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Larry Ellison; Closet Philanthropist?

Ellison's sailing team

Ellison's sailing team

Billionaire Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle, has been busy competing to own the biggest island with fellow billionaires Marc Benioff and Sir Richard Branson. But while he may be fabulous at island shopping, he’s not keeping up with them when it comes to another area: philanthropy.  As we  recently wrote, in addition to his beachfront mansions and jets, Ellison does have his own foundation. But in 2010, while the executive director of Ellison’s foundation was paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars in salary, the foundation only spent about $300,000 on charitable giving. That’s .00083 percent of Ellison’s estimated net worth. Even given this, Ellison still ends up on lists highlighting the most charitable CEOs in the US. Unless Ellison is a closet philanthropist, he’s losing the billionaire giving competition. But we haven’t lost faith in Ellison, maybe he just needs some suggestions on who to give to.

Save the Bay
Ellison was a chief financial backer of the winning team in the 2010 America’s Cup. His team, BMW Oracle, will be defending champion for the 2013 America’s Cup, held in the San Francisco Bay, right by Oracle’s headquarters. If Ellison is concerned over the environmental problems facing the waters he and his team sail in, he could check out local environmental group Save the Bay.

save the bay

Save the Bay

Techstart Education Foundation

Donating to an organization like Techstart Education Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading access to technology education for kindergartners through high schoolers, could only benefit Oracle in the long run.

Alliance for Climate Education
Considering all the carbon emissions Ellison’s numerous jets and sports cars must leach into the atmosphere, the alliance seems like an obvious choice.

Women’s Initiative for Self Employment
As an entrepreneur himself, Ellison might enjoy contributing to the education of aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s worth noting that the Forbe’s 400 list (on which Ellison ranks number three) is still predominantly made up of men.

Miracle Flights for Kids
The multi-billionaire loves flying and has a collection of expensive planes. His favorite is his Italian Marchetti jet. Given his interest in flight, perhaps Ellison would be interested in bankrolling the flights of those who are seeking medical care, but are unable to pay the necessary airfare. He might look into supporting Miracle Flights for Kids, a nonprofit that pays the airfare for low-income families needing to fly to hospitals.

Even given the small amount of Ellison’s net worth that actually goes to charity, still ranks him as one of the five most generous CEOs in America. What do you think about that? Is Ellison a closet philanthropist and we just don’t know about it?

We’ve been reading your suggestions about how you would spend .00083 percent of Ellison’s net worth. We’ve had ideas ranging from educational resources for special needs kids, music programs for children on the autism spectrum, refurbishing pediatric hospital rooms and this apt suggestion from “We could provide STEM enrichment to 1,000 more students within just a few miles of Oracle, an employer that needs many more qualified STEM graduates for its workforce in the next few decades.”


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  1. Hey Larry Ellison, what are you gonna do with all that money?


  1. America’s Huey 091 Foundation’s principal mission today is to “Help Restore the Freedom and Dignity to our Nations’ Wounded Disabled Heroes”.   This effort was initiated in 2007 and gained financial and organizational support and was successful in providing 23 iBOTs to handicapped veterans compared to 63 the VA provided.
    In December 2009 as the economy was deteriorating, the production of the iBOT was terminated by Johnson & Johnson.
    America’s Huey 091 Foundation , an all volunteer organization, and DEKA Engineering and Research, the company led by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the iBOT, are working together to return this unique mobility device to production.
    Check out the website and in particular the iBOT video introduced and narrated by Gary Sinise that relates the life changing benefits of the iBOT provided to four handicapped veterans. 
    Join us in returning the iBOT to production.  Contact Colonel (Ret) Charles Bogle,

    @ is an organization devoted to ensuring literacy for all the children in our educational system, beginning with pre-school.  
    This is vital to our nation’s prosperity.
    It is something Larry should be vitally interested in as all his endeavors depend on and are affected by the level of literacy in our nation.  And as a Californian based non-profit, it’s right n Larry’s backyard.  

  3. I would take $300,000 and start a program to teach grammar school teachers how to teach their students to paint with water color.  I’ve taught art to over 250 children over the last couple of years and have taught myself how to teach kids. I want to teach others how to do what I do.  I’ve personally experienced each and every child I’ve taught become a better student in all their subjects.  Water color painting seems to open up the children’s brains to possibilities and they become better problem solvers in both reading and math.  Behavior problems improve as well, even for those students who are challenged by disabilities. Some of what has happened in my classes is that I teach a process not projects.  A large part of the funds would be devoted to supplies:  Paper, paints, brushes, drawing tools and containers for water.

  4. Larry, Tuberculosis patients need you.
    TB is a contagious airborne bacterium that most commonly infects the lungs. @Archbishop Desmond Tutu famously called tuberculosis “the child of poverty.”  @TB is curable, but has become a pandemic, with 9 million new cases and 2 million deaths each year, and Drug Resistant TB the new man- made epidemic. TB kills a million children each year. It is the root cause for social inequality, discrimination, loss of jobs, and great poverty.
    Tuberculosis is completely curable with a 6-7 month course of antibiotics. Patients must take their medicines for the full duration of the regimen, as drug resistance is likely to develop if they default. Because TB’s symptoms subside after two months, default is a common occurrence when patients are not monitored. Drug Resitant TB has the potential to kill millions. Operation ASHA has “turned the tap off on Drug Resistant TB” by its community empowerment and technology initiatives.
    Introduction to Operation ASHA
    Operation ASHA is a registered non-profit that has taken TB treatment to the doorsteps of 6 million individuals living in disadvantaged areas. It operates in over 1500 villages and slums in six states spread across India and Cambodia.
    Our success is rooted in the way we have set up our treatment centers. The World Health Organization’s DOTS (Directly Observed Therapy, Short course) program requires patients to travel to a TB clinic and take the medicines under the supervision of a health worker. To make this possible for patients without easy access to transportation, centers are established in existing institutions such as health clinics, businesses, and religious centers within their communities.
    We work closely with the national TB control programs in both India and Cambodia, which provide free drugs and diagnostic facilities. In India, the government provides a grant for each patient cured after two years, meaning that each center is financially sustainable after two years of operations.
    OpASHA’s model has achieved excellent results. In the areas which we work, the detection rate has increased by up to 100% and drug default has been reduced to 2.75%. By establishing our TB clinics in established locations, each patient can be treated for only $50. This money not only cures an individual of TB, but works towards creating a permanent and sustainable clinic.
    OpASHA has also started a new biometric initiative called e- Compliance in collaboration with Microsoft Research. These devices use fingerprints to track each dose taken by patients, and has reduced the default rate to less than 1%. We have also partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is conducting randomized control trials to assess the impact of OpASHA’s work.
    With a social return on investment of 3517%, OpASHA has won awards from organizations such as the World Bank and AmeriCares for creating a cost-effective and replicable model. We plan to establish 600 TB centers by 2014 and serve a population of 80 million. Because our model has virtually eliminated default, we are also working to train other NGOs to adopt our model.
    Operation ASHA has developed a low-cost, patient friendly, scalable & replicable, local & deep community empowering model of treatment. We have miles to go, and need people like you to support the cause of the poorest of the poor, the TB patients.
    For more info, please send me a mail at

  5. He can save the disable one world wide because they are dis advantage one with no means to obtain as he does.

  6. Helping Romanian street dogs. 15,000 street dogs sterilized in order to stop reproducing, in order to put an end to animals suffering in Romania. Or building up a large sanctuary/wild habitat for homeless unadoptable dogs!!!

    •  @roldaro In addition an education program, billboards for community of all ages. 

  7. I will take the amount to help more on the disable/physical problem withthe means to make them be comfortable by provisional of medical surport,wheel chairs,surgery for those who need this,and better and sustainable health care to them,as without better health an individual cant do any thing under this sun.

  8. Greeting,
    Wealth is never measured by what you have, but by what you can give away. You are rich with money when you can afford to donate. You are rich with love when you can give love freely. You are rich with God when you can behold your enemy with compassion.
    Saba joy: working with THE ASSOCIATION OF CHRISTIAN YOUTH  a small Ngo we have a great work here God is doing great things thought the youth we are praying to lord for many year’s for the education centre of the Sunday school children’s We would like to request you to that we can use this Amount to save the  future of these children’s they do not have a school or any school building nor any hope for getting better education  it would be a great honor for us if you invest this amount for the saving the children;s future i would like to say take part in this Vision It will be a blessing for us to partner with you for His community development project . Please join hands with us for national transformation. support with financial blessings.

  9. I would ask that he donate to the BBM cCMV Foundation a 501c3 charity . CMV, cytomegalovirus, is a common virus that 5/7 of the world’s population will have contracted by adulthood. What most people don’t know, is that CMV is the leading cause of childhood disability in America. CMV disables more children every year than Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. There is no vaccine yet! CMV is a terrible virus that if contracted by a pregnant woman has a 1 in 3 chance of crossing the placenta and attacking the brain of the developing baby. We must raise awareness of this global health crisis, as well, help support CMV vaccine research. Every hour in America a child is disabled by CMV! Add in the worldwide statistics and the numbers are even more frightening. Please help us eradicate this life-altering virus, CMV!

  10. I’m the ED of a statewide MN nonprofit called Dads Make a Difference.  Our mission is to promote the positive involvement of fathers and educate youth about responsible parenting.  We train high school teens, both boys/girls, to be peer educators teaching a 4-lesson curriculum to middle school youth that talks about the importance of fathers in families, the responsibilities of being a parent, about healthy relationships, and about making good choices about risky behavior so not to become a parent too soon.  Too-early parenting and absent fathers are two of the major causes of kids growing up in poverty.  When young people wait to become parents until they are ready, they are more likely to build strong families that contribute to healthy, vibrant communities.  Their children are more prepared to enter school and the parents are better educated and prepared to enter the workforce.  We’ve trained 3,000+ teens and reached over 76,000 middle school youth since 1993.  I’ve been a staff of one since 2006 and we are really struggling financially this year.  I’m currently on layoff to save money for fall programming, although still working as a volunteer doing fundraising and staying positive.  Check us out at  2013 will be 20 years for this amazing organization and important work.  Please help us reach that milestone … and continue to make a difference in the lives of youth/families.

  11. while there are many great charities out there, the one and only thing I would want money to go to right now is to a doctor willing to treat our multiply disabled child, who has thus far been turned away by 45 hospitals, that claim they are not credentialed to care for someone with his multitude of conditions….their refusal to treat treatable conditions has made our son and our family suffer indescribably for the last 3 years….Our son may be disabled, but it should not stop him from receiving basic medical care,….NO one will help us…and we have no idea where to turn next….even a call to the president of the US failed…the operator there yelled at me, what the *$(# do you want us to do? …..Our hearts are breaking watching our son waste away, and suffer from treatable conditions….won’t someone help him???????????

  12. I would ask that he donate to The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust.  
    The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust has been serving its communities from a house on the eastside of Detroit at 17148 Waltham, Detroit, MI  48205 since 2002.   We need someone help in the community to donate to us a commercial building to help us to expand.  Click on this link and check out our video at  Cathy P. Russell, the Executive Director has been volunteering for her communities for the last ten years, and have not been compensated, and I feel The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust deserves to be donated this money.   She will continue to provide basic human needs for thousands of families and individuals in Michigan, requesting her assistance during these challenging times.  I say The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust deserves this money in order to purchase a building to continue to serve the thousands who need.

  13. I would give the money to Humble Design in Detroit. They make sure that families leaving the shelters in Detroit are set up for success. They furnish their homes with donated goods and follow the families until they are self-sustainable. 

  14. I suggest the r iecken Community Libraries, changing lives in rural communities of Guatemala and Honduras.  This network of 64 community libraries not only provide free access to books and internet, and a wide reading program for all ages, but also promote civic participation, transparency and leadership by engaging children, youth and even elders in different programs and projects addressed to improve the environment, child nutrition, democratic practices, cultural and income generation activities, among others.

  15. I suggest the Riecken Community Libraries, changing lives in rural communities of Guatemala and Honduras.  This network of 64 community libraries not only provide free access to books and internet, and a wide reading program for all ages, but also promote civic participation, transparency and leadership by engaging children, youth and even elders in different programs and projects addressed to improve the environment, child nutrition, democratic practices, cultural and income generation activities, among others.

  16. I suggest Kaskazi Environental Alliance (KEA). (KEA) is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive environmental education to East African communities. KEA was formed in response to the continued devastation of the marine/coastal regions of East Africa resulting from pollution, destructive fishing practices, and overexploitation of natural resources exacerbated by an utter lack of environmental awareness. These combined threats have resulted in a severe decline in many marine species, and an unprecedented degradation of critically important habitats, such as, mangroves and coral reefs. The destruction of entire ecosystems has, in turn, undermined the well being of the local people. KEA recognizes that our future rests on our ability to understand and appreciate the interdependency of humans and the physical environment in which we live. Toward this goal, KEA will provide comprehensive environmental education by using local marine/coastal habitats as an educational tool designed to help communities make connections between the ocean’s environment and their lives.
    To implement its strategy, KEA has established a marine science education program in Mombasa, Kenya. The innovative program is comprised of a shore-side learning center, a floating classroom, and an outreach program to local schools that will serve an estimated 40,000 students per year. This unique marine educational program combines leadership development, community service, experiential learning, and multi-media communications to inspire environmental stewardship within the people. All programs are offered free of charge to participants, in exchange for community service which all participants will be required to complete.

  17. we are providing them We don’t have any religious problem in our area, Ibn-e-Marriam Colony, as well as in our centre,” said Sunny Azeem, centre President, “and we are providing our services to both Christians and Muslims equally.” The centre provides training courses in sewing, stitching and computer literacy to poor Christians andMuslim women of the area. In addition, it offers health and orphan kids and adult education. The prelate congratulated (The Society Of The Marginalized) staff for how they set up the centre. “Places like this are a source of harmony because Muslim and Christian women can live and work together in peace,” he told The Society Of The Marginalized. “We have been working on this project since November 1, 2011,” Razzaq Gill, The Society of the marginalized executive secretary, told Peoples. “We are officially inaugurating it [the centre] now but it has already been in operation for some time. Poor women come from nearby areas and their number keeps on rising. They come to learn and we try to provide them with dignified living facilities and employment. We have already received some orders from local garment manufacturers and some of the women and girls have already started earning money.” According to Mr. Sunny, this is important in a place like Ibn-e-Marriam Colony, a poor slum area in Faisalabad that 450 families, 250 of them Christian, call home. The society of the marginalized purpose is to help disadvantaged groups through training. It focuses on poor, neglected and underdeveloped communities irrespective of race, religion, caste, colour and origin. .please walk with us for rais this royal mission for Our community.Blessingsplease see and need for your good commentsAddress: St# 6 Ibn-e-Marriam Colony Near Waris Pura Road (City) Faisalaaaabad(State) Punjab PakistanEmail Address:- sunnyazeem39@yahoo.comWeb Address :-


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