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15 Surprising Things You Can Thank a Nonprofit For

Comments (3) July 18, 2012

The famed San Diego Zoo is managed by a nonprofit

Are you getting excited about watching the upcoming Olympics? Have you ever browsed Wikipedia? Do you listen to All Things Considered in your car? Guess what? You can thank nonprofits for all of the above. You might be surprised by how much we owe to nonprofits. Check out our list of 15 surprising things we have nonprofits to thank  for:

Central Park first opened in 1857 and is managed by the Central Park Conservancy, a nonprofit.

The famous San Diego Zoo, housing over 3,700 animals, is managed by the nonprofit Zoological Society of San Diego.

Microfinance started gaining momentum in the 1970s, through the efforts of such pioneers as Grameen Bank, which led to the American offshoot Grameen Foundation USA.

Most canine search and rescue teams are managed by nonprofits with volunteer dog and people pairs, such as the American Rescue Dog Association, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Inc and the Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States.

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Earth Day, first taking place on April 22, 1970, was created by the Earth Day Network.

The Smithsonian Institute, established in 1846, runs the largest museum complex in the world.

Barney, Masterpiece Theater, The Teletubbies, and numerous other educational and kids’ TV shows are broadcast to American audiences by the nonprofit Public Broadcasting Service.



Larry Ellison; Closet Philanthropist?

Comments (20) July 12, 2012

Ellison's sailing team

Ellison's sailing team

Billionaire Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle, has been busy competing to own the biggest island with fellow billionaires Marc Benioff and Sir Richard Branson. But while he may be fabulous at island shopping, he’s not keeping up with them when it comes to another area: philanthropy.  As we  recently wrote, in addition to his beachfront mansions and jets, Ellison does have his own foundation. But in 2010, while the executive director of Ellison’s foundation was paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars in salary, the foundation only spent about $300,000 on charitable giving. That’s .00083 percent of Ellison’s estimated net worth. Even given this, Ellison still ends up on lists highlighting the most charitable CEOs in the US. Unless Ellison is a closet philanthropist, he’s losing the billionaire giving competition. But we haven’t lost faith in Ellison, maybe he just needs some suggestions on who to give to.



Hey Larry Ellison, what are you gonna do with all that money?

Comments (33) July 8, 2012

Larry Ellison speaks, but presumably not about philanthropy.

Larry Ellison could use some lessons in philanthropy. The co-founder and CEO of Oracle and third-richest American (and sixth richest person in the world) according to Forbes, has recently made headlines for his purchase of 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. It reportedly cost him between $500 and $600 million. So why exactly would Ellison purchase this sleepy island, with no traffic lights and a strong commitment to native Hawaiian culture and traditions? Rumor has it Ellison bought Lanai to trump his arch rivals, Sir Richard Branson and Marc Benioff. Ellison however, is dead last behind those rivals in terms of philanthropy. Only $300,000 from his foundation went to charities in 2010.  That’s only .00083 percent of Ellison’s estimated $36 billion
net worth.



Celebrate July 4th with Some GreatNonprofits

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brittanylynae via Flickr

Independence Day is a lot more than just barbecue parties and fireworks. Not that those things aren’t fun, (on what other day of the year can you wear overalls that are emblazoned with tiny American flags?) but on July 4th this year we challenge you to both celebrate and reflect on the true reason for the holiday.

It is a day to celebrate our country’s rich history and to remember the efforts made to secure our independence and the freedoms that come with it. In line with the spirit of the holiday, here is a list of reviewed nonprofits dedicated to the preservation and celebration of our country’s history. Nonprofits who work to uphold the spirit of patriotism, justice and equality.

1. Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba Diving Inc.
“…They take wounded warriors returning from battle and restore some of the mobility they may have lost due to injuries. It must be very liberating to be unshackled from gravity and learn a skill which will last a lifetime. The physical and emotional benefits must be so uplifting!”

2. Intrepid Museum Foundation, Inc
“…I can think of no other organization that does as much good with the contributions they receive…. Films and speakers, overnight trips for schools and scout groups in the newly refurbished lower deck. Space exploration, aircraft from every era of aviation history. Special displays highlighting the US Navy’s early work in integrating our armed forces. It is a wonderful organization, and I am proud to support it.”

3. Telluride Historical Museum Inc
“…Telluride is an incredibly special place and without the Telluride Historical Museum to preserve and share its rich history the specialness of its past would be lost….”

4. Operation Understanding DC
“OUDC has been such an important part of my life and continues to impact me years after I graduated from the program. It has helped shape my education, career path, my way of thinking, my identity, and my understanding of history.”

5. Hope for the Warriors
“H4W gave me a reprieve from the daily struggle that is living with a combat injury, and more than that they showed me how much people care about us… I contacted a few of the people that helped me over a year later and they still remembered me.”



New Tools for Nonprofits

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Hey Nonprofits, we’ve got some great new tools for you! As we close our June Awards and congratulate the winners of our LGBTQ and Children and Families Awards, we’ve put together some screen shot examples of how to use our many badges on your own website. Also if you’ve ever had trouble claiming or updating your nonprofit’s profile, or wondered how to add photos, we hope our new video tour of the process (at end of post) will help you make your GreatNonprofits profile work to get you more attention and reviews.



GreatNonprofits Announces Top Children and Families Nonprofits for 2012

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More than 100 Organizations Honored Nationwide

Redwood Shores, Calif., July 1, 2012 – announced today that over 100 charities from more than 40 states will be receiving a Top-Rated status on the public review website based on positive user reviews.

The charities, nominated by the public, ranged from Neighbor Ride, a nonprofit helping the elderly get around by offering ridesharing, to Little Helping Hands, a resource for volunteer opportunities for young kids.  CHERUBS, another organization honored with the distinction helps expecting parents of babies who have been diagnosed in the womb with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Other charities help out pregnant moms, like The Fistula Foundation, dedicated to eradicating the pregnancy injury worldwide.

The winning results show the many aspects of child care and family life that nonprofits are involved in. The nonprofits showcased are generally smaller and less well-known – charities that may not have access to an advertising budget. “We encourage volunteers, clients served and donors to share their experience with a charity on our site to give that charity the recognition it deserves,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits.

The full list of winners of the Children and Families Top-Rated Awards can be found here.

About the Awards:

The 2012 Children and Families Awards ran throughout the month of July 2012. Reviews appear on as well as on and Organizations receiving ten or more positive reviews are listed as one of the 2012 Top-Rated Children and Families Nonprofits.

About GreatNonprofits:

GreatNonprofits is a place to find trustworthy nonprofits. Our mission is to inspire and inform donors, and volunteers, enable nonprofits to show their impact, and promote greater feedback and transparency.


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