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Storytelling = Fundraising

Comment (1) June 5, 2012

Numbers numb, jargon jars, and nobody ever marched on Washington because of a pie chart. If you really want to reach people and change the world, tell them a story.” – Andy Goodman, Storytelling Best Practices: Websites

We’ve selected these three articles to show how storytelling is an essential element of successful fundraising. Stories are effective because they connect emotionally. And as Roberta Falkner writes, memorable stories can make the stats compelling and take on a life of their own through retelling:

“…Data presented with a compelling story, on the other hand, is inspirational, motivational, and, most of all, memorable. Inspirational and motivational stories compel your prospects to support your cause in some manner. Memorable stories make it easier for supporters to spread the word about you and your cause.” Read more in Non-Profit Fundraising and Storytelling.

In 7 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Storytelling Katya Andresen and Macon Morehouse describe how to find stories: (more…)

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