Help Victims of the Oklahoma City Tornado


On Monday, May 20th, a massive tornado, possibly more than one, made landfall in Oklahoma City. KFOR Channel 4 in Oklahoma City reported that the tornado was more than a mile wide. The tornado came just a day after a deadly storm. Neighborhoods and schools were destroyed, homes flattened. If you want to help those affected by the extreme weather in Oklahoma City, consider giving a donation to these highly-reviewed local nonprofits.

Oklahoma City Nonprofits

Feed The Children, Inc.

  rlc01 wrote:
Oklahoma City, OK
122 reviews
Avg:  1234.614755
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I volunteered at the Bethlehem, PA location of Feed the Children and it was such a great experience. I felt like the time spent there packing boxes made such an ... more »


  rbmills wrote:
Cincinnati, OH
77 reviews
Avg:  1234.909095
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What a wonderful organization! I have volunteered here several times over the years and participated in there 5K run. I am continually impressed by the ... more »
Ojai, CA
77 reviews
Avg:  1234.987015
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As the Program Manager for Texas Task Force 2 - Urban Search and Rescue, I am very pleased to share the incredible work that the National Disaster Search Dog ... more »

Other Options, Inc.

  macauthern wrote:
Oklahoma City, OK
12 reviews
Avg:  1234.666675
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I'm writing in response to the awful mean and untrue Donna has said. I was one of the people (volunteers) that was there helping her bother out. for one point he ... more »


  ssscooter wrote:
Oklahoma City, OK
1 review
Avg:  12345
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I had a great experience with this organization! They are very committed to reducing pet overpopulation and educating the public about the problem of pet ... more »