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Health Nonprofits and Charities

Want to donate to or volunteer for a Health charity or nonprofit? Browse this list of Health nonprofits to see ratings, read reviews, and learn about their programs. Find top Health nonprofits and charities and start volunteering or donating today. If you have worked with a nonprofit, write a review and tell your story.

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Health in America has declined by 69% in the past twenty years. One of the main reasons for this drop is due to two increasing epidemics our country faces: obesity and diabetes. These non profits help to fight health issues like these both in America and abroad.

Over a quarter of US citizens are obese. This includes 17% of America's youth, or roughly 12.5 million children. This leads to an increasingly high number of Americans who have diabetes. Although easily diagnosed, treatment is not as simple. These facts illustrate the importance of teaching about Body Mass Index (BMI). These organizations help educate to prevent these health issues and create sustainable health. But the reach is much farther than simpy obesity and diabetes; they also help fight illnesses abroad in the poorest of countries, trying to maintain sanitation and healthy living conditions. Others help search for cures to illnesses such as AIDS and breast cancer.

Many people in America, and around the globe, don't have health insurance. They don't know where to turn if they need treatment, and, if they did, they wouldn't be able to afford it. Luckily, nonprofit health centers exist to help those with nowhere else to turn. They need your support, whether it is through monetary donations or through volunteering your time.

You can help someone return to a healthy, active life by volunteering or donating at a health nonprofit near you, and this site is where you will find the best one for your interests.