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  1. Donors, volunteers and clients served. Find trustworthy nonprofits. Or write a review of your experience with a nonprofit. Search for a nonprofit >>
  2. Grantmakers and nonprofits. Gain insights on on-the-ground feedback on the impact of your grants. Show results collected from your community, and gain insights on ways to improve. Get your free whitepaper:

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  3. Nonprofits. Get useful feedback on your programs and harness voice of your constituents to help raise awareness of your cause.
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About Us

GreatNonprofits is the leading website and tools-provider for community feedback about nonprofit organizations. GreatNonprofits has collected community feedback for over 14,000 nonprofits in the US and internationally. GreatNonprofits provides free and custom tools to enable grantmakers and grantees to collect feedback, and gain visibility in their communities and in front of prospective supporters.

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We partner with nonprofits, foundations, community trusts, and companies to develop solution to help them better engage with their grantees, donors, beneficiaries, volunteers and employees. Contact us if you're interested in becoming a partner.