How to Help Philippines Typhoon Victims

How to Help Philippines Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) has left millions of families and children in need in the Philippines.  As many as 2.5 million people require assistance. Governments around the world have pledged to help and the Pentagon has also dispatched an advance team of 90 marines and sailors.  In addition, U.S.A.I.S. has pledged emergency shelter and 55 tons of food.  Below are some organizations that plan to provide relief to the victims of the typhoon.  If you know of other organizations who are on the ground helping, let us know.

Nonprofits helping with disaster recovery below:

Dover, NJ
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I'm Melecio Lacsi, one of your beneficiaries here in the Philippines through Sr. Michaela Suresca OP. I would like to say thank you for all the support you have ... more »

ChildFund International

  carlabenner165 wrote:
Richmond, VA
196 reviews
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Childfund definetely does door to door fundraising campaign as it used to be not on the website and now it is as it states in FAQs . I have been a donor for 3 years ... more »

All Hands Volunteers

  MRutledge wrote:
Mattapoisett, MA
146 reviews
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I worked with this group in Mississippi, Staten Island, Detroit, and Colorado. All Hands gave me the opportunity to contribute to something completely outside of ... more »

International Rescue Committee

  newbury wrote:
New York, NY
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I recently went on a field trip with IRC to Haiti. Despite the devastation caused by the earthquake, I was uplifted and inspired by the work that IRC has ... more »
Fairfield, CT
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Save the Children is a great reputable organization that I have the pleasure of working with and donating to. I trust that my donation is being used efficiently and ... more »


  Amanda1Sharon wrote:
Federal Way, WA
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Hello, we are college students that have been doing research into non-profit development organizations. We have been studying and reviewing World Vision throughout ... more »


  callit4135 wrote:
Cincinnati, OH
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I have volunteered here at Matthew 25 in sharonville,OH. It is a wonderful enviroment that even on its slowest days screams success and productivity. The staff here ... more »

Action Against Hunger | ACF-USA

  lisabalex wrote:
New York, NY
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Action Against Hunger has become the major focus of my charitable giving. What they do is incredibly important and it appears from my research that they do it very... more »


  sanazaro wrote:
Bellefontaine, OH
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Because Bill Gates had some years ago made a positive reference to GVN, I felt it must be a legitimate organization and applied to volunteer. I volunteered in Kenya... more »

Catholic Relief Services

  norman39 wrote:
Baltimore, MD
59 reviews
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We have always felt that CRS makes good use of our donations with low overhead expenses. CRS help goes to all groups, regardless of religion, and is a living ... more »
Ellinwood, KS
37 reviews
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I like the info I get comes via email and not expensive printed stock! Then, my money helps my kid more, well done SOH you rock... more »

Afya Foundation, Inc.

  margobender wrote:
Yonkers, NY
30 reviews
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When a friend asked me to entertain her during her temple’s community service day, I had no idea what I was getting myself into; what I thought was a day of good ... more »


  Alma.area.253 wrote:
New York, NY
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This Nonprofit may not provide long term solutions but it helps those in need of immediate care. I am grateful for all those dedicated to providing the necessary ... more »
Atlanta, GA
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I have donated to this organization in the past several times. In January they sent a request for money that essentially where you can choose to give a donation and... more »

Plan International USA, Inc.

  Wutor_Mahama_Baleng wrote:
Warwick, RI
15 reviews
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Plan International has changed many lives in Ghana where I come from. The have not only given children a voice even in the remotest of Villages but have supported ... more »


  David218 wrote:
Portland, OR
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What an insulting group of Americans. Mercy Corps Northwest does not serve Ex-Military service members that are disabled and live in poverty. I have gotten the run ... more »
New York, NY
10 reviews
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UMCOR, with its separate funding for administration and overhead, from Methodist churches through their payments of "apportionments", means 100 cents of any dollar ... more »


  nwatson wrote:
San Diego, CA
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I have worked for Barry and his brilliant and indefatigable IRT coworkers as a physician volunteer since 2005. I could not speak more highly of IRT than to say I ... more »

Oxfam America

  ElizabethN wrote:
Boston, MA
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Oxfam America works to right the wrongs of poverty & injustice on several levels, through directly working with people (from humanitarian work in Syria to helping ... more »
Santa Monica, CA
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DO NOT waste your hard earned money donating to this group. In fact, IRS needs to have a rule to expose all salaries and expenses of non-profits to the general ... more »


  AmandaEyer wrote:
Lakewood Ranch, FL
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I've volunteered with this organization for the last two years and I continue to be impressed with its organization and efficiency. They have a very lean staff and ... more »

Friends of the World Food Program

  colleenwood203 wrote:
Washington, DC
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As a volunteer for Friends of the WFP, I was priveledged enough to go to Nicaragua as a guest of the United Nations World Food Program, in July 2008. It was an ... more »

Sagip Kapamilya

  jpunz wrote:
Quezon City,
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There is no doubt in my mind that the Sagip-Kapamilya Foundation is one of most respected charitable organization in the Philippines. There are 2 end points to what... more »

Habitat for Humanity

  Mackie wrote:
Atlanta, GA
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I came across ESF on Facebook and volunteered at their recent event with Habitat for Humanity. The event was fun. We helped raise the walls of a home. And it was ... more »


  Alafia4Hope wrote:
Detroit, MI
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Alafia Airlines International, LLC has been priviledged to work hand in hand with World Medical Relief of Detroit, MI. WMR was started in 1953 by Irene M. Auberlin ... more »