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SPCA International Going to the Dogs?

Comments (15) June 15, 2012

CNN investigates SPCA International

CNN investigates SPCA International

Is SPCA International going to the dogs? Because the money apparently isn’t. CNN exposed today that while the charity raised $14 million in 2010, only about $60,000 went to local shelters and only about 3% of the $14 million went to a questionable program called “Baghdad Pups,” designed to safely transport home dogs that are used in service by the military.

According to CNN, SPCA’s own communications director admits that only 26 out of almost 500 animals transported were actually service animals, such as bomb-sniffing dogs. Apparently, these 26 dogs were also not affiliated with the military, but were in fact owned by a contractor building roads in Iraq and Afghanistan. The contractor insists that the dogs had been offered homes, SPCA insists otherwise. A representative of the program has previously been investigated by the state of California for questionable spending at another nonprofit specializing in homeless dogs.

You may remember another recent investigation launched by CNN looking into the fundraising practices of the Disabled Veterans National Foundation, who claimed to be helping vets, while they gave millions of fundraising dollars to Quadriga Arts, the same direct marketing company that SPCA International owed more than $8 million to in 2010. This sparked a recent senate investigation. Disabled Veterans National Foundation was earning negative reviews on GreatNonprofits.org  well prior to the investigation. Management of SPCA International has run into issues before with Quadriga. In fact, Quadriga has a lien on the US-based charity due to a debt of $2 million from the Montreal SPCA.

What you can do

SPCA International has no reviews on GreatNonprofits.org, however, many other local and national animal organizations are highly recommended on our site, where you can browse and review top-rated animal nonprofits. Similar concerns were voiced by reviewers of the ASPCA. We urge you to read through reviews of an organization before you select one to volunteer at or donate to. Many of these organizations devote their time and resources to helping homeless dogs in innovative ways.

We would love to hear your comments about how to best help homeless dogs.

San Francisco Fights Panhandling with Puppies

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homeless puppy san francisco panhandling

Trading homeless puppies for panhandling in San Francisco

San Francisco is bringing new meaning to the phrase “begging for a puppy.” In fact, the city is hoping that its panhandling population will trade one for the other. The city has long battled its panhandling problem with everything from outlawing sitting on the sidewalk to local employment programs with not much luck. Now that already overpopulated¬† local animal shelters are seeing a huge influx in surrendered dogs due to the economic downturn, a new program pairing problem pups with certain panhandlers might be part of the solution. (more…)

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