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“I Do” Want More… For Less!

How do you really get more for less when it comes to one of the largest grossing industries in the world? The wedding industry makes billions of dollars every year and the average amount of money spent on a wedding today is $30,000, continuing to rise as time goes on. Although we all want our wedding to be a beautiful and lavish affair, is that really possible without spending a fortune? Of course it is! With so many weddings happening at any given time there are innovative ideas, as well as, websites popping-up all the time that can do just that. Although the saying may be old, many brides still hold it true that unless they have “something old, something new, something borrowed, something new” with them on their wedding day, they won’t have the good luck they desire.

Check out some easy ways to make the most of your money and still fulfill the old British saying:



Summer Meals for Kids in Need

In a recent blog post, the U.S. Department of Agriculture stated that more than 21 million American children and teens depend on free or reduced-price school meals during the school year. When school cafeterias close, many of these kids are at risk of going hungry.

The USDA has stepped up to expand its summer food program. And a number of organizations are pitching in with special programs during the long, hot summer.

Check out these groups around the country that fill in the gap. (more…)


Short on Time to Volunteer?

Donating money is as easy as sending a text message on your cell phone. Sometimes that donation just doesn’t seem like enough. You’d like to do more to help your local community or make a difference to the world at large. But time is short, and a commitment to a long-term volunteer job may seem daunting.

You might be surprised to learn that short-term or even onetime volunteer opportunities abound. Think about causes that are important to you and use these suggestions as a starting point. Then give a call to a local nonprofit and suggest a way you can help.

Here are ten ideas to help you get started.



Selecting a Grants Management Solution


How do you know which tool is right for the job?

There are several factors nonprofit organizations need to consider when selecting a grants management solution. Finding a solution with a quick payback period, positive ROI, and one that fits the organization now and in the future is the primary goal. So before you invest a new solution, take time to consider how the following factors impact you’re your organization and which grants management solution is a good fit for you and your team. (more…)


25 Nonprofit Twitter Tips From The Pros

According to the most recent Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, 76% percent of nonprofits are now using Twitter. It’s the second most popular social network used by nonprofits, after Facebook.

Twitter can be used to distribute news about your organization and your stories. And you can use a variety of apps to automatically tweet that news (Hootsuite and Buffer are tops)!

But the real power of Twitter is using it to engage influencers.
I’m not talking about Lady Gaga. I’m talking about engaging journalists, sponsors, and community leaders who are passionate about your cause. When you network with the right influencers, you gain access to their followers by way of retweets.

But what is the best way to use Twitter, without wasting valuable time? I reached out to a few pros, and here’s what they offered for nonprofit Twitter tips:


3 Ways to Integrate Your Nonprofit’s Marketing and Fundraising – Clairification

Avoid becoming irrelevant in the digital age. It’s revolutionized fundraising and nonprofit marketing.

There are so many different ways to communicate today that it can be dizzying!

Ground yourself by remembering that though technology has changed, people have not. We have the same drives… needs… yearnings as prehistoric tribes. We long for connection and meaning. We want to find where we “fit.”!


Baseball Gives Back

Baseball season now underway—it’s time to kick back and cheer for our local teams and favorite players. These professional athletes and coaches we see on the field are also champions in the community, supporting organizations that help children and families in preventing violence, encouraging fitness, fighting diseases, and promoting literacy.

Major League Baseball (MLB) and its 30 teams sponsor events throughout the season, raising money and awareness about issues in the community and the country at large.

Many individual players have started foundations or charities to support causes important to them, their families, or their local community. Read the inspiring stories about these generous men and their contributions. (more…)


How to Give Without Spending a Cent

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.29.54 AMWhen people think of giving often the first thing that pops into you head is donating, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are so many other ways to give without having to open the purse strings. Here are some great ideas to get you started: (more…)


Give and Take: Becoming a Successful Giver


In his book Give and Take, Adam Grant describes three categories of people found in the workplace: “takers,” “matchers”, and “givers.” You probably see them in action every day. Takers try their best to get what they can from coworkers, making sure they always come out ahead. Matchers only give as much as they get, always on the lookout for someone who can help them to get ahead. Givers are willing to contribute, bending over backwards, without considering what they’ll gain (or lose) in return.

When measuring success at work, Grant’s research shows that givers are overrepresented at both ends of the success spectrum. Some givers are classified as doormats and burnouts whereas as others are superstar performers and motivators. (more…)


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is right around the corner on May 10th and it’s the perfect time to thank those women who’ve made an impact on your life, no matter how large or small. If you’re still on the lookout for a gift, don’t worry about it; we’ve got you covered. We gathered up a list of gifts that everyone can feel good about. Not only will your mom love it, but you’ll feel great knowing that your purchase was able to help a nonprofit organization too.

Mothersday2 (more…)


Smarter Nonprofit Networking: Building a Professional Network That Works for You

networking 4.29

“You are not ever a genius all by yourself. Your ideas are a function of the people you are connected with…” – Carol Dweck, Author, Mindset

Your professional network is your greatest asset no matter what stage you are in your nonprofit career, whether you are an emerging leader or an acknowledged thought leader in your industry or somewhere in between. When you intentionally build your professional network in the right way, you create a circle of individuals who are all rooting for your success and happy to help you.   An effective professional network can be a valuable asset to your nonprofit’s goals if you are leveraging your network in service your organization’s mission.



How to Help Victims of the Nepal Earthquake


The earthquake in Nepal has left has left 8 million individuals and 1 million children in need of assistance. There are 14 international medical teams on the way to Nepal and up to 15 international search-and-rescue teams. The country is running out of water and food, and there are frequent power cuts from the initial earthquake and the numerous aftershocks. Below are some organizations that plan to provide relief to the victims of the typhoon.  If you know of other organizations who are on the ground helping, let us know by commenting below.



3 Tips for Getting More Online Donations

This blog post was written by JustGive.

Despite what we all really want, there’s no single magic bullet for raising more money online. It’s finding the right combination of what your organizations says and does to reach out, capture donors’ attention, and be persuasive. There are, however, several best practices for increasing online donations. Here are three of the most effective ones:

  1. Optimize your site and emails for mobile donations, and use responsive design.

Make it easy for donors to give when and wherever they are online. With the ever-increasing use of smart phones, tablets and iPads, you don’t want to miss out on any donations because it’s difficult or impossible to give from a mobile device.



What’s the Most Important Question in Your Life?

article pic

Aaron Schwartz, the famous programmer and internet activist who died before his time, said: “You should be asking yourself all the time what is the most important thing in the world I could be working on right now, and if you are not working on that, why aren’t you?”



The Science of Happiness

What does science tell us about happiness?

What does it mean to be happy? This question has occupied humanity at least since we stumbled out the caves, yet it remains difficult to define. The Greek philosophers pondered happiness 2500 years ago, and it was enshrined in the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776 (history of happiness). Today, entire isles of bookstores are dedicated to the topic. We know through experience that some people are innately happier than others, and that some things promote happiness. But now the nature of happiness isn’t just for the philosophers to debate, it is now a hot area of scientific research. The psychological study of happiness is known as “positive psychology.” The neurologist call their inquiries into pleasure and happiness “hedonics.” (more…)


GreatNonprofits Social Media Kit

To help you field more reviews, GreatNonprofits is publishing this comprehensive Marketing and Social Media slide presentation. Use this resource to get on the list or spread the word of your nonprofit’s stories of impact. If you prefer word documents, check our slideshare account for this guide.