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GreatNonprofits is excited to announce the results of the 2011 Women's Campaign in Washington, DC. During March, any organization that received 10 or more new positive reviews qualified as a Top-Rated Women's Nonprofit. Use this list to identify great women's organizations making a difference in Washington, DC.


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BritD25 - charity reviews, charity ratings, best charities, best nonprofits, search nonprofits   BritD25 wrote:
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WOW where can I Start!! I am a current student at EMU. I was presented with an opportunity to go to a NCCWSL conference for woman leaders. It was a very costly Trip and I could not afford it but... more »
67 reviews
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I speak on a panel about Public Service every year and the women who attend PLEN are just amazing! The staff is fantastic and every participant I meet gushes about the program. They all tell me... more »

Becky Lee Women's Support Fund

Amelia6 - charity reviews, charity ratings, best charities, best nonprofits, search nonprofits   Amelia6 wrote:
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I believe that God works in poignant and telling ways, which is exemplified by my relationship with Becky's Fund and Becky Lee. 4 months ago, I was finally able to end my abusive relationship,... more »
36 reviews
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As a child I'd spent 9 years in an atmosphere of physical, mental and sexual abuse. As an adult, recreated that chaos and chose partners who affirmed my own self-loathing. I fell deep into... more »
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Diana Zuckerman and the National Research Center for Women & Families is an incredible resource for evidence-based medical facts on a variety of topics from healthy living to hormone replacement... more »