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How Nonprofits Can Keep the Momentum Going After #GivingTuesday

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This year “GivingTuesday” generated at least $45.7 million for nonprofit organizations.  That’s up roughly 65 percent from 2013 according to  Here are five ways to keep that momentum going through December and beyond:

Cultivate Social Media

Interact with donors and viewers on social media by thanking them, re-tweeting, or replying to direct messages.  For example Irwin Naturals, an alternative health company, posted a picture showing how their fundraising project helped a retirement home decorate for the holidays.

Also amplify your message with visuals and infographics.  Utilize free tools like Picktochart, Visuall.y and InfoActive.  You can find the top 12 websites at  Another option is to upload and edit videos with your iphone using videolicious and camtastic.

Tools like storify or can showcase mentions to donors.  This tagboard from GreatNonprofits’ 2014 Top-Rated awards exemplifies how nonprofits are using videos, testimonials, and awards in their social media.  The Cambodian Children’s Fund combined a visual of their clients with the award.  Summit Adventure featured one of their participants talking for 30 minutes about the impact of their program.  You can also use certificates like the one on the right.

Leverage Your Website

In addition to social media, it is important to blog about the impact of charitable giving on your website.  A great way to do this is with a simple graphic or banner on your home page.  Here is a sample from the Cure JM Foundation  about the $130,000 they raised with the help of a Crowdrise Holiday Challenge.  Notice how the donation option is clearly visible at the top of page.

It is also vital to develop powerful impact statements.  The National Breast Cancer Foundation used their profile page on greatnonprofits to state concrete examples like “$100 can pay for one woman’s mammogram” or “3 hours of volunteering can spread the message of early detection”.  Make sure your impact statements are clear, concise, and concrete.

Extend Giving

Use gift giving this holiday season to encourage new donations.  Harvest Bridge, a 2014 Top-Rated nonprofit, created “Alternative Christmas” inviting users to give a gift in honor of a loved one.  For example buy children’s shoes for a needy family on behalf of your parents or sibling.  The Fistula Foundation has a similar program called #nopresentspledge, to encourage shoppers to give to a person in need instead of buying another repetitive gift.

A unique campaign on FNE International asked user’s to submit a picture of their favorite FNE volunteer experience, along with a six word caption.  They featured one of the pictures each day on their website.  This is an excellent way to engage users, show impact, and encourage future giving.

Now through January 6th Crowdrise is hosting a Giving Tower challenge to raise money for nonprofits.  As previously mentioned, the JM Foundation took advantage of the Giving Tower challenge and successfully raised $130,000  You can find more information on their website

Evangelize Your Base

It is impotant to publicly acknowledge donors, volunteers, and clients on social media.  “Because of the Kids” created a montage of donors holding up signs and post-its of why they gave.  Upwardly Global, an organization that helps immigrants secure jobs, targeted their alumni base with messages featuring one of the clients they serve.  The campaign resulted in $17,000 in funding.  Finally Give Kids the World, a nonprofit providing joy to kids with life threatening diseases, thanks volunteers by featuring testimonials about them.

Newsletters offer another platform to acknowledge and inspire your base. International Rescue featured reviews, testimonials, or why donors gave in their newsletter.

Other Ideas

Another opportunity is GreatNonprofits’ Top-Rated awards.  To qualify for the awards, nonprofits need to get ten or more reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars or above.  Winners get a top rated badge, certificate, marketing kit, and are placed in our #GivingTuesday guide as well as promoted on the HuffingtonPost and in other places.  The time period for submittals is January through October.  For more information visit  We also offer a free social media and marketing kit on how to claim your profile and use our service. 

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Shopping with a Purpose

Leave a Comment December 10, 2014

Christmas is just around the corner! This holiday season, why not “shop for good”? You probably spend a lot of time and energy looking for that perfect gift, so why not give a gift with a purpose? You’ll help a worthy cause and delight a loved one with a thoughtful gift!


Share Quicks Acts of Kindness

Leave a Comment November 7, 2014

(Click the image to get Free Printable Kindness Cards, a project of

Not all acts of kindness require planning and advanced notice.  In fact, people all over the world are spreading kindness right now, instinctively, and often the small acts are the acts that are easy to do and easy to follow.

Doing Good Together, has put together these simple tips for targeted compassion. Use them today and for a list of other ideas, see the full article from Doing Good Together.


Become a Family That Volunteers

Leave a Comment November 7, 2014

Be a family that gives together! Here are some tips on Family Volunteering from Doing Good Together after the jump!


7 Ways Non-Profits Can Capitalize on Employment Information

Leave a Comment November 6, 2014

This blog content has been provided by HEPdata.

Over the past year, HEPdata has helped hundreds of universities and non-profits track down current employment information on their constituents. By tapping into publicly available sources of information, including screening social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, the average non-profit can expect to see a 30-50% increase in the amount of employment information available to them using HEP’s EmployerFind service. While this may sound great, we all know that the real value of employment data is only realized when your institution can actually do something with it. So what can you do with employment information? Here are the top 7 recommendations from HEPdata. (more…)

#GivingTuesday is Here! …Now What?

Leave a Comment November 5, 2014

So the day we’ve all been waiting for is here!  #GivingTuesday – a national movement and brainchild of the 92nd Street Y– The idea is to create a daylong national effort to help charities raise money online during the holiday season – and right on the heals of Cyber Monday and Black Friday.  We’ve been preparing for months. But what do you do when the day is here?  Here are tips depending on who you are!


Education A to Z

Leave a Comment September 25, 2014

The summer months certainly flew by.  Suddenly we are faced with the usual barrage of “Back-to-School” sales, lists of school supplies to buy, and getting the family ready for the fall routine.  But don’t forget about the needs of your local school; students and teachers can use your help, too.

Here are some suggestions, organized by level of involvement and skills required. These may help you identify a worthwhile and meaningful way to make a difference to kids in your community.

  • If you are short on time
  • If you have some time to spare
  • If you have time to mentor or share your professional skills (more…)

Organizations with Volunteer Programs for Kids

Leave a Comment July 2, 2014

In a recent blog post, Helping Kids Make a Difference, we covered simple ways to get kids involved in philanthropy and giving – ideas as simple as a peanut butter and jelly drive or fostering an animal.  We’re following on to that blog post by highlighting a few Top-Rated nonprofits using our site. 

Check out these top-rated nonprofits and learn how kids are participating in their volunteer activities!


Helping Kids Make a Difference

Comment (1) July 2, 2014

It’s Never Too Early to Help

It’s easy to forget how lucky we are.  We get in a particular groove, driving the kids to school, cheering them on at sporting events, helping them with homework. But are we teaching them how to pitch in and help others who are not as fortunate? How do they learn that not every child can ask a parent for basketball shoes and have them in time for next team practice? Do our kids realize that the crystal-clear drinking water that comes out of the tap is not an endless flow?


What We’ve Got in Store for You, Nonprofits!

Leave a Comment June 13, 2014

You’ve been wondering, what has GreatNonprofits done for me lately?  We’ve listened to what you’ve wanted, and here are the details about our latest release’s new features! (more…)

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