th century and continue in our time.[4] Habitat for Humanity in the United States is a leading example of shared credit and labor pooled to help low-income people afford adequate housing.

When choosing a charity it is best to consider the facts. Over time Kids Support Network has grown in it’s outreach capabilities and will continue to support as many as it can. With the support of neighbors and community it is proven that when times are tough Americans stick together. This link has been added for your convenience and consideration when researching.




Rating: 5

I have been very involved with this organization for many years. I have never seen any mis-use of funds. All charitable orgainizations have overhead expenses; KSN is no different. The Director of KSN strives to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Anyone who reviews the charity finances will clearly see that; if they think otherwise, I suggest they re-take elementary math! Kids Support Network does great work for local children who truly need assistance. By posting bogus and false statements on this website, you are keeping disadvantaged children from recieving the help they need!!!

4 Linda2345678910


Rating: 1

I reviewed the 990 forms for tax years 2010 and 2009 for Kids Support Network available on the Guidestar website and discovered some major red flags concerning this organization. Three people are involved in this organization, and two of them live at the same address, although they have different last names. Of the management expenses, the major portion ( $55,413 in 2010 and $158,871 in 2010) were paid to an unspecified "FAI Registered Fundraiser". I'm not sure what FAI means. These amounts appear to be excessive plus they are not management, but fundraising expenses. The amount that they claim was spent on charitable programs was listed as non-monetary contributions to other charities: Salvation Army, NCEON, National Childrens Center, Goodwill, Adventists Community Services. The amounts were listed as clothes, toys, and misc. and valuation was by Thrift Store FMV, not cost. So they are soliciting donations so that they can donate used items to other charities. They are not buying new backpacks as they claim.

Review from Guidestar



Rating: 4

Actually, the Md State Comptroller's Charitable Organization website states that their income was $161, 452 and their charitable programs expended $101, 048. The rest ($58,865.00) is management costs; there are no fund-raising costs.

They are in Linthicum, MD, and seem to be legitimate. Funds are used for toys, clothes, school supplies and food for disadvantaged children, as well as drives for donations in kind.

Four stars because they return about 2/3 of income to the community, and fund-raising seems to be by volunteers.




Rating: 1

The MD Secretary of State website indicates that $161,000 of the $161,500 this organization takes in goes for internal use -- 'management and general expenses'. Draw your own conclusions!

Review from Guidestar